8 Thursday June 2023


What is Egretia? Some basic information about Egretia

Egretia goes hand to hand with the Egert Technology which spent more than four years focusing on the HTML5 workflow development which includes more than 10 products and 200,000 developers worldwide. Furthermore, the content that is powered by the workflow, covered more than 1 billion mobile terminals.

Egretia integrates the Egert’s proven workflow into the blockchain interface layer and this way all of the HTML5 games have access to the world’s first complete blockchain development suite. The interface framework supports Egretia’s public chain but it also can be extended to support Ethereum and EOS. HTML5 is a structured language and content presentation for the World Wide Web mainly proposed by the Opera Software and it is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium that started in 2004. Firefox became the first browser in 2008 that started supporting the HTML5 and in 2010 YouTube released a beta version of the platform with other big companies such as Pandora, Flickr and LinkedIn doing the same.

Some of the big companies realized that the HTML5 application is very hard and after many years of neglect, the gaming market has re-emerged as Instant Game features in we chat, line, messenger and other applications with more than 4 billion users.
Egretia was born to solve the above-mentioned problems by developing the first Game engine on the blockchain technology and this new technology will allow more than 200,000 programmers and more than 1 billion devices to be connected in one blockchain platform.

Egretia’s solution?

Egretia will include some main components:

  • Digital asset exchange platform which will allow players to build games on the Egretia platform and later exchange digital assets.
  • An advertising platform with an ad management system on blockchain-based games and electronic payments
  • Gaming platforms which will allow the players to play games and earn electronic rewards for players as well as to share it with friends.
  • Egretia Nursery which will support teams to develop games based on the platform as well.
  • Storage platform by using the blockchain technology to allow storing of data in the game.
  • HTML5 game development software based on the blockchain

Egretia’s Features

Egretia has the Consensus DPOS or delegated proof of stake protocol incorporated. On the initial testnet, the transaction speed of Egretia was above 2000 TPS which can later be easily upgraded using the DPOS. The crypto project is very flexible making it easy to change the number of blocks in Egretia’s blockchain such as the transaction fees, block volumes and the creation time.

Developers Team And Advisors

The development team of Egretia has four main members who have a lot of experience in the field of development and game design. One of the founders Peter Huang used to be the technical manager of Adobe Flash and has more than 18 years of experience in developing apps and games.

Dirk Meyers is the other co-founder of Egretia who is a senior manager of development with 20 years of project management experience. Yin Ma, a development team member with more than 20 years of experience after working as a Fortran compiler for Intel and other corporations such as Microsoft and Absoft. Ross Przybylski, the founder of D20Studios is another member of the development team with more than 15 years of software development experience and 10 years of game development.

The advisory team of the project has also plenty of celebrities that have a huge influence in the blockchain field. One of them is Dr. Lucas Lu who is the founder and CEO of CyberMiles and Frank Lee who is the creator of the first ASIC excavator for litecoin.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

The development team as explained has a good background. The consultant team is also very good especially with all of the experts and their experience. The idea of the project is very interesting aiming to make a change in the game development market with a growth of 10 percent a year. Egretia is also a partner of Egert Tech which allows the integration and access to the current community of more than 200.000 programmers and major partners such as Xiaomi, Tencent and Microsoft.

The GitHub of Egretia, however, looks pretty empty at the moment and the only repositories available for viewing are the ones with the ICO contract and Token Sale. There was not a single update as of March 16, 2018, but the team may be protecting their code from the competitors by developing it privately.

Final Words

There is so little research in terms of Use cases related with Egretia and the EGT token. The website was not so full with information but by reading the whitepaper we saw that the team refers to the EGT token as Egretens. The crypto project is basically an ecosystem currency that is used for many applications including rewards, development and advertising.