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Daily News Video

Adobe Flash Malware! Coinbase: Lists 0x (ZRX) – Shuts Down Index Fund | Circle CEO Bullish On Crypto



In our latest daily crypto news, we are focusing on a series of topics that affected the world of crypto and blockchain over the past few days. Starting off, our reporter is talking about the new 5% increase recorded by the altcoins TRON and Augur.

While Bitcoin was still idle, there are many new Bitcoin scams and other cryptojacking activities reported by users – one of which being the latest Adobe Flash malware that is hidden in the updates.

Moving forward, our reporter is also talking about Ethereum’s token 0x (ZRX) and its meteoric growth of 17% after it was listed on the Coinbase platform.

In other news linked to Coinbase, the exchange has officially shut down its crypto index fund product – after assessing demand and seeing that it is in a negative.

To sum up the daily news video section, we are also talking about a recent statement by the CEO of Circle, who said that Internet may be seen as a ‘cute experiment’ after crypto tech is adopted and advances in the future.

For more daily updates on the hottest topics right now, head out to our DC Forecasts crypto news site!

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Daily News Video

Could November Spark The Bull Run? DASH SMS-Based Payments | IOTA x Ledger | Bank of America

In the latest video news on our DC Forecasts crypto news site, we are starting a new week full of news, again mainly shaking the topics revolving Bitcoin, blockchain, regulation and new detailed analysis. To begin with, our reporter is talking about the recent analysis from our expert team on the price of Bitcoin - and whether it is fit enough to sustain the momentum and break through like last year, before it catapulted to its all-time high of $20,000. Next on our list is the second largest banking giant in the US, Bank of America, this time for its recently won patent for a crypto storage system. When it comes to new technologies, it is also worth to mention Dash and its recently launched SMS-based crypto payments service in Venezuela, which will allow the residents of this country to send SMS messages and send or receive crypto. In the world of blockchain, India's richest person and the head of Reliance Industries has decided to enter the world of blockchain and begin the conduct of trade finance transactions using the technology. To sum up the daily news video section, we also have the project IOTA with its new announcement about the recently upgraded compatibilities that will allow the users of IOTA (and storers of MIOTA) to store their assets on the popular hardware wallet Ledger and the Nano S hardware device. For more crypto news and updates, stay tuned!  
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Daily News Video

Ukraine To Legalize Crypto | Suspicious MapleChange “Hack” | Johnny Depp Joins Crypto Media Platform

In the latest news and headlines on our DC Forecasts crypto news site, we are covering the topics of Bitcoin, blockchain, altcoin news and other categories. To start things off, our reporter is talking about the growing demand for blockchain developers which recently got to an all-time high. In other news, Ripple decided to hire a Google Expert and announced that it will expand on two new exchanges. Meanwhile, analysts are wondering if the recent move by a small Canadian-based exchange to go offline is a scam or not - mainly because the exchange claimed that it was "hacked." Aside from this, the European country Ukraine recently moved forward with crypto legalization plans, which will hopefully legalize the space by by 2021. When it comes to celebrities endorsing the crypto space, Johnny Depp is in the news for signing a new deal with a crypto platform in an attempt to regain his fortune. For more news and headlines, follow our crypto news site!  
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Daily News Video

China Declares Bitcoin As Property! Central Banks Prefer Crypto? SONY “Contactless” Hardware Wallet In our latest crypto news section, we are talking about a lot of analysis considering the researchers and traders and how they feel if the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin could possibly go over the $7,000 mark. To continue our bitcoin news segment, we cover the report done by the Bank of Canada where it shows that Bitcoin adoption and general crypto awareness in the country are growing year by year. From the 2.9% of people who owned Bitcoin in 2016, the report estimated that the number in 2017 rose to 5%. Next up we have we have the major crypto web wallet provider Blockchain in a new partnership deal with the hardware wallet producer Ledger that will see both of the companies manufacturing a custom hardware device that will allow all users of Blockchain to manage their online and offline funds in a simple and familiar interface. Of course, we have some scam news but this one is actually a good one. Our reporter is covering the news about the hacker Grant West that was captured by UK authorities helped by authorities from Delaware for stealing more than $700,000 worth of bitcoin. An IBM study is in our crypto news about the interest of central banks about adopting digital currencies issued by the central banks themselves. Most of them keep away from cryptocurrencies because of the inconsistencies in how these digital currencies are categorized. To continue, electronics giant Sony is working on a new technology that could help cryptocurrency users to store their assets in a secure way. Our reporter is finishing off with the news about the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration for publishing a case analysis that details new (potential) rules – triggered by a recent economic dispute that involved a business contract relating to possession and transfer of crypto assets.
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Daily News Video

JPMorgan Predicts A 60% Recession, Is Crypto The Best Chance Now? | [Bitcoin News // Crypto News]

In our latest crypto news section, we are talking about many topics around the realm of Bitcoin, altcoins as well as new regulation efforts. To begin with, our daily news video section unveils Coinbase's recent approval from NY State regulators to operate as an "independent qualified custodian" - a move which struck the markets and put Coinbase in a leading position among the most popular exchanges out there. Aside from this, Coinbase also partnered with Circle and launched the dollar-pegged stablecoin named Digital Dollar (USDC) which is a direct component to Tether (USDT). In the other news, our video reporter is mentioning JPMorgan and the predicted 60% recession increase by 2020 - pointing out to crypto as the best chance in many situations like these. A new ICO backed by many investors, among which Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and others, is also in the crypto news - mostly because of the green light that was given to it to obtain a crypto betting license. When it comes to tech and blockchain, we have the latest blockchain phone named 'Exodus' and manufactured by HTC - which will premier this December and can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum. If this dose of cryptocurrency news seems too short for you - make sure to check our DC Forecasts crypto news website and stay tuned with all the recent headlines!
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