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Altcoin News

New Report Shows That Telegram’s $1.7bn Cryptocurrency Is Almost Complete



A new investor update from the September pegged completion of the Telegram Open Network (which is the social media giant’s long-anticipated cryptocurrency project) went viral in the latest crypto news. The most notable element of the report was the fact that news leaked in on LinkedIn which show that the virtual machine (similar to Ethereum‘s Virtual Machine) required to execute smart contracts on the network is almost ready to be deployed.

As The Block initially reported, Telegram raised $1.7 billion in its private ICO sale – as one of the most popular messaging services that sees global usage (especially within the crypto community). As such, the Telegram Open Network is intended to be a direct competitor to Ethereum for the launch and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

However, the CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, recently said that the Telegram ICO tokens had yet to be listed on any secondary exchange – and that he sees the near future of ICO tokens as “reckoning” especially in 2019.

Meanwhile, the report outlined that some aspects of the network (as well as TVM) are complete such as the Overlay networks. The parts which were lagging were the important block manipulation library and the validation software stack.

The update did not specify when everything will be ready but said that almost 70% of the work has been done and that over the next 6 months the project can see itself to a successful completion.

After some intrigues when a fraudulent company named Telegram Open Network was established in Britain with the effort of ripping off would-be investors, the Telegram ICO is now safe and ready for further development.

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Altcoin News

Coinbase Adds PayPal Withdrawals To Its Platform (For U.S. Citizens)

From now on, all of the Coinbase customers in the United States can make withdrawals into their PayPal accounts. According to a new blog post which is featured in today's crypto news section, the exchange made it easier for US customers to withdraw their Bitcoin and altcoin earnings from their Coinbase balances to PayPal - immediately and with no fees. The new arrangement also allows customers to convert their cryptocurrency holdings to cash, according to Allen Osgood who is a chief of product development at the exchange. In the news, Coinbase also announced that it was bringing back a PayPal integration last month, noting that its customers will only be able to make withdrawals using PayPal and won't be able to buy cryptocurrencies via the platform. Previously, the exchange had a PayPal integration which was ceased due to technical issues earlier this year. At the time, a spokesperson that "there is a new functionality that was improved from the prior one" adding:
“There is new technical work to make this possible, and that was done in conjunction with PayPal.”
However, this Friday Osgood wrote that the partnership provides Coinbase customers an alternative to the traditional federal wire or automated clearing house (ACH) network that they were required to use. As he said:
“These traditional finance networks can add up to two business days to a withdrawal. We’re always looking for ways to not only meet the bar set by traditional finance, but raise it. That’s why we rebuilt our integration to ensure that the speed and reliability of PayPal withdrawals does just that.”
The service is for now only available to customers in the United States, but could continue to be added to other nations across 2019, as Osgood wrote.
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Altcoin News

Bitcoin Plunges To A Yearly Low, Market Is ‘Prepared’ To Go Below $100 Billion

In the latest cryptocurrency news, we have the price of Bitcoin plunging to a new yearly low and staying at the $3,200 threshold, all while the valuation of the crypto market has dropped from $117 billion to $101 billion, by more than $16 billion in only one week. Currently, the total market cap is at $101 billion and is risking a new bottom which could see it dropping below the $100 billion threshold. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple all performed poorly against the US dollar and experienced losses above the 10% mark. The Ethereum price was seen as the biggest suffered, dropping by more than 13% from $98 to the current price of $83.56. The Bitcoin price also performed poorly in comparison to other major crypto assets and small market cap tokens in the past seven days. However, the lack of volume in most of the markets has put the most dominant cryptocurrency at risk of dipping below the support levels which are below the $3,000 mark. The well-known crypto analyst DonAlt summed up the situation by stating the following:
“As BTC is approaching the target of the 2014 fractal the targets of most people change from 3k to 1k and even lower. I still think $2,700 is an excellent place to buy if we should go there. ‘History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.’”
Currently, there is a big risk in shorting and longing Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies in the market, which is why investors are observing the short-term trend of the crypto market by holding out on their trading activity.    
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Altcoin News

TRON’s DApp Usage Jumps 48% To +1 Million Transactions Last Week

The TRON Foundation recently launched the TRC20 exchange, which was in the crypto news recently, as a place for people to exchange tokens issued on the TRON platform. Located at, this exchange is still on Tronscam which is the primary block explorer and information service for the TRON ecosystem that supports the altcoin. Both TRC20 and TRC10 tokens can be understood as Tron-native analogues to ERC-20 tokens. While the TRC10 token is a user-issued one that does not require the writing of a smart contract, TRC20 provides all the functionality and power of a smart contract-based token system. Currently, TRON has a number of decentralized applications running on it. Despite the overall market downturn, the usage was up and according to some metrics, rose by over 48% over the last week. The usage of these dApps also crossed the 1 million transaction threshold in a single 24-hour period. Tron published a blog on the subject in which the organization stated:
“This week, the 24-hour transaction number for Dapps reached 1.04M, a 48% increase compared with last week; the 24-hour trading volume hit 640M TRX, an 151% increase compared with last week. We have seen significant increases in both indexes […]”
One of the most interesting projects built on Tron is Seedit which is a decentralized platform that lets users contribute funds to the content creators that they most appreciate. Project Atlas is also a well-known project which incentivizes people to seed content on the BitTorrent protocol, which was acquired by Tron back in July this year.
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Altcoin News

Bitcoin Cash Drops Again By 15 Percent While Other Cryptocurrencies Take A Stronger Hit

Following up on our altcoin news, Bitcoin Cash is in the red zone again dropping more than 15 percent and reaching a price of $79. All of the price indexes show a negative sentiment on the market with bitcoin declining about 4 percent over the past 24 hours. The BTC/USD pair failed to remain at the support level at $3,200 and is now hovering over the $3,300 support level. Many crypto enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin will perform a huge U-turn and that it will lead to a perfect buying opportunity of the year for most affordable prices. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, continued to lose against the USD more than any other cryptocurrency did, especially those in the top 20 crypto assets. This has now become a common thing for BCH traders since the hashrate war between the two BCH camps is still going on continuously. Since the hard fork, BSV has started inverse BTC trading thus gaining when other assets drop but this also goes the other way around. BCH is one of the biggest losers as of today shedding a huge chunk of its market cap dropping below the USD price of Ethereum for the first time ever dropping by 13 percent in a day. Between the BCH and BSV are only $125 million market cap. If we take a look at the other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum failed to make gains after the updates on Constantinople hard fork which is expected to bring many advances to the network. Currently, ETH/USD is hovering around $84 which is the lowest reached point since May 2017.
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