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Cafes And Restaurants That Accept Bitcoin



Many places around the world especially bars, cafes, and restaurants accept bitcoin as a method of payment. This is a great way to support this innovative cryptocurrency and also a way to help the owners to fund their businesses.

Places like these finally understand what they are gaining with this technology and this is why they are growing to accept it fast and to even spread the word to other cafes or restaurants.

As for the customers, getting your bitcoins accepted as a method of payment means a lot. It is now easier than ever to go to your favorite place and get your favorite latte or a great dinner. Currently, most of the places can be found across the US but also in the Nordic capitals.

Here we will give you a list of places that you can go and use your bitcoins!

  1. Stockholm

Babs Kök och Bar (food)

Blueberry (café)

Sushi bar Satzuma (food)

  1. Ortega’s New Mexican Restaurant

3617 Wyoming Blvd Ne

Albuquerque, NM 87110

  1. Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream CO

2600 21st St

Sacramento, CA 95818

  1. Ocean Beach Deli

734 La Playa St

San Francisco, CA 94121

  1. Oslo

Aktivisten (café)

The Kasbah (café)

  1. Cups and Cakes Bakery

451 9th St

San Francisco, CA 94103

  1. Tavern CO

2260 Lee Rd

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

  1. Veggie Galaxy

450 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02139

  1. Old Fulton Creperie

17 Old Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

  1. Lean Crust Pizza

737 Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Bitcoin Press Release Distribution Service | DC Forecasts

DC Forecasts is a leading crypto website that mostly focuses on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blockchain and the fintech sector. You can find all the latest news and analytics, stories, blockchain events, and sponsored stories and articles that are meant to inform you about every detail that happens in the crypto world. For that reason, we will gladly accept your ideas and we welcome your stories so we can share them with the rest of the crypto community. You will help us spread the word by creating unique content articles by writing a bitcoin press release or any other kind of crypto press release so we can be able to reach our targeted audience by providing the most interesting, accurate and creative news and updates.
  1. Collaboration Is Key

By publishing your crypto PR you are giving our website extra value and help us to increase our daily traffic and raise the interest for our guests and visitors. For this reason, we are partnering and enjoy collaborating on interesting blockchain projects where we share with you our years of experience in Bitcoin PR and digital currency.
  1. Choose Your Option

There are two options that you can choose from for publishing your crypto press release.
  • The basic one means that you will directly upload your article to the website and wait for the article to be approved.
  • The custom option means that you will provide us with a draft of the bitcoin PR or the crypto PR that you wish to be published. The draft will eventually be edited and improved by our editors. When we edit your article we make sure to improve the impression you will make with the press release and save you time in rechecking it hundreds of times.
  1. Bitcoin Press Release DIY

You are welcome to write an article that will be mostly focused on Bitcoin and share with the rest of the readers with updates and new information regarding this major cryptocurrency. You will be able to directly upload it for the price of $35 per article. This basic method means that your article should be at least 1,000 words long and consist multiple tags that will help improve the SEO organic and easily find the article and increase the chance of your article to be easily found while searching on a web browser. When you are finished with writing your bitcoin PR, upload an image or a banner with 600 x 300 dimensions that will be easily noticed and make sure you select the right category for your article. There are plenty of categories to choose from so make sure you pick the right one for easier search. The bitcoin press release will be also shared on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Your article will be the feature of the day. Provide us with an exclusive discount code to promote within the article and also provide us with images. At last, you can choose a preferred date for your article to be published.
  1. Crypto Custom Press Release

With this option, you get to write a crypto press release up to 350 words. Once you are finished writing and you send us your article, our editor will review your website or the word document that you will send us and will eventually write fresh content to promote your product or service easily. It’s easy to upload the article by using our secure website. The article should be well written and also user/reader friendly for our daily guests and visitors. It’s important to add as many keywords as you can and tags as we mentioned earlier in order to reach organic SEO and make your article easy to find. Once our editor is done with editing your article, you will get a custom image cover with your branding. Make sure to select the right category for your article and select your preferred date for publication. Once this is all done, your article will be featured on Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Recommendation

DC Forecasts works with global partners and offers multiple options. That said, we can provide you with a discount code on any multiple orders that are pre-paid by you upfront – with a time limit of 12 months to use your purchases (press releases) and further promote your news, events, stories, products, ICOs or anything else. That said, it’s best to provide us an exclusive discount code to promote within the article.
  1. Benefits Of Submitting Your Bitcoin Press Release

If you choose to use DC Forecast as your go-to tool for publishing your crypto press releases and bitcoin press releases we assure you that you can expect a lot of benefits. For example, your crypto PR will be displayed on our homepage and therefore hundreds of guests and visitors from all around the world will get to read it. This will be a huge impact on your service or product since people from Europe, US, Canada, and Asia are visiting the website every day. By sharing your article on social media, you get full exposure and even more coverage on the internet and the crypto community.
  1. Why You Should Choose DC Forecast

Dc Forecasts is extremely good at getting the business done. We have a constant growing reader base which means a good bitcoin press release put on our website, will reach thousands of readers within minutes. Our site makes possible for people who want to write articles or press releases, to get them published on our site and get that articles distributed widely within minutes. DC Forecasts is an advertising partner to many popular cryptocurrency blogs, affiliate networks, and businesses in the crypto industry. As one of the leading bitcoin industry news resource, we have built a strong community over the years that are always eager to expand their mindset and engage with the different opportunities displayed on our site.
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How to Promote An Initial Coin Offering | DC Forecasts

Initial Coin Offerings became extremely popular in 2017. In that year only, there were more than 500 successful ICO projects that managed to raise more than $13 million. Overall, last year approximately $5.5 billion was raised which is a stunning increase since 2016. ICO’s are the perfect tool for replacing the traditional methods of venture capital raising and this is why they are growing in popularity this year as well. This is why we at DC Forecasts continuously work on providing the best content for our readers as well as allowing businesses to get the word out about their products or services by advertising on our platform. Your business can easily reach to people that are interested in your offer an idea. We have been an advertising partner to many popular crypto blogs and businesses in the crypto industry. The community grows stronger and bigger each day thus making it ideal for you to promote your services on our website. However, keep in mind that not every ICO is a success. About 45% of the ICO’s raised the wanted capital and it’s getting even harder since the competition and regulation are growing stronger. It’s very important to know how you want to market your ICO because it will eventually determine whether it succeeds or fails. This is why we are going to show you a few ways how to successfully promote your ICO.
  1. Use Your Website If You Have One

Having a website doesn’t mean that running it is simple. Your website should be as a window shop of your ICO marketing strategy. As you can see at DC Forecasts, you can easily find out any information you need, it’s accessible and straightforward. This is why your website must present as much information as possible about your project and of course, the team behind it. Transparency is key for building trust among your users and readers. Also, making short videos and uploading them to your website is also a nice touch for a faster info update. Make sure you don’t promise something if you are not able to keep that promise. More importantly, don’t rush into creating a website; there are other options as well.
  1. ICO SEO Strategy

Creating an SEO strategy should be at the top of the priority list of your ICO marketing campaign. By doing so, you will have a straight path from the first day and you will have all the ways how it can go on right in front of you. It’s maybe a good idea to hire someone that can help you create a professional on-page and off-page long-term SEO plan since it’s very important how you play our your ICO marketing strategy. Usually, no SEO strategy shows that your ICO promotion is only focused short-term.
  1. Spread The Word With The Help Of A Professional PR Agency

Hiring a PR agency is one of the best ways to spread the word about your ICO to the world. One of the best methods for getting your message across is the Press release. A press release is a very effective method for proving a full exposure for your ICO project. Of course, you can do that by yourself but some opt for the use of a professional PR agency. For example, at DC Forecasts, we are focused on publishing global news on a daily basis. However, the news and updates published by you are giving our website extra value and are meant to interest our daily guests and visitors. As you probably know, our values are different than many crypto news websites – which is exactly why we are enticing more and more partners to collaborate with us. For more information on our Press Release packages, see the details and prices on our website. Usually, the sites where you need to pay a premium amount to publish your press release have the best news features, the biggest reader base and you have the best chance to promote your ICO instantly.  There are plenty of well-known websites that you can choose from as well. However, the PR professionals know how to get your message out there despite costing you a bit more.
  1. Social Media

Yes, all major social media platforms banned crypto advertising but this really isn’t that big of an issue. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of users and your posts and tweets can be shared or retweeted in seconds after you have posted. This is one of the fastest ways to share your message.  Also, forums such as Reddit and Quora have plenty of users as well and usually you can find people that are extremely interested in crypto and ICO which is even better since they are grouped and easier to target. There are even specialized forums where discussions are started so you even might learn a thing or two what the community needs and wants and focus on providing that. Using social media is a great, interactive way to get in touch with potential users and investors.
  1. E-mail

E-mailing is a pretty effective way of marketing an ICO especially in 2018. It’s conventional, easy and simple. However, sending spam e-mails can bring you more problems than it does something positive and can possibly damage your company’s reputation. Make sure you don’t spam your recipients and eventually be disabled from sending emails in the future. There are many providers that support ICOs and also provide you with a marketing plan and an overall ICO marketing strategy. Make sure to build your email list carefully and form a base of consistent recipients.
  1. Pay Per Click

Hundreds of crypto websites, blogs and news sites that will allow you to put up an ad banner with many options to choose from. You can find each package deals for banners on the websites info section and make sure your ICO gets promoted quickly. Pay Per Click was a major business player in 2017 and still is today.
  1. ICO Bounty Programs

A good idea to add to your ICO marketing strategy is to get an ICO bounty program. This is a very effective method to attract investors. They are based on rewards but you should treat the rewards carefully because low or no rewards can be hurting your marketing campaign. Based on incentives and rewards, ICO Bounty programs are forming a central part of an ICO marketing strategy. They are an effective method to attract investors and keep stakeholders, with strategies need for pre-ICO and post-ICO.
  1. ICOs Listing

Plenty of websites will gladly list your ICO and give it the exposure that it needs. Most of the popular sites tend to charge a premium to list your ico but there are some that do it for free.
  1. Conference/Event/Summit

Blockchain events of any kind are happening all around the world daily and they are the perfect way to reach your wanted marketing channel and show off your ICO face to face. However, attending a conference or an event, sponsoring it or even hosting it, can be very expensive especially if people need to travel to that place but in the end, they usually bring your marketing strategy great results. It would be perfect if the founders of an ICO attend as many events before and after they launch the ICO in order to build trust and share your message. By not attending a single event, your ICO has a lower chance of success and it can be more difficult for you to promote it.
  1. Face The Challenges

As you can notice, ICOs are now a multi-billion dollar industry. We saw the launch of many ICOs this year and more are planned for the next one. It’s very hard to give your ICO the attention it needs with all the changes in the market but also because of the ad restrictions and regulations. Be prepared to face all the challenges and dedicate in order to provide with a great product.
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How To Market A Blockchain Project Without Major Online Media Platforms Such As Google, Facebook and Twitter

Major social media platforms including Google, Twitter, and Facebook all decided to ban any kind of crypto ads regarding crypto services. The reason behind it is that allegedly, there is too much risk of scam and fraud. This is why this important question demands answering: can you market your service even without these social media platforms? Ads are not really the key element of what makes a certain service great. You cannot simply rely on ads to get your product more popular. It is perhaps better for your product to actually meet your targeted market. Also, without the ads, the network builders are stimulated to provide something the market really wants by finding a natural way for the product to grow and the service to become more popular. However, you still need some sort of a tool to get the word out and get in contact with your first users. Here are some of the options you can choose from.
  1. Join a popular crypto community

By joining a well-known forum that has hundreds of active users such as Reddit, Quora or Bitcoin talk, you can easily place your product or service to the users. There are plenty of platforms that you could do so and you will be your own ambassador. Users won’t hold back the comments and questions but it is a major part of the job.
  1. Despite the ads ban, go to Facebook/Twitter

Although it might sound funny you don’t really need the ads in order to market a blockchain project. You are free to tweet about it, post updates about it and receive comments that will boost the awareness of what you are doing. It is a great way to be involved and closer to your potential users.
  1. Github

Want to get developers involved? This is the perfect platform for it. By allowing open sourcing of your code, more developers will likely get involved and the project will be done faster and users will find out about it even faster.
  1. App Store Optimization

Since everyone is on the go today and the most used tool is probably the mobile phone, it’s a good idea to build a mobile app. Although there are hundreds of apps available on Google Play Store, this isn’t necessarily a bad sign and it doesn’t mean that your app will go unnoticed. Of course, you should take care of your app and update it constantly, use precise and easy words in the description and find an easy-to-remember app icon.
  1. SEO

Despite Google banning ads, you can still use links. Google can still discover you even if your crypto project is privacy-oriented by using DuckDuck Go which a great search engine that has a large user base.
  1. Airdrops

Airdrops will only work if your service has a token. Make sure to also use accelerators such as different websites that will let users use your token.
  1. Referrals

This is not the most used to a tool for offering your crypto services but sure is a great one. This way, you are enabling your existing user database to invite new users and while they’re at it give them rewards whether that be a token, money or a discount of sorts. One of the most used and popular platforms such as Spotify and Dropbox used this method to spread the word and now are among the most widely-used tools.
  1. PR

When you start your own blockchain project and you need to get the word out, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire an expensive PR agency. It is best advised if you find a journalist or a blogger that will share the word for you and will be interested in doing so. Getting the wanted attention is always very hard but it eventually pays off massively. Try to build a relationship with bloggers and journalists in your earliest days.
  1. Bounty Bugs

Let users debug your service and reward them for it. You can do that in cash or cryptocurrency but this way you will get all the bounty hunters helping you to establish your name on the market.
  1. Create An Event

Creating and attending a crypto event is one of the most fun ways to know about a certain project, especially in the blockchain industry. There are hundreds of events happening in different parts of the world in the form of meetups, conferences, and gatherings. People like going to these events because they are very informative, lots of experts attend and are also interactive. However, they can be a little bit expensive especially if you are just starting out but try attending at least once in two months.
  1. Partnering With Other Crypto Services

Crypto-rings or a syndicated project is another great way to market your blockchain project by partnering with other crypto services and easily get discovered by new potential investors and users. For example, Airswap is a great tool for that. They announced a syndicate of tokens for their new exchange.
  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are the best tool that is currently extremely popular. There are plenty of good-quality podcasts out there. The great thing is that they all have sponsored spots.
  1. Writing Good Quality Content

This is the perfect way to market your blockchain project. It has great SEO and a huge impact. However, you do need to write regularly since you need to keep your reader base updated. You can use any website’s blogging services or write an article as a guest writer. You can do that on many websites including DC Forecasts.
  1. Ambassadors

Active ambassadors can help you spread the word out if you make people talk about your project on a regular basis. By using ambassadors, others will do the work for you and you will get your product easily recognized on the market.
  1. Pre-Sales groups

Pre-sales groups or analysts can do a great job by positively reviewing your product. This will increase your exposure quickly.
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Top 100+ ICO Press Release Sites List 2018 – DC Forecasts

At DC Forecasts, we take pride in being one of the leading crypto news sites in the field. As such, we are always motivated to give you the best information regarding topics such as Bitcoin, blockchain, events and others -  served to you daily. In today's guide, we are focusing on the best ICO press release sites for 2018. Feel free to check them out!
  1. DC Forecasts

At DC Forecasts, we are focused on publishing global news on a daily basis. However, the news and updates published by you are giving our website extra value and are meant to interest our daily guests and visitors. As you probably know, our values are different than many crypto news websites – which is exactly why we are enticing more and more partners to collaborate with us. For more information on our Press Release packages, see the details and prices on our website.
  1. CryptoPotato

CryptoPotato is one of the best websites for crypto-related matters. Here you can find anything from technical analysis, ICO listings, news, and ratings. You can find plenty of information about an ICO and check out all the press release features. The content is original and the user interface is pretty cool as well.

Coinist is a great crypto website that despite sharing the latest news and charts on various cryptocurrencies, you are welcome to submit your press release. Once you write your article no longer than 2500 words, make sure that your content is written in perfect English and to make any disclaimers if necessary. When you submit your press release you will be directed to the payment page where you will see that it will cost you $99 in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash to publish your article.
  1. Cointelegraph

You can share your press release with Cointelegraph as well. Once you do that, your article will come up at the front page of the Press release section. Also, your press release will be published once you make the payment. Any inappropriate or fraudulent services or products will not be published according to the website.
  1. News.Bitcoin

News.Bitcoin is another place where you can publish your press release. This website has a global readership base with more than 30% originating from the USA, 40 percent from Asia and the rest from EU. You can post 1 press release per event or per week and you can also publish it during the weekend when the reader traffic is much higher.

On you can submit your press release and quickly gain access to the potential database of investors. The website gives great ICO details to users that are most importantly precise and transparent and you can check out their prices on their website.

This one as it says on the website’s bio is an online and print magazine that mostly focuses on ICO-related developments. Here you can find only original interviews and articles from the large team consisted of contributors.  This is why you can easily become a part of the team and present your own style of writing opinions, prices and upcoming ICO’s.
  1. CoinSpeaker

CoinSpeaker covers every aspect of Bitcoin including daily market updates, analysis and charts. You can also become a part of the team by submitting a press release and take part in delivering a unique story to the readers.
  1. ICOTimeline

Since the name of the website is pretty simple and straightforward, you can see that the basic service they offer is the listing and promotion of ICO projects. This is a great place for you to share your skills and write a great press release.
  1. CoinDelite

On CoinDelite you can see all the ICO press releases from many blockchain companies on the market. You can also do so by submitting a press release and gain exposure for your business. You can check their website and conditions and learn more about the press release service. View the latest ICO press releases from the companies in the blockchain and digital currency market. Submit a press release or learn more about Coindelite press release service and how it can help you gain exposure for your business.
  1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a leading digital media where you can find the most recent news, events and services. You can find everything you need to know about the growing global crypto community and become a part of the contributors that create amazing content.
  1. ICOPanic

ICO Panic allows you to submit your press release regarding different project announcements and token sale details and partnerships. Good promotion is always crucial for a token sale success so each article you write is a step closer to your potential investors.
  1. Blokt

You can submit your press release on Blokt and share it with the huge reader base. Your article will be placed on a dedicated press release section and also on the default sidebar. You will need to wait for an approval and also first you need to clear the payment. If your press release seems fraudulent, the website claims that it will not be published. The price for submitting a press release is 0.031 BTC.
  1. BitcoinExchangeGuide is a great place for an ICO press release since it will be easily available to the readers, just make sure it’s easy to read and it’s highly informative. There are plenty of different features and different pricing options that you can choose from.

Here’s another great place where you can share your blockchain project. They also conduct researches on projects where they explain every detail of it and also provide with precise data and information about each coin that is featured in the newsletter.
  1. CoinGape

With CoinGape you can easily communicate and share your message with by submitting a Press Release on their website. Share your announcements to the community and introduce your project instantly to all users around the world. There are thousands of users and readers daily which means this is a great way for potential investors to get to know your blockchain related project.
  1. CryptoFame

CryptoFame shares the latest bitcoin and crypto news and according to their website, is the most engaging media channel. You can submit your press release on the website and easily get in touch with the readers.
  1. BitcoinChaser

One of the best things about BitcoinChaser is that they will gladly accept diverse, new ideas. They claim that diversity is their core strength. They encourage new writers from all around the world to write and share their stories. This is a good way to get to know all different thoughts and ideas on different crypto topics.
  1. CryptosRUs

By submitting a press release on Cryptos R Us you will see your article published in the middle of the front page where it is most likely to be noticed and it will stay there for at least 48 hours. After that, your article will still be searchable and accessible on other parts of the website. Payments are accepted via bitcoin or PayPal.
  1. Crypico

Here’s another great website where you can market your blockchain project by publishing a press release. You can publish all sorts of ICO news and Interviews for 90 Euros per post. In this price, publishing the post and sharing it further is included. Also, there’s another great option for those who don’t have the time to write an article. The website can do it for you for 150 Euros per article.
  1. is a great place to share your ideas, articles, and text for free. This, however, doesn’t mean that your submissions can be low-quality or copied internet material. The article you write must be unique and be relevant to the categories on the website.

Invest In Blockchain is one of the fastest growing websites in the crypto space and has thousands of daily followers. The website is visited by more than 500,000 readers per month and more than 15,000 active subscribers. All this makes the website the perfect place for an ICO press release.

This is an amazing place for beginners since it is very helpful to understand crypto without the technical language. The podcast shares long-form conversations where guests regularly come and discuss different topics. The best way to know more about it is simply to start listening.
  1. provides reviews, guides, and news about everything crypto-related with the goal to help the general public understand this technology. They are transparent, accurate and will help beginners easily navigate around this world. The website is founded by a Member of the European Parliament Antanas Guoga and also the founder of the International Blockchain Centre in Vilnius

You can submit your ICO press release on this website and you will have to wait for your article to be reviewed. After you send it, they will write the news article for you based on your press release submission. The listing fee is $600 via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin.
  1. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is one of the leading cryptocurrency data providers where institutional and retail investors can gain access to reliable market data and price analysis as well. It was founded in 2014 and has made huge partnerships since most importantly with Yahoo. This is a great place to advertise your ICO since approximately 1 million people visit the website each day and the newsletter has more than 550,000 subscribers. The audience is highly-targeted including institutional investors, crypto traders and tech enthusiasts.

If you are launching an Initial Coin Offering is a great place to advertise it. You can have it listed on the website with all the ICO details and wait for approval. However, there are many submissions daily so you will likely wait a few days and must pay a listing fee. The listing fees vary from 0.5 ETH if the token it cannot be traded. If the token is traded, however, the sites accept 0.5 ETH in the token you are launching. Also, you can write press releases and send it to the website to be approved and published.
  1. ICODrops

ICO Drops is an extremely popular ICO database. It has a wide audience from every part of the world but mainly Russia, USA, and China. Their team claims to select the most interesting ICOs so you can try to list one right there on their website. If the ICO is approved it can take part in the AD program. Once your project is published, it will receive immediate attention from the huge audience.
  1. ICO Hot List

On ICO Hot List you can see all the most promising and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings. If you have a project to release and you are an authorized representative you need to fulfill a submission form so ICO Hot List can evaluate your project. Each project will be reviewed individually and if the also sponsored content is allowed as well and market on the listings site and e-mail newsletter as well.

ICO Watch List constantly updates their list of available cryptocurrencies and token projects and help blockchain entrepreneurs to raise capital for their ventures to reach the wanted crypto investors. Also, the website provides thorough ICO education for the readers and has a specialized Education section. All of the readers can understand how ICOs work and what the guidelines to join are. You can list your ICO here but first, you need to contact the team.
  1. ICO Map

ICO Map is a great place where you can easily register and share your project with the world. Once you log in you will follow the instructions where you will fill in all of the details about your project and wait for the ICOMap team to approve your submission. You can contact the team on their e-mail and get help if you need it. Your ICO listing will be published on the top of the website and the ratings will appear near your ICO listing. You can share the rating with the entire community just by copying the embed code. The team will offer you their promotional services to make sure your project is standing out.

Register for free on CoinRadar and submit an unlimited amount of ICO listings. Here you can also write your press releases and share them with the crypto community that is growing daily on CryptoRadar. By creating an account you will gain access to your own dashboard that will allow you to write, add and edit your text. You can also take a look the premium marketing and advertising opportunities for ICOs such as homepage features and promoted listings. The benefit of submitting your ICO on this website is huge. First of all, it’s free and the premium options are at reasonable rates. You will get a higher promotion of your project and get a free widget for your website with each submission.

On ICO quest you can find a huge list of ICO projects that are easily accessible for anyone. The list grows every day and so do the visitors on the website. If you are planning to launch an ICO and would like for this website to add it to their list, make sure you submit your project to them. It may take some time for your project to be evaluated.

ICO4U intends to provide investors with transparent information with reasonable investment rating. This means that they want to provide a high-quality scale of blockchain projects which makes it a great opportunity for people that want to submit an ICO press release. Also, if you are planning on creating your ICO, this is a great place to share it with the rest of the community. Check out their lists of past and upcoming ICOs and their ICO manual.
  1. ICO Monitor

ICO Monitor does ICO evaluation scaling them from non-transparent, transparent with issues and clearly transparent when a certain ICO has a favorable rating. If you want to find out more, check out their detailed information on the website. The great thing is that you have all the statistics and information about plenty of projects and you can also become a part of the community by submitting an ICO.
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