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Breaking: Cypherpunks Co-Founder Timothy C. May Dies Of Natural Causes



The co-founder of Cyberpunks and the author of ‘’The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto’’ has reportedly passed away of natural causes and with our sincere condolences, we take a look at his work over the years in the latest crypto news.

Timothy C. May was the author of ‘’The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto’’ that was published back in 1992 where he predicted many of the things that have happened on the crypto market:

“The State will of course try to slow or halt the spread of this [cryptography-based] technology, citing national security concerns, use of the technology by drug dealers and tax evaders, and fears of societal disintegration.”

His friends posted on social media:

 “Word has reached me that my dear friend, co-conspirator in many things and for many years, fellow Freedom Fighter Tim May passed away earlier this week at his home in Corralitos, California.”

May noted in the Manifesto that all of the arguments and concerns will prove to be valid because the ‘’crypto anarchy’’ will let national secrets to be traded without a problem, freely and will allow for stolen materials to be traded.

His friends and family confirm despite the fact that there hasn’t been an autopsy performed yet, that Timothy died from natural causes.

Many people in the crypto community will agree that the ‘’anarchist movement’’ deserves much more credit or as almost as Satoshi Nakamoto for setting the foundation of cryptography. The creator of Bitcoin was allegedly in communication with the cyberpunk community before he published the whitepaper on Bitcoin in 2008.

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Blythe Masters Steps Down As CEO Of Digital Asset Holdings LLC

The CEO of Digital Asset Holding LLC Blythe Masters is officially stepping down from the position after working in the blockchain company for almost four years and in this blockchain news, we try to find out more. Blythe Masters or better known as the Wall Street Veteran invented the credit default swaps and announced her resignation through the Digital Asset’s website for personal reasons. However, Masters will remain in cooperation with the company as a board member, shareholder, and a strategy advisor. Masters joined the company in 2015 and quickly become one of the high profile finance experts that were associated with a blockchain startup. As a former JPMorgan official, she assisted Digital Asset in boosting the clientele and was integrating personalized blockchain solutions. She was extremely important for the company for all the work she had previously done at JP Morgan and was seen as an innovator after she brought the credibility to the blockchain sector when there wasn’t too much experience in the sector. As a replacement for the CEO position, AG Gangadhar will take the role as a tech industry veteran until a permanent replacement is found. In a press release Masters said:
‘’We are fortunate to have a deep bench of accomplished executives on the management team and Board, including AG, who have the requisite experience to take the company to the next level. Having come to know and trust AG as an advisor and Board member, I am convinced that he brings what’s needed to guide the company through its next phase.’’
Master’s resignation comes in a critical moment where more than 50 percent of the blockchain projects failed to deliver a product. Many see this decision as the time when veterans start leaving the blockchain market due to the growing criticism of the crypto industry.
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DC Forecasts Featured On Reuters For Its ‘Newly Revamped User Interface’

This Monday, we are proud to announce that our website, DC Forecasts, has been officially featured in one of the most popular news websites out there, Reuters. In a press release, the reporter from Reuters spoke about the mass crypto news coverage by our site - and our newly revamped website which regularly covers topics centered around Bitcoin, blockchain, and fintech - attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. As the official press release states:
"DCForecasts, a respected crypto currency news channel has finished revamping its website to boost its user experience. The website has been a one-stop news channel for crypto currency enthusiasts, crypto traders, and beginners in crypto currency investments. In a bid to respond to such a high influx of users, DCForecasts decided to revamp their website to better align with their user experience. This ambitious revamp project has been completed today and it is expected to send considerable excitement ripples in the crypto currency news world."
Reuters also covers our CEO, Adam Baruch, and his comment on the new user interface which puts a lot of new benefits on the table for our readers. As Baruch noted while speaking to Reuters, DC Forecasts is now clutter-free, accessible from every mobile device and with re-organized content that helps users easily find their desired crypto news. In one part, the press release also mentions our extensive attention to detail, especially in the expert analysis section of our website which gains trust from the readers and rapidly expands month by month. For those of you who don't know, Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in London, UK. It provides financial information and covers global business news in a variety of topics. The website is among the "1000 most visited" websites in the world, attracting around 70 million visitors every month.  
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DC Forecasts Leading Crypto News Site With A New Head Office Address

We are lucky and proud to announce the latest news here on our DC Forecasts crypto site. After months of planning, we are finally set and relocated to a new building with a head office for our crypto news site - from where we will continue to report the latest news in crypto, Bitcoin, blockchain etc. Only after a few years, it all started, DC Forecasts is now proud to have a new " home". Our team of analysts, editors, crypto lovers, and bloggers are now situated in a newly refurbished building located at "4th Old Park Lane, Mayfair" in Central London, offering an impressive reception and common parts with a high-quality and modern grade office floors behind a period facade.   Outside DC Forecasts Head Office:   Reception DC Forecasts Head Office:   Building  DC Forecasts Head Office:   Press Team DC Forecasts: As you probably know, we are focused on showing you the latest news in crypto. From our expert cryptocurrency analysis to the latest blockchain events around the world, we are here to notify you about all of the changes and novelties in the market. So, the next time you want to see if Bitcoin is in the red or green - or what is the best blockchain event near your location - know that you also might stop by in our neighbourhood and say hi! And if you prefer working with us online, you can always submit a crypto press release (PR) on our website and spread the word about your new crypto project! We are excited about what the future holds for us - and always loyal to our readers. For the best news in crypto!  
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DC Forecasts Was Hacked: Acknowledging Our Popularity

One of the best ways to know that you are popular online is by receiving threats, attacks and continuous hacks by users. That is what everyone in the team behind this website thinks. On May 9th, our website was again hacked with a screenshot of a 'HACKED' sign. However, the site was back on its feet again in only a couple of minutes - which is how our developers showed their real strength. Even though our website has an SSL certificate, anti-hack codes and other sophisticated measures, the hackers somehow found a way to get into it. However, that was not for long as our expert developers took control of the situation. What's important is the following... Our entire team at DC Forecasts would like to thank these hackers for acknowledging our popularity. Over the next couple of days and weeks, we will be even more active with the leading news about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and altcoins. To all of our readers: We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working hard to maintain the website and even despite hacks like this, are doing the best to provide you with the freshest news in the online community. Thank you for reading us!  
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