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[DC FORECASTS LIVE STREAM] Fintech Conference MoneyConf Starts In Dublin

DC Forecasts is proud to take part at one of the largest fintech conferences in the world – the MoneyConf in Dublin, Ireland that starts today, June 12th.

The conference is organized by the team behind the tech conference Web Summit and includes all sorts of speakers from a plethora of industries such as crypto, blockchain, fintech.

Some of the most popular names that will talk in Dublin include the Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys, the Square CFO Sarah Friar, and Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne.

Music stars will also take part at this conference – the musician Imogen Heap who is also the founder of the music blockchain ecosystem Mycelia will explain more about her platform in a panel titled “Is all fair in music and blockchain?

You can watch the day 1 lineup with the opening remarks from Paddy Cosgrave who is the CEO of Web Summit – streamed live starting at 9:45 am UTC+1.

On MoneyConf, you can find out about everything regarding fintech. There will be topics ranging from the Asian cryptocurrency community to the relationship between Wall Street and the crypto sphere – as well as the implementation of blockchain and how it will bring more decentralization in the finance, banking, and asset management industries.

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DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies. If you are interested to offer your expertise or contribute to our news website, feel free to contact us at

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Altcoin News

Bill Clinton Is Set To Keynote This Year’s Ripple Keynote Conference

The annual conference Swell by Ripple is getting more and more popular every year. One of the reasons for the high popularity is the fact that it invites global leaders from the policy, payments as well as technical fields to come and speak on the topic of blockchain – and how it can be used to benefit society at large.

A recent tweet from Ripple is supposedly going to make this year’s edition of the Ripple conference even more popular. According to it, the former US president Bill Clinton is set to keynote this year’s edition of the conference.

As Ripple noted in a news release, President Clinton “helped usher in a period of extreme growth and adoption of the Internet and established programs that brought new technology to communities around the world to help bridge the digital divide.”

The news was also officially confirmed on Twitter:

The Swell conference will take place in Ripple’s native San Francisco, CA and is scheduled for October 1st this year. All of the attendees will have the opportunity to hear from some of the leaders in blockchain technology as well as businesses which are implementing the technology.

They can also learn about new market opportunities in “remittances, corporate marketplaces, and e-commerce” and in that way understand the different frameworks for regulating virtual assets.

The sessions will include “Flashtalk: How to Launch A Payments App For Millions”, where Ripple customers “share what it took to launch the first mobile application,” “Central Banks Show and Tell,” where bankers “share their experiences with blockchain,” and the “800 Pound Gorilla,” where “experts answer the big questions around adoption of digital assets.”

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Events News

Blockchain Industry Group (BIG): The World’s Future Largest Blockchain Industry Organization

The Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is dedicated to promoting the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community.

With the support of our 3.8 million social media members, we intend to become the world’s largest, most active and most beneficial Blockchain Industry Group.

Our Members are from all over the world, including both corporations and individuals. We are all inclusive and welcome blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups, corporations and individuals – from ALL countries.

BIG Mission

We promote the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community. We welcome other blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups, corporations and individuals.

BIG Vision

We aspire to improve our world and everyone’s lives (especially the poor) with the adoption and use of blockchain technologies. We aspire that governments and businesses will be more efficient, effective and responsive – and, that the individual members of society will be the primary beneficiaries.

BIG Values

We value innovation and purposeful disruption. We value the enthusiasm, skill and capabilities of our global blockchain community. We value empathy and caring for our planet and our common humanity.

Member Benefits

• The value of being a Member of the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) will be priceless for any organization or professional that desires to lead, connect to, participate, understand or simply to monitor the global transformation that will ensue from the inevitable, innovative, disruptive and beneficial adoption of blockchain technologies and platforms.
• Membership in the world’s future largest, global Blockchain Industry Group
• Advisors and Ambassadors will have their indivdidual photo, bio and link added to the respective BIG website page
• Non-Profits and Partners will have their corporate logos and link added to the respective BIG website page
• Use of the BIG logo on corporate member websites where permitted
• Privileged access to meet, connect, network, learn, collaborate and partner with fellow Members
• Create, lead and participate in BIG Working Groups on global, national and regional initiatives in blockchain policy, governance, regulation, education, networkng, events and more
• Access and contribute to the BIG Newsletter
• Access and contribute to the BIG Blog
• Priviliged access to unique opportunities (e.g., jobs, collaborations, partnerships etc…) from fellow Members
• *Promotion of our Members’ best in class discounts, events, education, training, certification, activities, blogs, newsletters etc… to our 3.8 million social media and internal members
• BIG development of additional discounts, services, events, education and benefits to complement existing Members’ promotions

*Non-Profits and corporations are encouraged to join. They benefit from our promotions, where selected, of their valuable discounts and best in class events, education, blogs, newsletters etc…

Our Advisors, Partners and Friends

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BIG Friends –

Our Free Offers and Discounts

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Blockchain is BIG! Become a Member and Join Us!

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Ethereum News

Ethereum Co-Creator: The ‘Phase 2’ Following The Launch Of Most Complex DApp Is Coming

The RISE conference that was held in Hong Kong was a great chance for Ethereum to publish

its latest news. In a hall that was packed with people and an event that was visited by more than 15,000 attendees, the Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin was announcing the latest news for the second largest cryptocurrency on the market.

As Lubin said, the Ethereum blockchain has entered phase two of its development, following the launch of the most complicated app on its protocol. According to previous reports, the open-source developer community of Ethereum that was led by prominent developers like Vitalik Buterin has been focusing on the development of layer-two solutions such as Plasma and Sharding. Combined, these two have the potential to increase the capacity of the Ethereum network to 1 million transactions per second.

Lubin also emphasized that in the near future, the Ethereum blockchain protocol’s main chain will be utilized as a trust system and layer-two networks which will mostly handle the heavy load of processing large amounts of data.

As he said:

“[Ethereum is moving] into a space where it can serve as the layer one trust system, and built into Ethereum we’ll have hundreds of thousands of transactions in the layer two systems and we’re going to see that ramified this year.”

The solutions such as Sharding and Plasma are designed to leverage the security of Ethereum’s layer one protocol and securely process information in a highly efficient manner.

The Launch Of Augur On Ethereum’s Blockchain Protocol

In other news, the launch of the decentralized prediction market platform Augur also took place. The founder of Augur, Joey Krug, described this project as the most complicated decentralized application.

Earlier this year, Krug described Augur in a couple of sentences, saying:

“Augur’s about 10x more complex than the second most complicated ethereum project, makerdao, which has about 10 contracts vs augur’s 100 [complexity isn’t a good thing, and the augur team has tried to make it as simple as possible, it’s just a really complicated endeavor].”

The layer one blockchain protocol of Ethereum is currently known for improving security and layer two solutions – and providing scalability, complex projects and sophisticated dApps that require significant amounts of data processing capacities.

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Blockchain News

MoneyConf Dublin 2018: CEOs And Their (Positive) Stance On Decentralization

The MoneyConf Dublin 2018 conference which covers the topics of fintech, crypto, and blockchain, recently gathered some of the top executives from companies like Ledger, and VC firms Mosaic Ventures and FuturePerfect to discuss if and why decentralized systems are necessary for the future.

The moderator of the conference, Joon Ian Wong, referred the panelists to a specific survey where they will be given the hypothetical choice to have a paid version of Facebook that does not harvest data or display ads – where the majority of people would opt to use the free version and trade their data instead.

Wong also said that people perhaps don’t want decentralized platforms after all. The panelists, on the other hand, had a lot to say, mainly on the lack of public understanding or mainstream interest stemming from centralized data systems.

The founding partner Jalak Jobanputra of VC capital firm FuturePerfect was among the loudest, saying:

“I have a fund invested in several companies that are building decentralized identity platforms and once that becomes the norm we’ll wonder why we gave all our data away for free and allowed ourselves to be exposed in such ways.”

Toby Coppel of Mosaic Ventures followed with his stance that the inability of centralized leadership will arbitrarily change rules and alter agreements – which makes decentralized platforms hugely attractive to investors.

The CEO of Ledger, Eric Larcheveque, also pointed out that censorship is now a major use case for decentralized platforms – while the Blockchain CEO Nick Cary said that it is the opaque business practices, corruption, and trade manipulation that are all present in our centralized society.

According to Larcheveque:

“The biggest investment model of decentralization right now is speculation. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s very early. A lot of the money is done by mining and an ICO is the objective… for that to work, you need infrastructure and then you have a few business models which are really working.”

Nick Cary of Blockchain agreed to this, saying the following:

“Just because you do an ICO tomorrow and raise a tonne of money does not mean you will inevitably have some sort of incredible business. In fact, it may misalign your incentives to grind through the challenges in the early days.”

He also went to clarify that building infrastructure and hiring talented people costs money – and that investing in a token business model is a useful one for decentralized revenue generation.

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