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Should you invest in Cryptocurrency?



Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency today!

A year ago,  a quiet way to success was revealed leading to the creation of instant millionaires from investors.  The online investment known as cryptocurrency increased drastically from January to December of 2017 with an accompanying increase in investors.  A 2018 crypto news source reported that Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, moved from $1000 in January to about $19000 by the end of 2017. Check us out when you are looking for Cryptocurrency news.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that witnessed such change.  Other types of cryptocurrency like Ripple and Ethereum also witnessed a drastic change.  In fact, a very strong one at that.

However,  the game turned around for most of the investors as cryptocurrency news showed that there was a massive decline of about 50-75% in the success rate.  This pushed most of the investors to the wall and therefore withdrew their holdings.

But recently,  the latest crypto news showed that a new look has been gotten with many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,  Ether, etc. having a doubling rate. With this, many were left with a doubting mind of whether to invest or not.

Below are the five reasons why you should consider either investing or reinvesting

Cryptocurrency is growing

Bitcoin news showed that Bitcoin was launched 9 years ago with the other types of cryptocurrency, also of smaller age.  Because it is still in its infancy period, there is a high chance of price fluctuation in cryptocurrency. However, as time goes on with many investors moving in,  there will be an enormous profit associated with it. Hence, this is the appropriate time for you to invest.

Market Work Well With Regulations

Most of the investors of cryptocurrency have ‘regulation phobia’ with the mindset that it paints the market in a bad color.

Well,  the truth of the matter is that regulations and success of the market go hand in hand. In other words,  for a smooth and fair operation of cryptocurrency, regulations must be outlined and adhered to.

No More Anarchy

We all know that anarchy gave birth to cryptocurrency. Fortunately for you,  cryptocurrency has unchained itself from ‘no authority ‘ entrapment. This is the right time for you to invest as cryptocurrency is gaining more ground. For example,  bitcoin news today portrays that bitcoin is now well known around the globe.


More Capital

With the excellent innovation of Initial Coins Offering (ICO),  different varieties of cryptocurrencies are able to raise more capital.  An example is the Ether of Ethereum network that was able to expand its demand through ICO.  Another scenario is the messaging app Telegram that recently declared its intention to launch ICO.

Reputable Companies Are Investing

Cryptocurrency is characterized by a high return potential and this has served as an eye opener for reputable companies like banks and other institutions to the boundless benefit of cryptocurrency.  In return, they help to increase the demands for cryptocurrency by their participation.

In conclusion,  investing in cryptocurrency is one of the ways to increase your money within a short period of time. However,  it is advisable to follow the trends of the online investment advisor as it progresses.

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Bitcoin News

The Number Of Crypto And Blockchain Jobs Have Increased By 300% From Last Year: Report

In the latest daily cryptocurrency news, we are focusing on the popularity of crypto and blockchain as industries which constantly attract new talent. Despite the slump in the prices of cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin, it seems that the crypto and blockchain industries are attracting more specialists well-versed in these cryptocurrencies. According to a new report by Glassdoor, the US job postings with keywords related to blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC), as well as cryptocurrencies, rose by even 300%. The company took into account all of the blockchain-related terms and excluded jobs from third-party recruiting firms. From the 446 job openings reported in 2017, we now have 1,775 unique blockchain-related job openings in the US since August 2018, proving that the popularity of these jobs is high. Speaking of heights, the highest proportion of job openings within the US is concentrated in 15 cities, including the New York City and San Francisco, both having a 24% and 21% share of the total job ads, respectively. The most demanded blockchain roles are mainly technical and engineering - and the most popular job is "software engineer" holding 19% of the total job openings. However, there are many other aspiring roles including the role of an analyst relations manager, product manager, risk analyst, and marketing manager roles.
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(Lost) Bitcoins Have A 20% Recovery Rate: Survey

In the latest Bitcoin news, we have a piece of analysis by Reuters that focuses on the retrieval rate of lost Bitcoins. If you own a Bitcoin and fall a victim of a theft, there is a little chance that you will ever see your crypto assets again, in fact, a 20% chance according to the analysis. According to the security experts, only a fraction of these cases ever get reported as victims believe that they are not likely to retrieve stolen cryptocurrency. Reuters also reported that the unique nature of cryptocurrencies has created a double-edged sword where investors don't expect criminals to be caught after the successful crypto heists. The report also showed that cybercriminals are turning to crypto more and more, mostly because of the popularity of the assets. According to Patric Wyman who is a supervisory special agent of the anti-money laundering unit at FBI:
“A decentralized currency system like bitcoin or another form of virtual currency is not governed by any entity, suspicious reporting activity, and any anti-money laundering compliance.”
David Jevans, a CEO of the California-based CipherTrace, was also quoted in the Reuters report, showing that about 20% of stolen crypto ever is recovered, even when trading platforms or exchanges are hacked. One financial research firm called Autonomous NEXT, in partnership with another one called Crypto Aware, estimated that around $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen between 2012 and the first half of 2018. The data also revealed that over $800 million has already been stolen this year - and 85% of the total crimes are never even reported.    
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Altcoin News

Cobo: The Long-Awaited Chinese Wallet Raises $13 Million In Series A Funding

Meet Cobo, the new wallet service from China and a startup that is in the focus of the news on our DC Forecasts crypto news site this Saturday. According to recent reports, the startup has managed to raise $13 million in a Series A round and now expects global expansion. What's interesting is that Cobo already launched earlier this year - and since then managed to gain more than half a million users interested in Bitcoin and altcoin storage. Based in Beijing, China, Cobo is a wallet startup that wants to expand to the United States as well as Southeast Asia - particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam. The Series A round was successful for Cobo, as the startup was led by the Chinese family office Wu Capital and DHVC throughout the round. With the new $13 million in their bank, Cobo is now worth $20 million since its foundation in 2017, according to one press release. There are two flagship products that this Chinese crypto startup holds right now - a cryptocurrency hardware wallet known as the Cobo Vault - as well as a multi-asset cryptocurrency software named Cobo Wallet. What's special about the Cobo Wallet, according to many, is the Proof of Stake mining rewards system that allows users to grow their digital assets, supporting PoS cryptocurrencies such as VeChain, Tron, Zcoin, Dash, LiteBitcoin, Decred and Ontology. As the Managing Director of DHVC (who led the funding round), Judy Yan said:
“Cobo’s unique approach redefines the concept of crypto asset management and creates new opportunities for investors. The team leverages their extensive blockchain experience to help safeguard users’ assets while also generating returns for their benefit. We believe Cobo will lead an entirely new user experience for PoS coin holders.”
The Cobo Wallet also supports a couple of Proof-of-Work and Delegated-Proof-of-State coins and about 500 tokens. As such, it is proof that despite last year's ban on cryptocurrency trading in China, it did not fail to introduce the domestic (and foreign) markets with a completely new wallet service.
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Bitcoin News

New Research Shows That Bitcoin’s Price Is Not Linked To BTC Futures And Expiration Dates

The price of Bitcoin is apparently not related to the Bitcoin futures trading, according to a new study that was published by Cindicator. The actual report makes today's headlines on our DC Forecasts Bitcoin news site - and focuses on the price of Bitcoin and all of the factors affecting it. With a title Bitcoin Futures: Market Evolution, the report also studied the volume of Bitcoin on futures and spotted cryptocurrency exchanges to get an idea about the liquidity and development of the holistic trading market. Some of the findings included the presence of institutional investors in the future markets as well as their past positions on the futures, comparing them to the Bitcoin price movements before the future expired. Basically, the report centers around the theory that future markets, and their comparatively lower volume than the spot market, are right now insufficient catalysts when it comes to predicting Bitcoin spot prices. The researchers at Cindicator also noted:
“This is partly because of arbitrageurs trying to gain from differences between futures and spot prices that can be produced by lower liquidity and/or differing demand-supply dynamics of futures and spot investors in the short term,”
The report also pointed out to the Bitcoin price pattern before the first future contract expiry, noting:
“Probably because it was the first expiry, the CBOE futures experienced a spike in intraday hourly return volatilities on expiry,”
As the report found, the popular correlation of Bitcoin's price and Bitcoin futures could not sustain the mainstream fundamental factors that belittled futures market relevance in defining the Bitcoin price movements.
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