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United States’ National Debt Jumps To $22 Trillion: Why Bitcoin Still Matters



Today’s cryptocurrency news show that Bitcoin may come right in time as an alternative during a record moment in United States’ history. According to data from the official Twitter profile related to the national debt of the US, the total national debt has surpassed $22 trillion for the first time ever.

This mountain of debt is another terrifying reminder of how fragile the fiat monetary system is. What’s interesting is that you can watch how the debt piles up in real time by visiting the site named the US debt clock.

In times like these, many people should be aware that Bitcoin matters, especially with its fixed supply and anti-inflationary policy. As such, BTC is an antidote in waiting which could be used in desperate times like these.

Jumping more than $30 billion in the last month alone, the national debt has been surging by more than $1 trillion in the last year alone. Ever since President Trump introduced his $1.5 billion tax cut plan last year, the debt has spiraled.

As we can see from the ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees and his tweet above, Bitcoin is the alternative monetary system and the antithesis of fiat money like the dollar. Unlike fiat, BTC has a fixed supply so that central banks can’t endlessly print more of it. Plus, its monetary policy is not controlled or manipulated by any entity.

For now, the debt continues to build which is “another sad reminder of the inexcusable tab that the nation’s leaders have continued to run up” according to Judd Gregg and Edward Rendell of the Campaign to Fix the Debt.


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The latest Bitcoin news showed what we all knew - that the next strong move is here and building up slowly. After days of green on the market with minimal rises, this Monday starts with great news for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins which are all in the green and have surged by at least a few percentage points. Ethereum managed to surge by 13% which brought the biggest altcoin to a price of $138 and increased the market cap difference it has with Ripple (XRP). Speaking of, XRP has also surged by less than 3%, growing stable at $0.309. The most dominant cryptocurrency out there, Bitcoin, has surged to $3,754 while adding billions to the market cap - setting the bar higher once again and coming close to the $4,000 mark. The market is now used to greens like these especially because since 2018, Bitcoin has been constantly registering the red candles and is now in a positive trend which may recommence and mimic some of the best days of the most dominant cryptocurrency. When it comes to the Bitcoin network, the transactions are ever increasing and the average fee is taking a downward shift. According to, the biggest block with an average size of 1.305 megabytes has been mined which has seen the result of ever-increasing adoption of the Segregated Witness (SegWit) which now accounts for 40% of all the Bitcoin transactions. This new surge continues to spread the Bitcoin awareness and adoption worldwide, and those who really need it are investing in this uncensored and borderless cryptocurrency. Even institutional investors are jumping in the bandwagon - in the form of Nasdaq, Bakkt and Fidelity as the three biggest names so far which made the crypto news this month. The total cryptocurrency market cap also increased and is right now circulating with $126 billion.
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Litecoin’s Hash Rate Steadily Increases Up To 200 TH/S

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Binance Coin Increased By 75$ In A Month, What’s The Reason Behind The Rally?

Binance Coin (BNB) has spiked up to $9.7 from $5.54 which is a 75% increase since January 14 against the US dollar and in today’s altcoin news we will find out what spiked the price rally. In the same time, the value of the entire crypto market dropped by $3 billion from $124 billion to approximately $121 billion. Binance Coin has managed to outperform all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by an incredible rate and has become a part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies for the first time ever. One of the factors for this increase is possibly the decreasing circulating supply, its performance during the bear market and its decentralization. Of course, there is a multi-billion dollar business standing behind it. The Binance team has eliminated a $9.4 worth of BNV back on January 16 which was a portion of the circulating supply of the asset. At that time, Binance CEO Chengpeng Zhao said:
 “Burn complete. I remember when I did the first burn of $1,500,000 USD equivalent in BNB, I was nervous as hell. Now, well, I am still nervous, lol. Fastest way to spend money.”
Binance burns the circulating supply of the coin every quarter. BNB was initially issued as a way to finance the exchange but after Binance become one of the best exchanges out there, it used the 20 percent of the profits to buy back the BNB and decrease the supply of the asset. On the other hand, the market lost a chunk of its value and it is still expected in the next couple of days to retrace some of the larger gains if the cryptocurrencies manage to hold on to their momentum at current levels.
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