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Altcoin News

Daily Crypto News – Video Review 17.9.2018



In our latest crypto vlog, we are showcasing a snippet of the daily crypto news that is circulating in the market over the past 24 hours.

Our video presenter first got to talking about the Bitcoin wallet with $720 million in it that showed activity after 4 years – a news post that went viral on our blog mostly because of the suspicious activity and its potential (and disruptive) relation to the Mt. Gox case.

Next up, we are briefly reviewing Binance’s latest decision to test a new crypto-fiat exchange in Singapore, which many see as an optimistic move for one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – confirmed by the head of the company, Changpeng Zhao.

When it comes to the crypto scams category, we are also touching a news post that reported numerous hack attacks on the MyEtherWallet than all major banks in the world combined. Speaking of bans, our vlog also covers the Chinese crypto custody Companies that apparently continued to provide their services despite the active cryptocurrency ban in China.

To sum the news articles up, our vlog touches the recent move by the major exchange Digifinex to replace Tether (USDT) with another stablecoin, which is still not known to the market – as well as the recent US approval for one blockchain startup, giving it full authority to offer its cryptocurrency-related custodian services.

Keep on reading and watching our daily news vlogs – and stay active in the crypto world!

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Altcoin News

Crypto Trader DataDash Says That Bitcoin Is Near A Bottom: XRP, ETH, TRX & XLM Analysis

The latest price action of the most dominant cryptocurrency out there, Bitcoin (BTC), shows that the market is stable - but not ready for a bullish run. This is what motivated many traders and analysts to share their thoughts about the recent situation - making the latest digital currency news on our crypto news site. The most popular analysis which went viral was made by YouTube's biggest crypto analyst Nicholas Merten, who believes that Bitcoin is bottoming. In the latest edition of his show DataDash, he compared the current price of Bitcoin and the current market action to the decline in 2014 and the sideways trading situation in 2015. As he said, there are three indicators that suggest Bitcoin is entering a period of sideways consolidation before a new run to the upside. According to Merten, the 50 and 100-week moving averages, the stochastic RSI and true strength indicators are all signaling that Bitcoin is starting to enter a bottoming phase.
“We’re going to need to see much more substantial price action for Bitcoin to be considered in a bull market. So we’re in neither really a bear market as of the last few weeks, and we’re also not in a bull market. Again, we have to see a justification of price on either side,” he said.
The video can be seen below. According to his analysis, the current market conditions indicate that it will take a few weeks or months for Bitcoin to regain its momentum. Ripple and XRP, on the other hand, are also pushing to expand their presence in new territories. When it comes to the latest news around Litecoin, we have Jon Moore known as 'Johnny Litecoin' who recently showed the new integration of Litecoin with the payment system Clover. As you probably know, the Clover platform offers free open-source code that allows merchants to implement custom third party payment options. When it comes to Stellar (XLM) and Tron (TRX) as the other altcoin gainers, XLM has recently powered IBM's World Wire remittance platform - while Tron (TRX) and its community have recently expanded to Beijing and are constantly in the latest cryptocurrency news for their blockchain advancements.
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Altcoin News

Tor Digital Privacy Project Starts Accepting Crypto Donations

The digital privacy software named Tor is in the latest cryptocurrency news for its new announcement in which it shared that it is now accepting donations in various cryptocurrency. According to the new crypto donations portal which appeared on the project's website on March 18th, the site now offers support for nine major cryptocurrencies. Among the names of these are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Augur (REP) and Zcash (ZEC). Tor's crypto donation page is now optimized to encourage users to “stand up for the universal human rights to privacy and freedom and help keep Tor robust and secure.” According to the official page, users can contact the project if they would prefer to donate in a cryptocurrency that is not listed there. As the page reads:
"Below you will find the cryptocurrencies we accept and our wallet addresses. The wallet addresses will be displayed again after you complete the form. Please make sure to copy the wallet addresses exactly when making your donation, as we cannot recover funds sent to the wrong wallet."
Tor's donation portal apparently supports donations in other cryptocurrencies.
"If you have any questions, or would like to donate a cryptocurrency not listed below, please email us at" the website notes.
For those of you who don't know, the Tor Project is basically a non profit project that offers free and open-source software made from onion routing, which is the technology of anonymous information exchange. In addition to this, Tor has two official versions of its browser - the Tor Browser and TorBro. The main purpose of using the Tor Browser, namely, is to remain anonymous as well as evade censorship by disguising an IP address. Right now, the Tor Project has not responded to a request for a comment on the new addition of crypto donations. Meanwhile, countries where the Internet has been heavily censored such as Venezuela, Russia and China are all banning Tor and similar technology such as virtual private networks (VPNs). The Tor community and crypto community has one thing in common - privacy and decentralization.
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Altcoin News

Yahoo!-Backed Cryptocurrency Exchange To Launch In Japan In May 2019

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Taotao (which was known as BitARG before that) will start trading a limited pool of cryptocurrencies in May, according to Cointelegraph Japan and its reports on March 25th. The exchange, which is 40% owned by a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan, will start trading in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and there will be margin positions available in three additional cryptocurrencies including the names of Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP). As of today, the prospective users can sign up for an account and participate in a promotional giveaway scheme. Everything was coined in March last year, when Yahoo! Japan announced that it would acquire a major stake in the exchange through its subsidiary, YJFX. As the reports note:
"The pre-registration period is from today (March 25) to April 17. In addition to being able to receive 1000 yen in the "pre-registration campaign", pre-registrants receive "1000 yen" in "lottery campaign" in which 500 people will get 10,000 yen if they trade more than 250,000 yen during the trading period. It will be possible to participate."
Currently, sources suggested that the purchase had cost the company around 2 billion yen (which translates to $19 million) - a move that marks the internet giant's first attempt in the crypto exchange world. Taotao has meanwhile gained regulatory approval to launch on the Japanese market. As reported previously on our DC Forecasts crypto news site, Japan will impose strict monitoring on entities wishing to launch exchanges especially after a couple of hacks which placed an international spotlight on the industry. Despite the licensing scheme which first appeared in April 2017, attacks and thefts have continued. For example, Coincheck suffered from the largest attack involving tokens worth over half a billion dollars in January 2018 but managed to return to the market after a buyout. Earlier this month, new regulations were introduced and gained approval - mostly related to cryptocurrency margin trading. Meanwhile, in April this year Yahoo announced its 40% stake in the Bit Argo Exchange Tokyo through its subsidiary Z Corporation, which is when the search giant officially entered the digital currency industry.
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Altcoin News

Bitcoin Drops In Rating According To CCID, What’s The Reason Behind It?

The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) released its new ranking on cryptocurrencies for this month where more than 30 crypto assets were rated including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Bitcoin and Ontology. In the latest altcoin news, we see how the digital currencies did and where they are on the list. The most shocking ranking turns out to be the one of Bitcoin which dropped from 13th to 15th place in just a month while TRON climbed up the ladder and it’s now on the second position. EOS stays on the top and Etehreum is at the third position. Many investors and traders were surprised to see that Bitcoin dropped a couple of places but they should know that the criteria CCID uses is not the general opinion of the public but the they are trying to find the best blockchain projects according to them. EOS, TRON and Ethereum are all dApp-focused blockchain networks which make possible for all of the developers to build decentralized apps by using the blockchain technology. According to the official statement of the CCID published two days ago, the blockchain networks should support dApps that are higher on the list rather than those who are further below, based on its criteria. Many governments are now experimenting with blockchain technology and aim to run services on the public ledger. For example, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs expressed their plans on implementing blockchain technology:
 “Build a tamper-proof charity organization information query system and enhance the authority, transparency and public trust of information publishing and search services.”
Due to Bitcoin’s hashrate, it is still the most reliable blockchain network on the market. Given the time that bitcoin has been on the market, investors can’t cope with the fact that bitcoin is ranked 15th and cryptocurrencies with two-year experiences are above it. BTC still remains as a cryptocurrency that sees an increase in hashrate despite the prolonged bear market. As for its historical performance, this data is not including in the parameters of the CCID. The CCID usually sees the dApp and scalabilty-focused networks so this could be one of the reasons why Bitcoin is down on their list. The ranking does not provide a good-enough contexts for investors to make decisions and to track the performance of the cryptocurrencies.
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