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Binance Coin News

Binance Coin News (BNB) is the native token that was created by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is among the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. Ever since its creation, the Binance Coin cryptocurrency migrated to the proprietary blockchain of Binance – named Binance Chain. Here, you can learn everything about BNB in detail and read the latest Coin news every single day.

For those of you who don’t know, the BNB cryptocurrency can now be used to pay Binance’s 0.1 percent per-trade fee in addition to the withdrawal fee which is charged when users move crypto from the exchange to private wallet. Because of this, the BNB price is constantly growing – and the Binance Coin news are always exciting.

BNB News, BNB Fees & Price Updates

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has designed a nice model with BNB, where each hodler of the cryptocurrency receives a discount on each trading fee based on a unique schedule.

Because the discount rate decreases over time, the value of BNB is also expected to decrease. When this continues over time, Binance utilizes a process called “burning BNB” coins which means destroying BNB every quarter based on the trading volume of their crypto-to-crypto platform. As seen in our Binance Coin news category, BNB “burnouts” have happened a couple of times so far – helping to make this coin a profitable investment opportunity for users.

BNB News Today, Binance News USA, Binance Coin Price & New Developments

The final goal of the “burning” of BNB tokens is to stabilize the BNB price. This has helped a lot in the past and will definitely do the same in the future. The news shows that the network design and security model of the entire network behind BNB is solid, and that the coin works perfectly well as an addition to the exchange.

In 2019, the Binance Coin news showed massive 300% profits for the price of the coin in the first and second quarters, something which attracted a lot of cryptocurrency traders to the coin and the exchange. For more information on the BNB price and the latest Binance Coin news, this is the page where you will find all the recent updates.

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