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Crypto Trading Signals You Can Trust: Top Four Best Providers of Q2 2018

What Is the Current State of Crypto Market?

Cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative sphere that attracts people of all kinds. Currently, it is full of scammers trying to scrape up a fortune by draining the portfolios of inexperienced, beginner traders. New traders often have difficulties finding the Telegram crypto channels. When one searches for cryptocurrency signals on Telegram, they see an abundance of channels, each claiming to be the best. However, up to eighty percent of these guys are fraudsters that will feed you lies to drain your portfolio and make you reconsider your original idea to start trading crypto in the first place.

Safetrading Today makes it easier for crypto traders to find the best crypto signal providers and separate the good from the bad. We conduct independent audits of premium providers who are open to communication. We check all the signals of a given provider and finalize the results of our research.

In this article, we’ve gathered the top four crypto signals providers who showed the best results through Q2 of 2018. All of them were open to communication and granted us access to the data required for a comprehensive audit. See the results for yourself and remember these four names; they are the providers you can trust.

1. OPC Premium

This is a team of international crypto experts with years of experience in trading. The group is made up of traders who keep an eye on every market fluctuation and follow changes in the coins closely. The creators of the group consult their subscribers and make sure that the results of every consultation meet the expectations of the subscriber.

Nearly 4,000 people are subscribed to OPC Premium, all of whom can text the channel owners directly if they have any questions. There is also a closed chat for the subscribers to get in touch with each other. With regard to support, it is flawless, answers are provided instantly, at all times.

Key benefits:

  • An experienced international team
  • Owners consult the subscribers actively based on their rich experience in trading
  • Great support service with an outstanding speed of response
  • A private chat for premium users

You can see an audit of this top crypto signals provider here.

The OPC Result for Q2 2018 you can see here.Contacts:

Use the code SAFETRADING during registration to a paid channel and get 5% discount or tell to admin’s on the group keyword SAFETRADING.


2. Infocrypto

This channel was launched by a Brazilian team in 2017. Since then, it has been providing its subscribers with accurate Telegram crypto signals. On this channel, you can also find tutorials on how to act in confusing trading situations, advice on various aspects of trading, info on the latest industry developments, as well as great crypto signals.

The Infocrypto subscription price is average for the market. It is interesting to know that the team is now working on launching a platform where they will be able to interact with their subscribers without any third party involvement. The support service is outstanding and replies instantly, day or night.

Key benefits:

  • Precise profit-generating signals
  • Posts on actual analysis of Bitcoin market behavior
  • Predictions for the bottom level of the coins
  • Info on several levels of purchase in the signals
  • Personal assistance to the users with margin trade in chat

You can see an audit of this crypto signal provider here.

The report for Q2 2018 of InfoCrypto you can see here.


Use the discount code “SAFETRADING” for 15% on monthly/lifetime plans during website registration or tell to admin’s on the group keyword SAFETRADING.


3. Verified Crypto Traders

This is one of the best crypto signal groups you can find on Telegram. The team comes from the Netherlands and takes business legalization very seriously. Verified Crypto Traders is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. Top notch investors do not hesitate to sign contracts with this company.

Verified Crypto Traders sets the tone for the whole market by providing excellent services and flawless customer support. Verified Crypto Traders publishes accurate signals, recent market updates, as well as other important information on cryptocurrency trading. This Telegram group is an excellent source of information for everyone interested in crypto.

Key benefits:

  • Devote attention to business legalization
  • Legalize business with investors and subscribers (sign contracts)
  • Every member can contact the founder
  • Publish news, updates, and predictions regarding the crypto market

You can see an audit of this crypto signal provider here.

The result for Q2 2018 of Verified Crypto Traders you can see here.


To get a discount, please contact https://verifiedcrypto and use the coupon code SAFETRADING when you enroll to get this juicy discounts:


4. WhaleTank Premium

WhaleTank is an excellent team that provides the best crypto trading signals on Telegram. This American team of traders creates a safe environment for their subscribers. This environment is tailored for investors. In general, the operation model of WhaleTank sets a perfect example for the whole market.

The WhaleTank team members have more than five years of experience in Forex trading and over one year of experience in trading crypto. All WhaleTank premium subscribers gain access to top-notch services. This group provides accurate Bitcoin signals, overviews of market updates, and TA for Bitcoin.

Key benefits:

  • A US-based team
  • Safe environment in an unstable market
  • Make tracing coin and portfolio changes effortless
  • Tailored to investors

You can see an audit of this crypto signals provider here.

The WhaleTank’s report for Q2 2018 you can see here Contacts:


We sincerely hope that this overview of the four top crypto channels will help you grow your profit. All the reviewed providers showed outstanding results over Q2 of 2018 and provided the most accurate signals to their providers.

You can also see a full rating of all the paid crypto signals providers we have reviewed. We recommend that you not focus on one provider, but keep an eye on several channels. By doing so, you will have more chances to secure your crypto trading moves and have a more objective idea of the market state. Stay in touch with and follow only the best premium crypto groups that provide the best crypto signals on Telegram in 2018.

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Press Releases

Naoris rollout blockchain-based cybersecurity in the Middle East

Naoris will introduce a blockchain-based cybersecurity system across IT Networks in the Middle East. Dubai-headquartered IT solutions company PROW has agreed to utilise Noaris’ AI and blockchain-based platform to help secure its clients’ networks. PROW manages IT projects across a range of sectors including government, healthcare and retail.

Naoris and PROW have signed a partnership that will include a thorough assessment of PROW’s Middle East framework, following implementation of Naoris’ ecosystem across PROW’s key data infrastructures. The agreement will provide a robust system for PROW as it delivers cloud-based solutions and digital transformations for leading tech companies. PROW’s partners include Cisco and HP.

Multiple high profile infrastructure, construction, IT and government projects in the Middle East has necessitated the requirement for robust cybersecurity networks. Analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that the cybersecurity market within the region will double over the coming four years to $22.14bn in 2022 (up from $11.38bn in 2017) []. As a result, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the ‘Dubai Cyber Security Strategy’ in 2017 to provide integrated cyberspace protection and support innovation in cyberspace across the emirate region. Based on five pillars, the initiative will implement cyber smart technology, innovation, cyber security, cyber resilience, and collaboration on an international level. The centre will work with government agencies to strengthen Dubai’s position as a world leader in innovation, safety and security.

Current cybersecurity models mean that multiple devices on the same network can provide an entry point for hackers to gain access to the entire system – which could have huge consequences, especially in governmental and healthcare digital arenas.

Naoris’ infinitely scalable platform, the Naoris Security Ecosystem (Naoris SE), offers near-instantaneous detection and reporting of cyber threats, facilitating a consensually approved fix action without the need to rely on a central point of failure to command changes. Results are then disseminated onto an immutable ledger, where they become accessible and independently auditable.

The platform’s rule-bound and distributed consensus ecosystem allows fixes to occur before attacks have time to spread. Each node in the blockchain acts as an additional distributed layer of protection, which means that while traditionally networks become weaker as more devices are connected, Naoris’ solution allows networks to become exponentially more secure and agile as they expand.


David Carvalho Founder and CEO of Naoris, commented:

“The Middle East is experiencing an ever-changing shift of data networks following its rapid advancement with digital technologies. This has led to further requirements of robust cybersecurity systems within private and public sector organisations. The blockchain provides a novel and effective way of protecting typically hard to defend environments from cyber threats and ensuring no end-point provides a threat for the network or its data.

“We are pleased that PROW has agreed to utilise our platform across its networks. As project managers and IT experts, PROW can see that we will be invaluable to its clients and offer well-guarded solutions as its networks grow larger and more complex.”


Roland Hash, Managing Director of PROW, added:

“We are proud to sign an agreement with Naoris that will revolutionise our cybersecurity networks using the latest AI and blockchain technologies. As we expand, the need for advanced cybersecurity becomes fundamental for our solutions to clients. Naoris is the lead provider of scaleable and robust systems that will help secure our data infrastructures across the Middle East.”

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Events News

Blockchain Industry Group (BIG): The World’s Future Largest Blockchain Industry Organization

The Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is dedicated to promoting the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community.

With the support of our 3.8 million social media members, we intend to become the world’s largest, most active and most beneficial Blockchain Industry Group.

Our Members are from all over the world, including both corporations and individuals. We are all inclusive and welcome blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups, corporations and individuals – from ALL countries.

BIG Mission

We promote the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community. We welcome other blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups, corporations and individuals.

BIG Vision

We aspire to improve our world and everyone’s lives (especially the poor) with the adoption and use of blockchain technologies. We aspire that governments and businesses will be more efficient, effective and responsive – and, that the individual members of society will be the primary beneficiaries.

BIG Values

We value innovation and purposeful disruption. We value the enthusiasm, skill and capabilities of our global blockchain community. We value empathy and caring for our planet and our common humanity.

Member Benefits

• The value of being a Member of the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) will be priceless for any organization or professional that desires to lead, connect to, participate, understand or simply to monitor the global transformation that will ensue from the inevitable, innovative, disruptive and beneficial adoption of blockchain technologies and platforms.
• Membership in the world’s future largest, global Blockchain Industry Group
• Advisors and Ambassadors will have their indivdidual photo, bio and link added to the respective BIG website page
• Non-Profits and Partners will have their corporate logos and link added to the respective BIG website page
• Use of the BIG logo on corporate member websites where permitted
• Privileged access to meet, connect, network, learn, collaborate and partner with fellow Members
• Create, lead and participate in BIG Working Groups on global, national and regional initiatives in blockchain policy, governance, regulation, education, networkng, events and more
• Access and contribute to the BIG Newsletter
• Access and contribute to the BIG Blog
• Priviliged access to unique opportunities (e.g., jobs, collaborations, partnerships etc…) from fellow Members
• *Promotion of our Members’ best in class discounts, events, education, training, certification, activities, blogs, newsletters etc… to our 3.8 million social media and internal members
• BIG development of additional discounts, services, events, education and benefits to complement existing Members’ promotions

*Non-Profits and corporations are encouraged to join. They benefit from our promotions, where selected, of their valuable discounts and best in class events, education, blogs, newsletters etc…

Our Advisors, Partners and Friends

BIG Advisors –
BIG Ambassadors –
Non-Profits -
BIG Partners –
BIG Friends –

Our Free Offers and Discounts

Join Us!
Blockchain is BIG! Become a Member and Join Us!

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Press Releases

MaterialsZone to fast track scientific research by unlocking unpublished data on the blockchain

MaterialsZone has secured $1m investment to further develop its proprietary technologies that will allow scientific researchers to publish their data on the blockchain. The seed investment into MaterialsZone is from Sarona Ventures, who have been behind popular hi-tech startups and business accelerator programmes.

It is estimated that 95% of scientific research is inaccessible or lost. This is due to fears surrounding intellectual property, little incentive for researchers to publish their data and a lack of platforms upon which scientists can publish it. Therefore, under the current publishing and academic models, most researchers are reluctant to share their data, out of fear of their findings getting scooped by other researchers. This creates an insurmountable barrier for science to shift into an open access approach, which results in billions of data entries, studies, and experiments from all research fields, not being shared, obstructing innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

Israel-based MaterialsZone addresses these issues through its community-driven platform, which allows researchers to share and sell their data. The platform creates an open scientific data marketplace, incentivising laboratories and scientists worldwide to collaborate in the field of materials science. MaterialsZone utilises blockchain technology to manage data transactions, protecting data from being altered, while keeping ownership (IP) in the hands of its creators, without one central entity controlling the database.

The platform facilitates the cooperation between teams and consortia around the world – anytime and in any place, by automatically collecting data from ongoing studies as well as loading historical data into the database. The platform also allows the sharing of failed results data, which will stop researchers pouring time and money into experiments that have been tried elsewhere.

MaterialsZone’s recent efforts has raised $1 million in a seed round from Sarona Ventures, which will help develop its platform on a global scale. MaterialsZone has further harnessed an extensive database that houses novel materials data gathered from leading laboratories worldwide.

MaterialsZone is the result of seven years of R&D at the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) in Bar Ilan University (BIU) in Israel, in a lab led by Dr. Assaf Anderson and Prof. Arie Zaban, currently the President of BIU. MatersialsZone was founded by Dr. Assaf Anderson, CEO, and Barak Sela, Chief Architect. Dr. Anderson commented on the news:

“Thousands of materials labs around the world rely on rigid patent systems and scientific publications that allow labs to share only a small part of their data. Therefore, around 95% of data goes unpublished due to strains and complexities faced by researchers. Materials science is the most important driving force behind innovation, and unlocking this data in order to accelerate the discovery of new materials is the key to new technologies and solutions.

“We are excited about our recent collaboration with Sarona Ventures, which will further develop the MaterialsZone database and platform that will lead to new solutions and save thousands of experiments worldwide.”

Philippe Bouaziz, founder and chairman of Sarona Ventures, added:

“The vision of MaterialsZone combines revolution in materials science, along with blockchain technology, in which we see one of the most promising areas in the coming years.

“Our investment in MaterialsZone is an expression of our policy to foster innovation on the technology forefront, including the use of the most advanced technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).”

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Bitcoin News

You Can Now Submit Your Press Release On DCForecasts For Only $35

If you are interested in getting bigger traction for your crypto/blockchain/fintech or any type of related project, we can now help you out.

After months of planning, our team at DCForecasts is now proud of launching the ‘Submit Your Press Release Online’ section which lets everyone submit their press releases on our website and get the (targeted) traffic present on our site.

The price is quite symbolic – only $35 per article – all in order to help you get traction and promote your projects, events or products in a better way.

Speaking of which…

Our Submit Your Press Release Online feature is perfect if you are promoting an event, ICO, news, product or anything else. It comes with a limited special offer and a promotional price of only $35 Limited Special Offer.

So, what do you need to include in your article?

We advise the following:

  1. Catchy Article Title.
  2. Fresh Content.
  3. Professional Image.
  4. Multiple Tags ( for SEO )
  5. Select your preferred date for publication.

Your press release will be in the same format as our daily news and there is no limit to its length or size. All you need to care for is the right spelling, grammar, and format of the article which you are promoting.

And the best part?

You can publish your press release directly to the DC Forecasts website – directly from this page.

All you need is to fill out the details, pay and publish the article.

DCForecasts is the crypto community you need to get traffic, conversions and sales!

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