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DC Forecasts Leading Crypto News Site With A New Head Office Address



We are lucky and proud to announce the latest news here on our DC Forecasts crypto site. After months of planning, we are finally set and relocated to a new building with a head office for our crypto news site – from where we will continue to report the latest news in crypto, Bitcoin, blockchain etc.

Only after a few years, it all started, DC Forecasts is now proud to have a new ” home”. Our team of analysts, editors, crypto lovers, and bloggers are now situated in a newly refurbished building located at “4th Old Park Lane, Mayfair” in Central London, offering an impressive reception and common parts with a high-quality and modern grade office floors behind a period facade.


Outside DC Forecasts Head Office:


Reception DC Forecasts Head Office:


Building  DC Forecasts Head Office:


Press Team DC Forecasts:

As you probably know, we are focused on showing you the latest news in crypto. From our expert cryptocurrency analysis to the latest blockchain events around the world, we are here to notify you about all of the changes and novelties in the market.

So, the next time you want to see if Bitcoin is in the red or green – or what is the best blockchain event near your location – know that you also might stop by in our neighbourhood and say hi!

And if you prefer working with us online, you can always submit a crypto press release (PR) on our website and spread the word about your new crypto project!

We are excited about what the future holds for us – and always loyal to our readers. For the best news in crypto!


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DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies. If you are interested to offer your expertise or contribute to our news website, feel free to contact us at

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Ex Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Refuses Brock Pierce’s Claims Of Rebooting The Exchange

The Former CEO of the now-closed Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Mark Karpeles is what we are reading more about in today’s crypto news after he disapproval of the claims made by Brock Pierce that he could reboot the platform and speed up the acceleration of the compensation for the Mt.Gox creditors. Pierce, who founded the blockchain capital and the EOS alliance, is not trying to start a new movement ‘’GoxRising’’ that aims to speed up the recovery for creditor refunding and break the technical and legal barriers. His goal is to reboot the platform that collapsed in 2014 and lost roughly $460 million at the time. Karpeles challenged Pierce’s rights and abilities to reboot the platform and basically started a dispute. There was no agreement reached and Karpeles clarified:
 “As far as I know no agreement was reached within 45 days, nor did the court and the trustee approve such an agreement. We were working with our lawyers at the time in good faith to follow the terms defined there but failed to hear back from Sunlot after they assured they were working on this, including assisting in getting approval from the court.”
Another problem appeared when Pierce claimed that his initiative could start the creditor recovery after he claimed that the entire problem could be settled within a year rather than the 5 years it would take under the wing of the Tokyo attorney Nobuaki Kobayashi. Karpeles continued:
 “As to distributing assets faster than the trustee, I haven't heard at this point anything that would make this possible from Gox Rising [sic]. The published plans seem to imply reviving Mt. Gox and creating a lot of complex legal structures which may take time to happen.”
Karpeles pleaded not guilty in his trial but was eventually charged for embezzlement of $3 million from Mt.Gox.
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New York District Court Orders The Winklevoss Twins To Pay $45,000 To Charlie Shrem

The case of the Winklevoss Twins and Charlie Shrem which we have covered many times in our crypto news achieved another twist when the New Your District Court decided that the twins should pay Shrem $45,000 in legal fees as part of the still ongoing lawsuit. The court ruled in favor of Shrem after he filed a motion to retrace his legal fees. However, the twins asked from the court not to grant the motion for Shrem saying that he was only charged a minimum amount. The court rejected the claims and the ruling further reads:
 “…plaintiff is liable ‘for all costs and damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees’ where the plaintiff is granted an attachment and later found unentitled to that attachment.”
Shrem was jailed for money laundering after he laundered more than $1 million in Bitcoin through the now inoperative bank Silk Road and was sued by the twins who accused him of stealing about 5,000 bitcoin in 2012. They claimed that Shrem has spent the tokens which now would have achieved a price of $17 million. Winklevoss noticed that after the partnership with Shrem, he had not delivered the cryptocurrencies as he promised. This is why they decided to try and recover the missing funds and bury the hatchet and even ended up investing in Shrem’s crypto exchange Bitinstant. However, a few months later, Shrem’s exchange fell apart and he went to prison but when he came out, he was insanely rich. This is when the twins started their legal proceeding and tried to get the tokens that Shrem owned them. The battle started in 2012 and has ended just a few days ago. Shrem, of course, denied all allegations.
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USA Crypto Anarchist Shot To Death In His Home In Mexico

The American crypto-anarchist better known as ‘’John Galton’’ was reportedly shot and killed in his home in Acapulco-Mexico after he fled the United States according to crypto news reports by Mercury News. Galton’s partner Lily Forester stated that she saw the gunman shoot Galton and his friend under the name of Jason Henza. Henza made it to the local hospital with injuries to his armpit, leg, and hand but Galton didn’t make it. John fled the United States back in 2016 since he was charged for drug use and was facing a 25-year prison sentence for manufacturing narcotic substances at that time. His death has been attributed to a cartel attack that saw him as a competition for the drug trade in the neighborhood he was living in. Galton was a host of the ''Anarchoforko'' event which allowed attendees to create and tell their personal experience without the need of a central planning committee. The event didn’t stand well with the locals and the activists that aim at freedom-related topics such as earning passive income using cryptocurrencies. Before his death, he was a host of weekly ‘’Meat Ups’’ a place where meat-eaters gathered to only consume meat. The crypto atmosphere in Mexico seems to be to most desired structures in the world and spiked the climate after the FinTech laws were imposed by the Mexican government last year in September. The legislation directed that companies which want to use digital currencies for conducting transactions must request an authorization first from the Bank of Mexico. Mexico has, however, one of the highest rates of drug users. For example, Matthew Mellon who was a billionaire died at rehab in Cancun. He was one of the first Ripple backers and the chairman of the finance committee of the Republican Party in New York.
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Blythe Masters Steps Down As CEO Of Digital Asset Holdings LLC

The CEO of Digital Asset Holding LLC Blythe Masters is officially stepping down from the position after working in the blockchain company for almost four years and in this blockchain news, we try to find out more. Blythe Masters or better known as the Wall Street Veteran invented the credit default swaps and announced her resignation through the Digital Asset’s website for personal reasons. However, Masters will remain in cooperation with the company as a board member, shareholder, and a strategy advisor. Masters joined the company in 2015 and quickly become one of the high profile finance experts that were associated with a blockchain startup. As a former JPMorgan official, she assisted Digital Asset in boosting the clientele and was integrating personalized blockchain solutions. She was extremely important for the company for all the work she had previously done at JP Morgan and was seen as an innovator after she brought the credibility to the blockchain sector when there wasn’t too much experience in the sector. As a replacement for the CEO position, AG Gangadhar will take the role as a tech industry veteran until a permanent replacement is found. In a press release Masters said:
‘’We are fortunate to have a deep bench of accomplished executives on the management team and Board, including AG, who have the requisite experience to take the company to the next level. Having come to know and trust AG as an advisor and Board member, I am convinced that he brings what’s needed to guide the company through its next phase.’’
Master’s resignation comes in a critical moment where more than 50 percent of the blockchain projects failed to deliver a product. Many see this decision as the time when veterans start leaving the blockchain market due to the growing criticism of the crypto industry.
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