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Press Releases

Consensys, Crypto Invest Summit and Token Foundry Partner to Educate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Investors, Builders and Developers



Crypto Invest Summit Introduces New Hyper-Focused Tracks in Partnership with ConsenSys and Token Foundry To Increase Technology Development and Adoption

LOS ANGELES, CA,  September 26, 2018 – Crypto Invest Summit, the West Coast’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain conference, has partnered with Token Foundry and ConsenSys to introduce their first ever Builders’ Track, the latest addition to their pre-existing line up of content-heavy breakout sessions. Each Track is designed to specialize in various highly sought-after topics with the goal of increasing usability, development, and collaboration.


Other breakout sessions include a Women in Crypto Track, Security Token Track, Crypto Trading Track and Healthcare Track. Attendees automatically get all-access passes with every Crypto Invest Summit or LA Blockchain Week ticket purchase; seating is limited on a first-come-first-serve basis.


In a joint statement, Alon Goren and Josef Holm, founders of Crypto Invest Summit and early-stage investment fund GHV said, “Each track is a focal point in helping us fulfill our mission of bringing sustainable investing in blockchain technologies to the masses. We brought on ConsenSys, Token Foundry, and numerous other prominent leaders to ensure our attendees maximize their time, value, and money while receiving the latest and most credible information in the marketplace.”

Token Foundry will join ConsenSys in leading the Builders’ Track with headlining topics discussing Token Economics, Token Market + Marketing Growth, The Brooklyn Project and Regulations, Security Tokens, Game Theory, and Crypto Adoption and Bootstrapping Network Effects.  The track will feature many key players within ConsenSys, Token Foundry and their network of companies.


“We are looking forward to introducing the thousands of attendees at Crypto Invest Summit to some of our top companies and best practices,” said Amanda Gutterman, CMO of ConsenSys.  “This is an exciting partnership for us and are excited to help program these tracks to be extremely productive and informative.”

ConsenSys, founded by Joseph Lubin, is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. They specialize in building core components, decentralized applications (DApps), enterprise solutions and various developer tools for blockchain ecosystems, focused primarily on Ethereum.

Token Foundry provides comprehensive infrastructure and advisory services to help best position new token economies for long term success. “We’re super excited to collaborate with Crypto Invest Summit and ConsenSys to curate this hyper-focused Track. Showing attendees how to develop long term success in decentralized networks has been our mission since day one, so deciding to collaborate on this track together was a no brainer,” said Mahoney Turnbull, Head of Community at Token Foundry.


About Crypto Invest Summit: Sold-out in 2017, CIS, comes back to the Los Angeles Convention Center on October 22nd. The summit brings together angel investors, venture capital investors, retail investors, family offices, real estate investors, startups / entrepreneurs, issuers, exchanges, broker-dealers, service providers, and members of the media. Previous headliners include: Tim Draper, Crystal Rose, Mance Harmon, Ran Neu-Ner, Marcus Lemonis, Robert Herjavec, David Siemer, Bill Barhydt, Scott Walker, Adam Draper, and Apolo Ohno. More information and press passes at

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Press Releases

Carnomic: A New Blockchain-Based Platform That Aims To Revolutionize The Automobile Industry

In the latest edition of our sponsored crypto press release section, we have a new blockchain-based company in the focus of our crypto news. Meet Carnomic - a new blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize how marketing data is transferred in the automobile industry. In times when an industry like this is rapidly growing, Carnomic’s efforts are totally geared towards the use of blockchain - revolutionizing the way data-driven marketing campaigns work across the industry. The innovative approach by Carnomic is currently listed under an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), in which the project aims to become “the next 100x cryptocurrency.” Even though their moves are quite optimistic at this (early) point, Carnomic cannot promise anything regarding the token sale. What the team can promise, however, is something very innovative and something that shifts the focus in the automobile and transportation industry as a whole.

Carnomic’s Innovative And Blockchain-Based Approach - In Detail

One of the best ways to explore the innovative approach behind Carnomic is to see their video which presents the platform and its main advantages. We are featuring it below. As you can see from the video, there are a couple of statements and facts that Carnomic pitches in its attempt to fulfill its ICO and raise capital before issuing its own token in the cryptocurrency marketplace.   Essentially, Carnomic is a startup with an innovative strategy and clear vision to overcome all of the short ends in the traditional data platforms - particularly in the automobile industry. In times when there is no data platform for the car industry, Carnomic aims to revolutionize the unique system of car registration and put it directly on the blockchain. Some of the key points of Carnomic include:
    • The MVP/Product - As the prototype from the app already exists, its Beta version is still in development. As a startup, Carnomic is working hard to have its final product ready.
    • The Team - Passionate and experienced, the team at Carnomic is reachable and really exists. In other words, the team comprises of blockchain specialists, financial experts as well as individuals that are well-versed in law and legislation.
  • Token Use Cases - There are many potential use cases for Carnomic’s token. Carnomic believes that its unique Carnomic Tokens will act as the official payment tokens for the Carnomic Platform, giving the tokens actual use cases and value.
  • Hardcap - As a startup, Carnomic requires a realistic and justifiable capital prior to developing the platform to the end. More importantly, their hard cap will be implemented in the smart contract for the token sale.
  • Project Roadmap - Carnomic has all of the milestones and future goals outlined - each of which important for the development of the company. The roadmap is realistic and does not deliver any false promises. There is even a white paper which introduces everyone to the platform in detail.
  • Customer Base - As Carnomic believes, there is a wide potential customer base for their product. Speaking of, the automotive industry is full of innovation - and the blockchain is obviously a next step in which it could develop. From Volkswagen to Toyota and BMW, there are many automobile giants that are already aiming at blockchain adoption. For more details, check out Carnomic’s white paper.
  • Legal Security - Carnomic is currently opening its company in the blockchain-friendly country of Liechtenstein and will be registered as an “LVC – Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative” in a process that is expected to finish by the end of October 2018.

Back Carnomic’s ICO Today And Gain Stake In A Promising Blockchain-Based Company

If you believe that Carnomic has all that it takes to reshape the automobile and transportation industry as we know it, the best decision to make is to back up their token sale and make most of the blockchain-based platform that aims to disrupt the industry by improving the use of data and giving a magnitude of benefits to the automobile companies. For more information about the project and a chance to back it up directly, visit
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Events News

Global Disruptive Innovation Summit. Glorious Concluded in Silicon Valley, USA. GDIS Aims to Be a Future Lead of Technology Trend

Hosted by Silicon Valley Business Institute, co-hosted with DeepBrain Chain; Global Disruptive Innovation Summit: Blockchain | Investment • AI • Developers glorious concluded in Silicon Valley, USA on October 1st.   This summit grasped the most cutting-edge trend of blockchain, deeply explored the blockchain investment, blockchain + AI, and the blockchain developer technologies. On the day of the event, it aggregated more than 3,000 investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and researchers around the world; hundreds of exhibitors and participating companies had deep conversations and fantastic networking discussing about different blockchain applications such as financial, commercial, game digital, healthcare, confidential, and security developments. The top blockchain investors, tech celebrities, and many well-known experts/scholars had a wonderful information exchange with all the attendants. Exhibition area were very popular as well, crowed with tech hunters. GDIS is committed to build the highest-end global platform, providing the most cutting-edge technology network. DC Forecasts are proud to be a Media Sponsor The opening ceremony was announced by Ms. Angie Ma, the CEO of Silicon Valley Business Institute. She expressed her sincere appreciation for all the enterprises and attendees. She mentioned that GDIS will continually highlight the top industrial events for leading-tech entrepreneurs and investors from worldwide. Following was their co-host representative, Dr. Dongyan Wang. Through Dongyan’s speech, he opened the other theme of this summit, the new era of AI with blockchain. As the honored co-host, DeepBrain Chain demonstrated an integrated ecosystem from the combination of  AI algorithms, machine computing, and blockchain technology; they also developed some industry-leading applications. Tim Draper, the top 1 American venture capitalist, founder of DFJ Investment Fund, the third generation of Draper family, followed by a designated keynote “Investing in Blockchain – Advantages On How To Evolve In This Decentralized Technology.” Through his investments and insights in the blockchain industry, Tim expressed his viewpoints and confidence in the blockchain-based projects. The morning sessions mainly composed of couple blockchain star companies’ founder and CEO brought their projects and the insights into blockchain industry developments. These included Splend's CEO, Rick Bleszynski; The Bee Token’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Chou; and VisionX's two co-founders, Dr. Dongyan Wang and Dr. Haisong Gu. No doubt, these three companies had industry-leading products and experience in blockchain network architecture, distributed shared housing agreements, and AI solutions based on blockchain cloud computing platforms. Following panel discussion was moderated by famous Ripple investor, Matt Oguz. The panelists included LinkedIn co-founder, Eric Ly; IBM AI vice president, Sumit Gupta; Proteum blockchain tech and investment strategy, Aman Johar; and the managing partner of Amino Capital, Larry Li. Five celebrities with the expertise in investment, blockchain, and AI discussed the future developments and investments in blockchain + AI. The heated discussion provoked the audience’s strong resonances, and inspired many new ideas and understandings. The end of morning program was an award ceremony. GDIS presented several “Global Disruptive Innovation Star Awards” to the honor speakers and companies, which brought the atmosphere to a climax. Afternoon opening was presented by the chairman of DHVC, the academician of the National Academy of Sciences, and the honor professor of the Department of Physics at Stanford University – Prof. Shoucheng Zhang, with a keynote speech on “In Math We Trust”. Prof. Zhang emphasized the importance and influence of blockchain technology in contemporary economic society by interpreting the importance of consensus mechanism in human society and its intrinsic value. At the same time, Professor proposed the combination of blockchain and AI technology, and was optimistic about the future development of this complex ecosystem. The theme of the afternoon session was still around the blockchain investment, AI, and technical developers. Neo Ge, co-founder of IPFSMain, provided a complete introduction to Filecoin's ecosystem from mining, to mechanism, and to its applications. Yanqing Wang, founder of ScopeX, explained the intelligence platform built with the combination of AI and blockchain technology. Keith Teare, founding shareholder of TechCrunch and executive chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures, proposed the concept of Tokenizing Silicon Valley, using blockchain technology and tokens for venture capital investments. Lawrence Wang, co-founder of PE Chain, brought the first global decentralized business points redemption platform. Salim Ali, former SAP vice president and current founder and CEO of Loyakk, gave a talk about the enterprise transformation with blockchain. An awarded demo was also presented at the summit. David Chung, CEO of the weTribe Foundation, delivered the new innovation of content service build platform, WTX, to the audience. With the support of blockchain technology and virtual currency, their technology made low-cost, high-efficient information transmission possible. Additionally, this summit also invited numbers of renowned tech speakers, such as Singular University associate founder, Reese Jones; Harvard University & Prysm Group founding economist, Dr. Stephanie Hurder; Oracle Blockchain Cloud Application Leader, David Haimes; LCX CEO, Monty Metzger, and the well-known bitcoin angel investor, Chandler Guo, etc. All of them had a pleasant conversation at the event, visited the exhibit booths, and actively interacted with all the companies and participants. The GDIS annual event, Blockchain | Investment • AI • Developers, was successfully concluded on Oct 1st! Gathered global dignitary and the top enterprises’ participation. Please stay tuned on the highest-end tech innovation summit hosted by Silicon Valley Business Institute at a near future! Organizer:   SVBI was founded in Silicon Valley since 2015, with wealth of innovation & entrepreneurship resources, having deep relationships with leading companies, incubators and business schools; More important, it provides enterprises a global platform and promotes global business innovation and revolutions.   SVBI aggregates industrial experts together, promote global business collaborations through knowledge sharing, information and experiences exchange. What SVBI provides is a worldwide powerful networking.  
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Press Releases

Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mile Unity Foundation have signed the agreement on collaboration in the field of blockchain-technology.

Moscow, September 25th. Representatives of two public benefit organizations will be looking for the new ways to implement blockchain technology in order to solve the problem of volatility of national currencies during the stagnation of global economy. Members of BRICS Alliance, Russian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sociedade Metropolitana were present at the meeting during which current situation in international circulation of cryptocurrencies and the dangers that current financial system is faced with were analyzed. Also, the agreement on collaborative work in the fiend of implementation of blockchain technologies in international trade was signed. “Despite the distracting efforts of bank lobbyists, during current period of political changes, we are observing significant increase of the interest in decentralization. There is a number of governmental authorities which are already discussing blockchain technologies. It means that it can become one of the main factors for the economy growth in the nearest future,” said Gilberto F. Ramos, President of the Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. George Goognin, the Global Ambassador, shared that «Mile Unity Foundation is ready to continue to support Brazilian partners in their efforts to implement blockchain technologies in real economy. Mile system allows increasing commodity circulation, implementing fast and transparent transactions, provides opportunities to work with any country, as well as ensures the reliability of payment systems.” The Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites Brazilian and Russian companies with the intention to develop business dialogue between two countries. Mile Unity Foundation is a public benefit organization, dedicated to educate people about new financial technologies and help them to apply it in real economy. The core goal is to launch an Embassy in most active countries. While the Embassy is a boiling point of the blockchain community.
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Press Releases

The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Trading Bitcoins

The world’s first official cryptocurrency – bitcoin is responsible for the ignition of the creation of myriad cryptocurrencies. Soon after the introduction of the decentralized payment system, it has started becoming popular not among the community of finance experts but also among the common people. According to CoinMarketCap, the total value of cryptocurrencies hovering in the market is over $200 billion. Bitcoin is leading the pack in terms of market capital with an astonishing $111.95 billion, followed by Ethereum that has a market cap $22.07 billion, Ripple $11.08 billion and BCH $7.84 billion. Since the big boom in the crypto market that occurred at the end of December in 2017, the world started to talk. Many investors jumped on the bandwagon and invested their money in Bitcoin. If you want kickoff your new career and start trading Bitcoin as well but you do not know how to begin, check out this complete Bitcoin step by step guide.

Getting your first coins

There are a few ways how you can get your first Bitcoins - either from a person (if you sell them let's say goods or services) or from a crypto exchange or from a BTC ATM. The most preferable way to get bitcoins is through a crypto exchange. Exchanges often require you to go through a verification process so they would prevent people from laundering money. In other words, you will have to provide them with a scan of your ID or of your driving license. Once the verification is completed you can deposit your desired amount in your account and immediately use your funds to purchase Bitcoin. Depending on the exchange you choose, the transfer might be either instant or take up to 5 business days. Note that every exchange does not require to verify your ID, but most of them do.

Choose the right crypto exchange for trading

There are vast amounts of crypto exchanges offering various services at certain cost. Since trading is the concern, there are certain factors you need to consider. These factors are trading fees, transaction time, security, storing facility, insurance, number of cryptocurrencies available for trading, reputation etc.. Most crypto investors and traders choose popular crypto exchanges like CoinBase, Gemini, Kraken, Binance, etc. rather than picking an unknown exchange (since they are not sure whether they can trust companies that are not very famous).

Store your Bitcoins

Storing your Bitcoins on an exchange may not always be the safest option. The risk is lower if you purchased your coins on an exchange that has insurance because they keep the majority of their assets in cold storage, and employ other best-in-class security precautions such as top-tier encryption. Most exchanges, however, do not have insurance and that is why people usually choose to store their coins on crypto wallets. Broadly speaking, there are five kinds of wallets: web (cloud), desktop, mobile, hardware, and paper. You can choose one as per your need.
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