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Bitcoin Price Recovers From $3,700 Over The Past 12 Hours



According to the latest bitcoin news and updates, following the past 12 hour period, the Bitcoin price recovered dramatically jumping from $3,700 to $4,033.

Yesterday, on December 3, Bitcoin was facing a serious drop threat below the support level of $4,000 and many believed that if the price decline happens below the support level, Bitcoin could drop below $3,500.

Though the recovery is unexpected, Bitcoin managed to avoid the potential large drop to the lower $3,300 range despite its momentum being severely weak at $3,800. All of the technical indicators showed that a large price drop was likely possible but somehow BTC experienced a rather unexpected recovery.

However, given the low volume of Bitcoin standing somewhere around $.3 billion and the overall negative atmosphere on the market, an upward movement above $5,000 is highly unlikely.

Despite Bitcoin’s ability to rebound from the fall, other big major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash had a hard time maintaining a momentum in the low price range. Bitcoin Cash declined by more than 6 percent in the past 24 hours and by more than 30 percent in the past seven days.

The situation in the market isn’t really the best place for everyone on it. ICO projects are also downsizing with Steem firing more than 70 percent of its workers and now ConsenSys is planning to do the same.

Miners are also having a lot of trouble with the cost of mining getting close to $3,000 and are having a hard time running their businesses.

If we take a look historically, when the mining business and the crypto projects start to downsize, the market reaches a step closer to the bottom and prepares to initiate an accumulation phase.

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Altcoin News

Altcoins Consolidating Above The Yearly Lows, Bitcoin Follows The Recovery Path

Even though the entire crypto news section is flooded by news about downward trends in the market, the negative sentiment is not seen in every altcoin out there. Despite the downside movement in the bitcoin price below the $3,440 support level, other major altcoins experience upward movements. Let’s take a look. Ethereum did struggle to recover above the $95 resistance levels and it declined even further below the $90 level. However, the buyers got interested in Ethereum when it reached a price at about $87 and the price is since consolidating. The price might rise towards the $95 level after the consolidation process since now it is standing at $92. Bitcoin Cash also failed to maintain its price above $100 and it declined by 3 percent. It is now trading at $99. BCHSV also declined below the $90 support level before buyers came in after the altcoin reached $85. It is now recovering and it is expected to face sellers near $100 support level. Ripple quickly recovered after dipping below $0.300 and the XRP/USD pair is currently up by 0.5% and it is expected to rise up to $0.320. Other smaller altcoins increased by 10 percent including XTZ, REP and DEX. Bitcoin didn’t go below the $3,400 support levels and it is now trading at $3,526. The BTC/USD pair broke the $3,400 support level and the price later corrected by a few points. There is a chance of a smaller recovery but if more losses occur, the price might start trading at another low of $3,225.
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Bitcoin Grows Its Dominance Rate To 55.14% Amid Crypto Price Panic

In the latest Bitcoin news, we are sharing something positive about the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. According to data from CoinMarketCap, it seems like Bitcoin has grown its dominance rate and is now (even more) dominant at 55.14% in the entire crypto market. The next four high volume cryptocurrencies following Bitcoin include Ripple (XRP) with 11.14%, Ethereum (ETH) with 8.55%, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 1.65% and Litecoin (LTC) with 1.33%. As the data from the past weeks and months shows, investors have been quite afraid to keep their holdings in altcoins which is why many of them chose to dump them and retreat them into the relative safety of Bitcoin. Currently, the total cryptocurrency market cap hovers around $109 billion, which is a figure that represents more than a 86% drop from the all-time high of $825 billion in January this year. As the end of the year approaches and a number of optimistic predictions about a crypto market look increasingly wide of the mark, a lot of investors may likely have decided to prepare for the so-called "crypto winter" - and decided to convert their holdings to Bitcoin - whether to hold or prepare them for cashing out into fiat. Currently, a few notable crypto investors including Andreas Antonoupoloulos and Jim Breyer continue to stress that even though the market is continuing to take pain at the moment, it doesn't mean that cryptocurrencies are undergoing a fundamental unraveling as an asset class (at least not yet).
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End Of Year Analysis: $930 Million Dollars Worth Of Cryptocurrency Stolen In 2018

The new Anti-Money Laundering report done by CipherTrace crypto intelligence company is what we are reading about in today’s crypto news where you can see that almost a billion dollars are stolen this year in various hack attacks. Currently, about $930 million worth of cryptocurrency is reported to be stolen via hack attacks but the value is expected to reach over a billion until the end of 2018. The company conducting the investigation noted that the protective layers on multiple exchange platforms to be a major problem. In the Q2 report, CipherTrace noted that there were multiple thefts in the first half of 2018 compared to 2017 in general. One of the biggest hack attacks were more than $730 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen including the hack of the Japanese exchange Coincheck and BitGrail which were one the exchanges who got hit the hardest. According to the Q3 report, the things don’t stand optimistic as well. CipherTrace predicts that this trend will go, unfortunately. The company also claims that there are plenty of phishing attempts and scams that are not reported and haven’t made it to the public. One of the main thefts for 2018 was the hack attack on Bithumb where the exchange lost more than $30 million in a so-called ‘’cyber intrusion’’, and Bancor that lost $24 million due to a smart contract breach. Another exchange Coinrail also lost more than $40 million. If you take a look at the report, you will see that the US is one of the most vulnerable countries to crypto thefts and hack attacks with more than 55% of the attacks happening in the US. The report only shows how important is the storing of your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet and that users should not leave their assets on an exchange exposed.
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The Recovery Weakens, Bitcoin Drops By 4.5 Percent

After the gains made back on Friday, in today’s Bitcoin news we find out that during the weekend trading session, the number one cryptocurrency dropped by 4.5 percent. The recovery lost its track after reaching an intraday high at 3640-fiat. Today, we can see that the price dropped by approximately 4.4 percent confirming the weak bull run near the resistant area. At the time of the writing, bitcoin found a new support area and it is now trading at $3.429. The BTC/USD rate is trading around $450 descending area. All of the traders, who believe that the price will remain inside this area, can place their bets when the pair starts to fluctuate within the parameters. A break above the upper trendline can help the traders start a long position towards 3713-fiat which is a near-term upside target. If traders try to maintain a stop loss at $10 below the entry position, this will help minimize the losses if another pullback action happens again. Also, a break below the lower trendline could bring 3000-fiat as a possible downside level target. According to the charts, Bitcoin is currently in the middle of a bear bias. It is very highly unlikely to grow out of it in the near term and it could be a quite a jump to form an inverse H&S pattern at this moment. The RSI indicator has stayed too long in the oversold area and the BTC/USD pair could see a recovery at last but it will be very difficult for it to firmly stand in an upside target level beyond 5000-fiat.
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