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Can Blockchain Help Us Tackle Climate Change



The Blockchain technology is definitely beneficial and is making a huge impact on the world. The potential transformation of the global financial system is of great importance. Aside from the obvious benefits, there is one other advantage which has been overlooked – climate impact.

Unlikely as it might seem to casual observers, blockchain has a lot to say on the climate change front. Since it offers a tamper-proof method for facilitating and recording digital transactions, it holds a lot of promise especially with the emergence of new altcoins to invest in. The blockchain can potentially be used for resource allocation as an efficient way to tackle climate change impact. However, this application of the blockchain is still being developed.

Let us look at how exactly it can be harnessed to address climate change around the world.

Micro-Grid Trials

Microgrids are basically localised energy generation grids which can be used to power limited areas. This technology offers a lot of promise for cutting down energy emissions contributing to climate change.

The first-ever microgrid trial was tested in New York recently and it used blockchain technology to manage energy transfers. With enough innovation and efficient implementation, this method could become a better way to manage power over conventional grids.

Information Management

A lot of the debate around climate change and its denial has been based on erroneous data collection. With blockchain, there is no opportunity to tamper with data or modify it. Since it offers tamper-proofing, the data will be presented as is.

Further, this will help in monitoring CHC emissions and facilitate better decision making by providing an accurate picture. Blockchain has a lot of promise for data management in climate change. With its prompt implementation, the world can adopt a more effective evaluation and redressal model.

Accurate Fund Transfers and Allocation

Fund transfers made on a digital medium are definitely a more effective way of managing fund transfers. They do not involve as many climate costs as conventional channels. However, they are usually not considered very reliable.

Blockchain-based transfers can provide a viable solution to this problem by offering prompt and reliable transfers. Trust is the primary factor which is required for monetary transactions to take place. Now, as blockchain technology gains wider acceptance among financial institutions and investors, its use can potentially eliminate a lot of emissions.

Humanitarian Works

Dr. Philippa Ryan, a blockchain expert associated with UTS law, spoke on blockchain technology and its potential uses in front of a UN meeting. Among the many issued discussed among other speakers was the case for humanitarian aid.

The loss is economic funding transfers for humanitarian works is a well-known phenomenon. Yet, measures to mitigate this loss have not been successful. Blockchain offers to outright eliminate this problem by providing ironclad proof of transfers. The digital transfer for sums will also eliminate any kind of theft. At the same time, it will guarantee fast transactions and prompt fund delivery. Once the destination is reached, the representatives can convert the sums to fiat money to deliver it to the target populace.

Is Blockchain’s Future Promising?

Cryptocurrencies and to a greater extent, blockchains, have many applications in the world today. Their simple yet effective premise allows them to deliver much greater financial value and much lower costs. It is not surprising that governments around the world are exploring its potentialities. It is very likely that within a few years, blockchain deployment will become visible at a global level.

Cryptocurrencies come a close second to this since they also offer great value by way of risk-free value transfer. The decentralisation of financial oversight and democratization of the marketplace certainly bodes well for the world. By all accounts, the future of these technologies is bright, to say the least.

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Press Releases

What You Need to Know Before You Start Cryptocurrency Trading

Despite the drop in the value of most cryptocurrencies in recent times, cryptocurrency has nonetheless managed to weather the storm and remain relevant. As such, the cryptocurrency market can now be termed a viable market as traders know that they won’t lose their investments regardless of whatever happens as the digital currencies have shown that they can withstand anything. If you are one such person looking to start your cryptocurrency trading adventure, worry not as we have you covered. Below, we will share with you the essentials skills you need to know before you venture into crypto trading. Before we start though, remember you can earn your first cryptocurrencies when you play crypto games at Pick wisely an exchange to trade on Once you make a decision that you want to start crypto trading, the next step is to wisely choose the exchange platform that you want to trade on. There are literally hundreds of exchange platforms to choose from but not all of these do offer excellent services. They have been reports of exchange platforms that terminate operations without notice hence leading to loss of investment on the part of the trade. As such, choosing an exchange platform wisely is a sure way of guaranteeing and protecting one’s investment. As a general rule, it’s always advisable to go for the exchange platforms that have been in business for a long time such as KuCoin, Binance and CoinBase. With established exchange platforms, you rest assured that you won’t wake up one day only to realize that the exchange platform you stored your ‘money’ on is no longer in existence. Choose wisely your cryptocurrency wallet When you are about to start your cryptocurrency trading adventure, you will realize that there are two different types of cryptocurrency wallets. Some wallets are standalone wallets meaning that they allow you to ‘deposit’, keep and ‘withdraw’ digital money whenever you want. Standalone wallets as suggested by their title are not linked to any other service. However, there is also another wallet type which is an exchange linked wallet. An exchange linked wallet is a wallet that works with the exchange platform you trade on. As such, with this type of wallet, you will only be able to use your digital money at the exchange platform that is linked to the wallet. The former is great for traders who like to shop around for exchange platforms every now and then while the latter is great for traders who love sticking to one exchange platform. Wisely choose your source of information By now you probably know that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. As such, trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky as prices can shoot up or down in large percentages. Therefore, in order to guard against massive loses, you need to have a reliable source of information that tracks and predicts potential major moves. There are a lot of websites that you can choose as your preferred source of information such as Hackernoon, The Merkle, News Bitcoin and Coindesk.
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Press Releases

Crypto Venture UpStake is Redefining the Industry with a Proof-of-Burn Stable Coin

UpStake, an exciting cryptocurrency project officially launched last year, is all set to take the global crypto community by storm. Unlike hundreds of crypto ventures that fail to make any impression, UpStake is dedicated to delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass adoption around the world. London, UK - Jan 16, 2019 London-based crypto startup UpStake is well on its way to revolutionising the global cryptocurrency industry by eliminating many of the limitations that have stifled growth for years. Launched in 2018, this promising initiative is focused on ensuring mass adoption of cryptocurrency by providing a usable, stable form of digital currency to the crypto and blockchain communities across the globe. This proposed blockchain ecosystem is built around UpStake tokens (UPS), the platform’s proprietary token. UpStake asserts that these tokens have been designed to increase in value over time, and set the stage to build great products and services which result in better user experiences. In order to ensure continuous increase in value of UPS over time, UpStake has built a Proof-of-Burn model that burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange. This model helps create the value that contributes to the ever-growing price point of the token. It not only enables the token price to increase every hour, but also keeps it well protected from market volatility. Highly volatile and unregulated markets have so far obstructed the path of mass cryptocurrency adoption. In order to eliminate this concern and enable mass adoption, UpStake relies on token features such as limited circulation, hourly increase of value, proof of burn, and anti-exchange manipulation. Having developed a product that is immune to market-related uncertainties, UpStake is confident in bringing about a paradigm shift in the crypto world’s operations. Individuals and businesses using UpStake can now gain access to an asset with a store of value that can be safely used in day-to-day transactions. This will undoubtedly play a critical role in bringing cryptocurrency to conventional shopping, employee payroll, gaming, online gambling, network marketing, and much more. “Knowing the future token price doesn’t create value,” said UpStake global influencer manager Seth Fontaine. “It creates a platform of transparency, and a foundation to build great products and services with an even better user experience than traditional fiat/banking.” The UpStake platform also includes useful features such as its own exchange designed to combat market manipulation, a micro-networking investing product known as Edge, an affiliate program, and upcoming projects such as a dedicated UpStake marketplace and peer-to-peer transfer capabilities. To find out more, please visit About UpStake: UpStake is an exciting cryptocurrency project focused on delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass crypto adoption around the world. UpStake accomplishes this feat with a Proof-of-Burn model that periodically burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange. Press Contact: Seth Fontaine Global Influencer Manager Telegram: @sethfontaine WhatsApp: +1 (909) 240-2158
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Press Releases

The Future of Bitcoin – Is it Worth Investing?

Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster 12 months to date. One year ago, cryptocurrency fever was sweeping the land. This is in stark contrast to the market sentiment of today which has seen bitcoins value fall further. Now below $3,500, analysts are uncertain over the future in Bitcoin trading. It is important though to examine the bigger picture, taking into account not just the current position, but the future possibilities and other Bitcoin trading options such as trading CFDs on forex platforms like

The Current Bitcoin Market

The bitcoin market at the present moment is in a noticeable downward trend. This has been heavily influenced by the mass market sentiment which has displayed consistently negative signs. That said, many professionals within the industry, and certainly a trusted bitcoin broker such as TradeFW, have firm faith in the markets capability to rebound from its current position. Presently, the market is experiencing a low below $3,500, something which bitcoin trading sites have not seen in 12-months. That said, for those who have recently joined the industry and learned how to trade bitcoin, there are other opportunities. These opportunities currently reside with bitcoin options trading, or CFDs.

Bitcoins Short and Long-Term Future

Bitcoins short-term future may well see a further slump prior to any bounce back, however if you are desiring to open a bitcoin account, this should not hold you back. There are many leading forex brokers who are now offering varied bitcoin trading strategies such as the CFD trading from TradeFW where BTC is paired with the USD. If you are wondering where to trade bitcoin in the current market, this may well be the best choice, since, with CFD trading, you can easily capitalize even in times of a slump in the market. As for the long-term future of Bitcoin, this would still appear to be bright. We should remember that in the bigger market picture, the current price level is still comparatively very strong, and the cryptocurrency remains in its number one position. The long-term currency future is further bolstered by the emergence of new trading opportunities such as CFDs and Options trading on Bitcoin. At the present moment, it may be a very advisable strategy to partner with a strong bitcoin trading platform which offers some of these more diversified financial trading instruments, and attempt to utilize any market conditions to your benefit. The best bitcoin trading platforms will certainly have extensive learning resources available. Continuing to utilize these resources to further learn about bitcoin is a surefire way to help improve your trading skill no matter the market conditions.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Bitcoin

Stepping back from the current market situation, there are still a number of positives to be drawn from when it comes to potential future investment in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.


  • The potential growth levels in Bitcoin have already been demonstrated by the huge gains shown within the past year up to almost $20,000.
  • The nature of Blockchain technology means investing in Bitcoin can be both anonymous and highly secure.
  • As society continues its technological advancement, there is little doubt that Bitcoin can show its true potential further as it becomes more integrated as a payment method in everyday life.
  • With new investment options such as CFDs and options trading in BTC markets becoming available, there is potential for traders in both an upward and downward trending market.


  • Bitcoin investment remains innately risky, particularly in the current market where a negative sentiment is quite clear.
  • It still remains to be seen if the currency will be adopted or has the technical capabilities to function as an everyday payment method in society.
  • Security of your bitcoin holdings and intrinsic value of cryptocurrency are always contentious points.


Overall, it is quite clear that whilst the bitcoin market is in times of some difficulty, opportunities still exist for both new and existing investors in the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin now has more trading options than ever with the ability to trade CFDs through many leading and trusted forex platforms. Regardless of the current market price, there is still clear potential in trading and the future of Bitcoin. TradeFW provides top quality forex broker services and trading in cryptocurrency CFDs including Bitcoin. For the best opportunity to capitalize on the current Bitcoin market along with all major forex and other markets, open an account today.
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Press Releases

Gold Backed Crypto Exchange Offers Safe Haven for Crypto Investors

GOLD.IO Seeks to Develop Decentralised & Self-Regulating Community Exchange Turbulence in the global markets is nothing new but the cryptocurrency community has faced an unprecedented 18-month period of flux. The need for a fully decentralised, stable, self-regulated and community-led exchange that can offer investor confidence amidst a chaotic global economy has never been stronger.   Setting the Gold Standard with Crypto’s Founding Principles. With a scalable inter-blockchain and decentralised exchange the GOLD.IO platform is not only self-regulated and led by its stakeholders, but asset linked – offering exchange investors unrivaled portfolio security.   Gold has always set the market standard and has benchmarked traditional finance for centuries, so why should the cryptocurrency market be any different? As a commodity, it has weathered many a financial storm and continues to do so today. Aside from a little price volatility it has consistently retained its market value, and with an unstable geopolitical, crypto-economic outlook the precious metal can provide a safe port for crypto assets. In short, a gold-linked and backed exchange offers not only security of your assets but a piece of mind – the world has been through tougher times than we face today, but gold has always survived the course.   GOLD.IO – Providing a Defensive Asset Protection to your Investments. With a team of over 30 experienced developers, GOLD.IO has simply put a sister chain of the EOS Project which has the mission of creating a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) of smooth inter-block communications that not only eliminates persistent market influences but has the unique benefit of being backed by a commodity asset class. Combining the proven power of gold as well as a growing community that is not only self-regulated but also stakeholder-led – GOLD.IO is also seeking to develop a fully-fledged Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) based on the founding principles of the blockchain. The DAC will serve as regulatory oversight of the exchange with all stakeholders enjoying full voting rights, a say over project development and more importantly the ability to define their profits.   Gold Backed Tokenomics Offers Trading Efficiency & High Liquidity. With global stock volatility at best and a downward trajectory at worse – according to Goldman Sachs the markets are gripped with a fear of what may come in the coming year, a gold-linked exchange, with inherently high liquidity can part-mitigate investor risk. With no independent or fair exchange yet to provide what GOLD.IO can, the benefits of the platform as a market leader are clear but the real magic comes with the EOISO blockchain system itself – it eliminates third-party manipulation and offers a unique architecture to ensure users remain the custodian of their gold. Join The Power of GOLD!   Join the Gold Renaissance Today! For all media and industry queries, please contact us via our website or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you! To find out more about us please visit our website – as leaders in the decentralised exchange space we want to work with you!
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