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Litecoin News

Bitcoin’s Reign May Come To An End: Will Litecoin Replace It?



Last year was great for cryptocurrencies. In fact, they had the greatest single-year performance in history. After the promising $17.7 billion market cap at the beginning of 2017, the cryptocurrency market finished 2017 with a combined market cap of $613 billion which represents an increase of the value of more than 3,000%.

Additionally, 2017 was time of dominance for the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As the first cryptocurrency with the option for trading back in March 2010, the reign of Bitcoin is what brought blockchain technology to the spotlight. Bitcoin was also bought for exchanging popular digital currencies on decentralized exchanges – but also an investment that made a lot of people rich.

Despite the surge of Bitcoin that came close to the $20,000 mark, the leading cryptocurrency is now above $10,000 in terms of value. As consistent as it has been, Bitcoin is going to shades according to some experts. The big question is – which cryptocurrency has the power to replace it?

Many fingers are pointed to Litecoin – the cryptocurrency with a massive potential out there. The truth is, as Bitcoin has grown in terms of popularity, some of its flaws have become visible. From the approval for upgrades to the open-source network vulnerabilities, Bitcoin’s flaws have caused numerous forks, creating new digital currencies in the process all while relegating Bitcoin to a slower and pricier network.

The average Bitcoin transaction takes longer than an hour to process – and the fees are around $28 – which makes it the same cost as a bank wire transfer and makes Bitcoin a poor choice for daily transactions.

Litecoin, on the other hand, is often described as “bitcoin Lite” and considered to be in cooperation and not in competition with Bitcoin. Recently, Litecoin implemented SegWit which has boosted their capacity of handling merchants and transactions and ramped the processing speeds while lowering transaction fees. Bitcoin, on the other hand, was supposed to implement the technology but couldn’t gain the needed consensus to do so.

This certainly gives an advantage to Litecoin and puts it in the spotlight for being “the best” (performance-wise) cryptocurrency out there.

What do you think?

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Altcoin News

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Moves Closer To $7,000, Stellar (XLM) With A New Meteoric Rise

In the Sunday edition of our cryptocurrency expert analysis right here on DC Forecasts, we are seeing a lot of green on the crypto market, which is perfect considering the negative movement last week. Today, the altcoin which is in the spotlight is Stellar (XLM), which skyrocketed by 25% and reached a price of $0.297, securing the fifth position on the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has established a short-term bullish trend for its continuous, yet slow rise over the past few days. The biggest cryptocurrency by market cap is now trading at $6,757 with no signs of stopping the slow-yet-bullish momentum. Among other altcoins which surged over the past few days are Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Cardano - all of which rising in terms of their value. From the $6,110 support area which was initiated last week, Bitcoin is now with around $700 in the green, trading higher and breaking new margins every new day. However, a change of this scenario is still realistic, considering the low market volatility over the past month.  
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Blockchain Archive

Will The Litecoin Price Skyrocket Like Bitcoin In 2018?

Litecoin has the sixth highest market cap at about 12 billion dollars. The Litecoin price, on the other hand, has been up and down with the recent trends. However, the massive potential for implementation of the cryptocurrency makes many people confident about its future.

As far as performance is concerned, last year was a great success for Litecoin, surpassing both Ethereum and Bitcoin with a rise in the value up to 2000 percent. However, making price predictions for this year will not be an easy task, regardless of the fact that every single cryptocurrency is very volatile at the moment. The number of people who are using Litecoin should increase because if many people are adopting Bitcoin, the adoption rate for other cryptocurrencies will rise as well. You can compare price charts so you can see this phenomenon.

The development of Litecoin also depends on the faster exchange than Bitcoin and also the low costs it offers no matter of how many transactions are happening. Another thing that you should take into consideration is government regulations especially from the major influencers like China, Japan, and USA.

The truth is that we nobody really can tell you for sure, we can all just make a guess based on the performances on every cryptocurrency in the past year.

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Blockchain Archive

Should You Invest In Litecoin (LTC) In 2018: Explained

As you know, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that emerged as a fork from Bitcoin. This currency got very popular in a very short time and impressed investors who tried to diversify their currency portfolio. If you are looking to invest in Litecoin (LTC) in 2018, you should know the following...

Because of its advantages, Litecoin is able to generate a block in less than 3 minutes and make a faster transaction compared to Bitcoin. This is very important for the miners because they use hardware to mine on the Bitcoin network so it is very hard to switch to Litecoin. This is good because there won’t be large groups forming and mining Litecoin so it will be easier to keep Litecoin decentralized.

Many experts believe that the adoption rate of Litecoin will increase this year which will lead to a growth in price. Of course, we can never know how big of a jump that would be. The adoption rate should increase because Litecoin has a lot more coins in circulation so it is more affordable. Also, both the lightning network and SegWit are activated so Litecoin has a great chance of dealing with scalability problems. So, why invest in Litecoin in 2018?


Litecoin is currently the 6th cryptocurrency by market capitalization with a market cap of $8.26 billion dollars. You can see the price analysis here.

Last year, it proved itself to be a great currency even outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it is, however, very difficult to make any kinds of predictions because of the volatility on the market.

Did this convince you to invest in Litecoin now? Or will you maybe wait for better times? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Make sure to get updates on Litecoin daily on DcForecasts website!

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Litecoin News

Litecoin Transaction Fees 20% Higher Than Bitcoin Cash: What Happened?

A recent PSA made by the Twitter handle of measured the Litecoin transaction fees along with many altcoins. The cryptocurrency (LTC) was one of the altcoins highlighted - with the average transaction fees for the cryptocurrency being 0.04% as depicted on Bitinfocharts. The news has created a social media outrage, with many supporters from both projects fighting each other about their favorite cryptocurrencies and the basis of their transaction fees and time. However, Litecoin (LTC) has an exchange platform that is well known for its low fees (0% for investors and 0.2% for revenue producers). Recently, it was revealed that Litecoin has been deploying high transaction rates for users. The average rate at which the transaction is ensured is 0.4% which is double the customary rate. The entire situation is very contradicting - as the cryptocurrency claims to have the lowest Litecoin transaction fees of 0.2%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) offers 0.004% as the average fees for transactions which is 20 times higher in comparison to Litecoin. Bitcoin, on the other hand, processes at the rate of 10 minutes per block. Currently, there has been one $99 million Litecoin transaction that proves the cryptocurrency is the future. The transaction was done at an unbelievable cost of only $0.44 and in under 150 seconds. This is what gives Litecoin massive potential and what makes it the potential 'feeless PayPal of the future.'
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