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Blockchain Archive

What Sets Ethereum Apart From Other Cryptocurrencies?



We all know that Ethereum has a massive impact on blockchain development since its founding in 2015. As such, nowadays it is really hard to imagine what blockchain and cryptocurrency would be like today without it.

What makes Ethereum different is its technology. Ethereum is not just another cryptocurrency; it is a ledger technology that helps many companies to build projects. Ethereum is also a platform that is most involved with smart contracts. These are being one of the most dynamic tools in technology today – and 94% of the top 100 tokens based on the market cap built on Ethereum. There are more than 35,000 developers and more than 500 startups embracing the platform. Big companies like BP and Microsoft are also using it.

All of this makes Ethereum the largest blockchain developer community. Many foundations, organizations, businesses, and startups have joined alliances to benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem which is the most visible ever since it expanded to more than 500 members in one year, becoming The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

Regarding the transactions time, the creator of Ethereum on one occasion said: “Bitcoin is currently processing a bit less than three transactions per second and if it goes close to four, it is already at peak capacity. Ethereum has been doing five per second and if it goes above six, then it is also at peak capacity. On the other hand, Uber on average does 12 rides per second, PayPal several hundred, Visa several thousand, major stock exchanges tens of thousands, and in IoT, you’re talking hundreds of thousands per second.’’

Ethereum has a massive potential and an obviously bright future ahead.

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Blockchain Archive

Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Mexico

Want to find good, trustworthy bitcoin exchanges in Mexico? Well, today’s news, we will show you a list that will expand continuously, numbering the best exchanges to buy bitcoin in Mexico. Let’s start.
  1. Bitso

Bitso is one of the largest exchanges in Mexico and also one with the longest time on the market. The founder of Bitso even met with the Mexican government to try and implement bitcoin into the national economy. In order to purchase bitcoin here, you will need ID verification and you can use your Visa or MasterCard to purchase BTCs. The one problem is that you can’t actually buy BTC with USD or EUR, only pesos are accepted.
  1. BitPanda

BitPanda is a well-known bitcoin exchange. It was founded in 2014 with the cooperation of the Austrian authorities. They offer their services only in EUR. Their fees vary from 3-4 percent depending on the payment option. Verification is a must here.
  1. CEX.IO

CEX.IO started as a cloud mining provider in the crypto space. Later their operations expanded in the exchange sector and abandoned cloud operations completely. You can purchase bitcoin via their website, mobile app and WebSocket API. They offer a rate of 3.5% and don’t have pesos available but they do accept USD, EUR, and RUB.
  1. Bitcoin-OTC

Bitcoin-OTC is a p2p marketplace for people to carry out over-the-counter trading. The trading is done between two parties directly using the system called ‘’Web of Trust’’. They have acceptable rates and accept multiple currencies. However, it can be a little difficult to use for beginners.
  1. Indacoin

IndaCoin will allow you to trade and swap services for more than 200 crypto coins by using an unregistered account. They support USD and EUR only and will accept your credit or debit card. Keep in mind that their fees are a little higher than other exchanges.
  1. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoin we’re sure you’re familiar with. This is a platform that makes possible for an in-person trading possible. You put up an ad and sell your bitcoins through it. There are minor identity checks and a lot of ways to purchase bitcoin, pesos included.
  1. Paxful

Paxful is a rather similar type of exchange such as LocalBitcoins. It works only with bitcoin and uses the same ad method as LocalBitcoins. The difference is that the sellers pay only a 1% fee. However, their customer support is really slow because of the high number of users.
  1. Remitano

Remitano offers an online space for buyer and sellers to transfer bitcoins between themselves. There’s no need for ID verification and you can use pesos. But, only small purchases are available and there’s a lot of scam potential because of KYC policies.
  1. ShapeShift

Although this is a Swiss-based company, it’s very popular in Mexico. They don’t accept fiat currencies so you cannot buy BTC via bank account. You also don’t need an account to login. It’s pretty safe to use and also extremely private, but their customer service is also really slow.
  1. Volabit

Volabit is a Mexican exchange and some people even say that it is the most popular one. They have a low rate of 0.8 percent for all transactions. You will need ID verification to activate your account. Purchases are available in pesos as well.
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Blockchain Archive

Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Israel

Check out today's bitcoin news where we show you some of the best bitcoin exchanges in Israel.
  1. Bit2c

This is the largest bitcoin exchange in Israel. Your bank transfer deposits are confirmed in your account for a period of 24 hours. This is the best way to purchase bitcoin in Israel for low fees. However, it’s not so private since identity verification is required.

  1. Bits of Gold

This is actually a bitcoin broker based in Israel. You can buy bitcoin directly from this company with cash or credit card. It’s easier to use if you are just starting with cryptocurrencies. The interface is very user-friendly and there is no verification required for amounts under 100 ILS.
  1. LocalBitcoins

This is one of the best services when it comes to connecting bitcoin buyers and sellers. Users mostly buy bitcoin here in cash. The key element of this exchange is the in-person meeting opportunities which are one of the fastest ways to buy bitcoins. It’s fast and easy to get the job done and there’s no personal info required in the in-person trades. The bad side is the possibility to get scammed by people when in-person trading so, be aware with who you are getting in touch with. 
  1. Coinmama

On Coinmama, customers can purchase bitcoin with a credit or debit card. They charge a 6 percent fee for each purchase. No identity verification is needed when you purchase less than $150 worth of bitcoins. Coinmama has the highest limit for buying bitcoins while using a credit card. Take into consideration that this is among the exchanges with the highest fees. 
  1. Bitcoin-OTC

This is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange. Users create ads to find other ads so they can eventually find people who sell bitcoin. It’s a little bit difficult to use but it’s a good way to find bitcoin sellers if there’s no other option.
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Blockchain Archive

Best Cryptocurrency Websites

Continuing to number all the great websites that you can find new information daily, here’s another list to keep you updated.

1. DC Forecasts

DC Forecasts does a great job of delivering our readers with the latest crypto news and updates. Our website is working hard to provide our readers and supporters with the best information and we also offer you other services for business and individuals such as advertising a project or an event.

2. Bitcoin Magazine

This is a news website that is entirely focused on Bitcoin only. This is a great place for people who only have a portfolio that is consisted of bitcoin. The one thing that visitors like on this site is that it barely has any ads and is much more enjoyable to read.

3. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a very popular website that has a huge audience and it’s one of the major news sources for cryptocurrencies. Placing an ad on a platform like these is a great idea for companies because it will quickly reach hundreds of people. The website has a lot of traffic on its website and it’s a great place for people to quickly get the information. If you would like to use their services you would have to pay a monthly fee minimum 10K USD. Coindesk offers a lot of great opportunities and here you can find the best, fresh news every day.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

4. Cryptovest

Cryptovest is an awesome website for the best information about cryptocurrency. They provide with an education sector that explains everything you need to know about this technology and also gives great answers on the most frequently asked questions. 

5. Blockonomi

This website is focused on providing information about mining. They explain mining equipment and update on ICO projects.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

6. News.Bitcoin

This website was founded in 2018 and today it has more than 1 million page viewers per week. Here you can find some exchange recommendations, wallets available and mining information as well. 

7. CCN

CCN is one of the best crypto news websites where you can find the latest news and updates on cryptocurrency developments around the world. They also offer tips on successful investing.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

8. Bloomberg

This New York-based international news site has amazing article content and helps you advertise your Blockchain event in minutes. Because of its huge reader base, people will know about the event within minutes of the release of the advertisement. 

9. Cyber Fund

On Cyber Fund you can find all the info you need about IPOs and check which project is now raising money.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

10. CryptoJunction

CryptoJunction is a great place to start learning about cryptocurrency. Despite having a news segment, the website is mostly focused on explaining the technology behind cryptocurrencies and the articles are fairly easy to read and understand. They also have a video section for people who don’t always like to read. 

11. Cryptocurrency How-To

This is an amazing blog where you can find new articles every day. They are trying to explain YouTube videos that are mostly tutorials on how to start in the cryptocurrency world. Make sure to check it out! 

12. CryptoSlate

This site gives a pretty accurate estimation of the overall market cap for cryptocurrencies, the number of ICOs, and you can search for events near you with every detail about them. Of course, since is a news site, you can find the latest news and expert commentary.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

13. BitcoinWisdom

BitcoinWisdom is a constant charts website which indicates Bitcoin cost at the five noteworthy trades (counting China’s Houbi), moreover, the webpage additionally gives diagrams of some major Altcoins. An unquestionable requirement for experienced and beginners. 


Here is really an immense discussion zone which arranges everything that occurs around the crypto world. Information about new coins talks about Bitcoin, ICO, coin declarations and significantly more. It is imperative to know whom of the scholars to tune in to, and who isn’t worth notwithstanding perusing. The most straightforward way is the level of trust, and the number of messages additionally might be a pointer if the essayist is a novice or worth perusing.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

15. CryptoClarified

CryptoClarified has a smaller audience than the two before mentioned. It is known for its niche marketing and social media reach. CryptoClarified offers paid promotion service for 1.5 ETH for submitted content, 3ETH for a story written from scratch, +1.5 ETH for a boost on Google ads, Twitter and Facebook.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

16. Cryptocurrency Facts

Cryptocurrency facts combine great information with even better web design. There aren’t any annoying popups. There is a list of cryptocurrency that is nicely summarized and also shows the biggest differences between them.

17. Brave New Coin

This is a really effective crypto website and here you have plenty of tools such as USD/BTC converter, great information, and up-to-date price charts.

18. Cryptominded

What we find most attractive about this website is the page with all cryptocurrency terms that you need to know. This will ease up the process of learning about cryptocurrencies and have fun while you do it.

19. Cryptomining Blog

This can be a blog for the more experienced crypto users. The information is highly detailed and also there’s quite the accent on mining. The entire process of crypto mining is explained simply and also there are tips on how to master your knowledge on the issue.

20. 99 Bitcoins

This site goes a little deeper to explain how to buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange for example. But here also you can find guides on how to mine, how to use a crypto wallet and even you can take a video course for Free!
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Blockchain Archive

Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Singapore

As a follow-up from our yesterday’s article, here are the top 5 exchanges to buy bitcoin in Singapore.
  1. CoinHako

Coinhako is actually a bitcoin broker in Singapore. They accept bank transfers from around the world and you can buy Bitcoin in 10 minutes time. It’s super fast, they offer very reasonable fees at 0.9%. You can buy small amounts of Bitcoin without ID verification. There are a few other payment methods but they have a limit of 200 SGD.
  1. FYB-SG

This is a bitcoin exchange based in Singapore and it’s the first one to be established there. Users can fund their accounts via online banking transfer where they won’t pay a fee. There are also great instant deposit and withdrawal options. ID verification is required and it can take up to 30 minutes to process it.
  1. Gemini

This is a regulated bitcoin exchange that offers really low fees. Your user account has to be funded via an international money transfer. There’s a 0.25% fee on every trade. This is one of the most economical exchanges on the market.
  1. Mycelium

Mycelium helps you to find all the local bitcoin sellers in your area. There are no fees involved but the one major downside is that users in low populated areas will have a hard time finding sellers since you meet up in person to conduct the trade. It’s easy to use and cheap to buy bitcoin with cash.
  1. Luno

Luno is a great exchange platform that makes trading Bitcoin and Ethereum against fiat currencies possible. Luno allows bank transfers with very low fees of .25%. Also, what’s cool about it is that Luno has its own Android app which you can also find it on the Apple Store too so it’s easy to buy and trade for both iOS and Android users.

6. NuMoney

NuMoney is actually a startup that works as an exchange. It will allow you to buy all sorts of altcoins using cash. There’s no verification needed and you can also trade large amounts of crypto. The transfers are fast and their customer service is exceptional. For some people, it might be an issue that you can only purchase bitcoin with cash but it’s worth trying it out.

7. Coinbase

Coinbase is known to be the best exchange out there so it’s no wonder that it’s here on this list as well. Their interface is surely among the best ones and offers multiple ways of payment including credit cards and bank transfers. It’s really easy to sign up and their app is also extremely user-friendly. However, the verification process can take a long time and the fees are a little higher.

8. BelFrics

BelFrics was founded in 2014 and it’s a company with a lot of integrity. They provide services in many countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. They too have a mobile app for traders that want instant access to their platform.

9. CoinTiger

CoinTiger is a brand new crypto exchange in Singapore. The company has a lot of positive aspects. It’s regulated and has a lot of credibility among users.

10. COSS

This is also a Singapore-based exchange but they also have functions in Romania. They also participate in the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association. They are also a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Coinbase PRO

Coinbase PRO is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the U.S but also very popular in Singapore. Users can purchase bitcoin via bank transfer or bank wire. Coinbase PRO has decent prices and low fees but it can be a little difficult to use for beginners. You can buy bitcoins here for exactly 0 percent fees.
  1. LocalBitcoins

We’re sure you are already familiar with LocalBitcoins. It’s important to know that you can buy bitcoins via LocalBitcoins in person. It’s very popular in Singapore as well. It’s private and very simple to use. Keep in mind that in-person trading can potentially be a scam and it’s also harder to buy larger amounts of bitcoins.
  1. VirWox

VirWox basically serves as a way for people to purchase Second Life Lindens in the virtual world Second Life. You can trade your SLL for bitcoin but it will eventually cost you more in fees.
  1. Coinut

This is a Singapore-based bitcoin exchange and offers binary trading options. Its crypto portfolio isn’t really long and no fiat currencies are available but you can deposit as much as you want. Coinut doesn’t provide margin trading and it does not require account verification.
  1. CoinHub

CoinHub is a Singapore-operating exchange but it’s also very popular in Dubai as well. They accept fiat currency payments but their interface is rather complicated especially for people that are just starting in crypto.
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