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22marallday19apralldayCappasity - Decentralized Ecosystem for AR/VR/3D content(All Day)

20marallday30alldayAvrorum- Blockchain CRM/ERP platform for B2B/B2C(All Day)

12marallday09apralldayVLB - Blockchain Fuel for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry(All Day)

01marallday22apralldayLuxcess Group - Investment Found with Zero Commission(All Day)

28feballday28maralldayNaviAddress - Digital Address Platform(All Day)

21feballday23alldayEXMO (Pre-ICO) - Crupto Capital(All Day)

20feballday28alldayRequitix - confidence System(All Day)

16feballday16maralldayCoinvest - Investment Trading Market(All Day)

15feballday15maralldayDragon Inc. - Bringing Gaming into the 21st Century(All Day)

15feballday15maralldayThrive - Ad Marketplace(All Day)

13feballday13maralldayREMME - Authentication DApp(All Day)

10feballday25maralldayNeurogress (Pre-ICO) - Mechatronic Systems Control Via Neural Interface(All Day)

09feballday23alldaySocialMediaMarket - New Generation of Advertising(All Day)

07feballday31maralldayGPCC - Global Protected Crypto Copyright(All Day)

05feballday09alldayMetronome - Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency(All Day)

01feballday20alldaySimplyVital Health - Propelling the healthcare infrastructure forward(All Day)

01feballday14alldayWePower - Blockchain energy trading platform(All Day)

01feballday15alldayWinding Tree - Decentralised Travel Distribution(All Day)

01feballday16alldayStyras Internet connectivity everywhere(All Day) 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Las Vegas, NV.

01feballday28alldayCREDITS - Financial system(All Day)

01feballday01maralldayMovement - Monetizing Active Lifestyle(All Day)

01feballday01maralldayMedicalchain - Secure Storage and Transfer of Electronic Health Records(All Day)

01feballday01maralldayEllcrys (Pre-ICO) - Decentralized Git Hosting Network(All Day)

01feballday01maralldayMira - Cryptocurrency(All Day)

01feballday01maralldayKickCity - Connecting​ ​People(All Day)

31janallday15feballdaySapien (Pre-ICO) - Decentralized Social News Platform(All Day)

31janallday01feballdayGoNetwork - network infrastructure for Ethereum(All Day) - calls powered by cryptocurrencies(All Day)

31janallday14feballdaySTK token - Crytocurrency(All Day)

31janallday28feballdayLiveTree ADEPT - advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distrubtion(All Day)

31janallday06feballdayADHIVE (Pre-ICO) - Al-controlled platform for Influencer Marketing(All Day)

31janallday28feballdaybluzelle - Decentralozed Databased Service for Dapps(All Day)

29janallday01feballdayDaneel - the first A.I created to help cryptocurrency investors(All Day)

26janallday01maralldayHealthureum - Your Data, Your Doctor, Your way(All Day)

25janallday05feballdayPlay2Live (Pre-ICO) - streaming Platform for Gamers and esports Fans(All Day)

23janallday23feballdayMARK.SPACE - Socio-economic 3D/VR Ecosystem(All Day)

22janallday28feballdayNaPoleonX - 100% alogorithmic crypto assets manager(All Day)

22janallday19feballdayInk Protocol - Reputation and payments for p2p Marketplaces(All Day)

21janallday18feballdayPundi X - Cryptocurrency exchanger(All Day)

18janallday18feballdayGRAFT - Enabling Crypto at Point -of-scale(All Day) - social Network of Online Cinemas(All Day)

17janallday17feballdayVaultbank (Pre-ICO) - Investment platform(All Day)

16janallday16feballdayBlocklancer - Freelancer on the Blockchain(All Day)

16janallday01feballdayAidCoin - charity(All Day)

16janallday05feballdayInsurePal - Distributed Social proof insurance(All Day)

15janallday28feballdayLina Review - Community-driven Review Platform(All Day)

15janallday15feballdayLive Stars - Live Broadcast Entertainment Platform(All Day)

15janallday26maralldayGilgamesh - Knowledge-sharing Social Platform(All Day)

15janallday15feballdayDogezer - Generation Platform(All Day)

15janallday01feballdaySelfKey - identity network(All Day)

15janallday15feballdayMinerva - smart money(All Day)

15janallday15feballdayBitnation - The Internet Of Sovereignty(All Day)

14janallday15feballdayScorum - Blockchain Powered Sports Media(All Day)

10janallday10feballdayATFS Project - AgriTech & Food Science Project(All Day)

08janallday08feballdayGIZA Device (Pre-ICO) - Simplicity for your safety(All Day)

05janallday05feballdayLalaWorld - Ecosystem for the migrants and their unbanked families(All Day)

01janallday01feballdayTitanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services - Technology Infrastructure Via Blockchain(All Day)

29decallday12feballdayMimic - First Social Cryptocurrency(All Day)

18decallday25feballdayCoinLion - Exchange and portfolio management platform(All Day)

15decallday10feballdayARNA Genomics - Biotech Ecosystem(All Day)

11decallday10feballdayTravelChain - Data Exchange For The Travel Agency(All Day)

01decallday11feballdayConnectJob (Pre-ICO) - Uber of Service(All Day)

15novallday15feballdayHireMatch - Employee Recruitment Platform(All Day)

15novallday15feballdayRocket ICO - Start-up accelerator platform(All Day)

01novallday28feballdayLucyd - Blockchain fueled smartglasses(All Day)

26junallday12alldayEOS - The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications(All Day)