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Bitcoin News

Jack Dorsey Believes Bitcoin Is The Currency Of The Internet



As previously reported in our crypto news, Jack Dorsey- the CEO of Twitter, was a guest at Joe Rogan’s podcast where they discussed blockchain and crypto. Dorsey made some comments about bitcoin that are worth checking out.

Dorsey declared that he strongly believes that Bitcoin will the native currency of the Internet when he said:

 “Bitcoin was something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the internet…It is of the internet.”

Dorsey is the founder of the mobile payments company Square that allows its users to trade in Bitcoin and he claimed that the company has no intention to add other cryptos on the app. Square has been named Yahoo Finance’s company of 2018 and has previously reported that it generated about $43 million in Bitcoin for the third quarter of 2018.

During the interview, Dorsey pointed out that some banks love blockchain because of the huge efficiency it can generate for their business but it is a scary technology for some of the services behind the banks and it can also be threatening to governments as well.

He believes that the internet is currently transitioning to a system in which all of the data created can be stored permanently online and this is what blockchain helps enable. He also described the future of the internet:

 “We’re moving to a world in which anything created exists forever, that there’s no centralized control over who sees what, that these models become completely decentralized and all these barriers that we, that exist today, aren’t as important anymore.”

However, some of the comments below the YouTube video appointed to Jack were focused on the right to use social media without Twitter banning people such as Alex Jones and the video has since 38 thousand dislikes.

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Altcoin News

Bitcoin Goes Over $3,750 As Total Market Cap Rises To $126 Billion

The latest Bitcoin news showed what we all knew - that the next strong move is here and building up slowly. After days of green on the market with minimal rises, this Monday starts with great news for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins which are all in the green and have surged by at least a few percentage points. Ethereum managed to surge by 13% which brought the biggest altcoin to a price of $138 and increased the market cap difference it has with Ripple (XRP). Speaking of, XRP has also surged by less than 3%, growing stable at $0.309. The most dominant cryptocurrency out there, Bitcoin, has surged to $3,754 while adding billions to the market cap - setting the bar higher once again and coming close to the $4,000 mark. The market is now used to greens like these especially because since 2018, Bitcoin has been constantly registering the red candles and is now in a positive trend which may recommence and mimic some of the best days of the most dominant cryptocurrency. When it comes to the Bitcoin network, the transactions are ever increasing and the average fee is taking a downward shift. According to, the biggest block with an average size of 1.305 megabytes has been mined which has seen the result of ever-increasing adoption of the Segregated Witness (SegWit) which now accounts for 40% of all the Bitcoin transactions. This new surge continues to spread the Bitcoin awareness and adoption worldwide, and those who really need it are investing in this uncensored and borderless cryptocurrency. Even institutional investors are jumping in the bandwagon - in the form of Nasdaq, Bakkt and Fidelity as the three biggest names so far which made the crypto news this month. The total cryptocurrency market cap also increased and is right now circulating with $126 billion.
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Altcoin News

Japanese e-Commerce Giant Rakuten With A New App That Will Probably Support Crypto Payments

One of the largest e-Commerce firms in Japan, the giant Rakuten, recently announced that a major update of its Rakuten Pay mobile app is coming and will be released on March 18th, as the digital currency news headlines outlined. According to the firm's 2018 earnings release which was published on February 12th, the app will have a new structure that will probably support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments in addition to fiat. As the company noted in the presentation material, the new version of the app will feature “all payment solutions embedded into one platform.” Known as "Japan's Amazon" - Rakuten has recently restructured in terms of its corporate structure. The new company includes the firm's cryptocurrency exchange named "Everybody's Bitcoin" (which Rakuten acquired in August 2018 for $2.4 million) as part of the newly established payments subsidiary, Rakuten Payment. Moreover, the firm's earnings release specifies that the app will support QR code payments and will use the corporation's prepaid card service, Rakuten Edy. Even though the app does not explicitly note anything about crypto support, the specification that "all payment solutions" will be supported on it implies support for crypto payments as part of its subsidiary, Rakuten Payment. In its earnings release, Rakuten reported a net income for 2019 of about 141.9 billion yen which is $1.3 billion - increasing by 28.4% when compared to 2017.
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Altcoin News

Top Cryptos Are Reporting Minor Losses, Bitcoin Getting Close To $3,630

Following the latest price updates for our altcoin news, we can see that most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are showing slight losses and bitcoin has fallen under the $3,650 but is still trying to hover around $3,630. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down by 0.18 percent for the day and is now trading at $3,624 after being briefly held at the $3.680 according to CoinMarketCap. Looking at the weekly chart, Bitcoin traded mostly sideways for the entire week but its price is still lower than when it was at the start of the week. Ethereum, on the other hand, has regained its position and is now the largest one by market cap which is $13.2 billion. Ripple is still the second-largest altcoin with a market cap of about $12.3 billion. ETH is one of the largest gainers of the day increasing up to 2 percent over the past day and is now trading at $126. On the weekly chart, Ethereum saw a steady climb after it increased by 7 percent from $117 which is the price where the coin was when the week started. Ripple was one of the coins that lost almost a percent in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.30 and it seems that it is also trading sideways. Its price is lower by 1 percent from where it was when the week started. Among the other top 20 cryptocurrencies, IOTA is up by 0.65 percent, Maker (MKR) is up by almost 2 percent and NEO is up by 2.9 percent.
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Altcoin News

Top Cryptocurrencies See Green, Ending Week With A Positive Action

In the latest news covering cryptocurrencies on our DC Forecasts crypto news site, we are seeing gentle greens and mild price action that affected all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, seeing fluctuations of within 2 percents in both directions on the day. Bitcoin is obviously in the focus with a 0.37% growth on the day and a current price of $3,631. On the weekly chard, Bitcoin has managed to suffer a loss of a couple percent. On the month, the coin has seen virtually no movement trading down by a mild 0.8% in value. Ethereum, on the other hand, is holding onto its newly regained position as the second largest cryptocurrency and the biggest altcoin by market cap out there. ETH is currently on the rise with 1% on the day, trading at roughly $123 to press time. On the month, Ethereum is stable and trading at virtually the same price point (only 0.4% down) as in mid-January. Ripple (XRP) is also seeing no price changes on the day and is trading around $0.301 at press time, up by a fractional 0.5% over the past 24 hours and down a mild 2% on the week. The monthly losses are bigger and coming at close to 9%. A major exception among all of the top 20 coins is Litecoin which has seen a 4% growth and is now trading at $43.83. EOS is also rising by a solid 2.4%, summing up the list of altcoins that see discernible growth during this month.
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