6 Wednesday December 2023
6 Wednesday December 2023

Bitcoin Press Release

If you are seeking an article with no mention of press release / sponsored either by url or mention. Then please select the last 2 options.

The 1st option ” do it yourself ” you will be able to upload your article online in which will include you to upload your image, the recommended size is 300 x 600 

The article is live for life.

We recommend you provide us an image in relation to the article.

Size: 300 x 600

Copyrights Included.

We will include for free tags which are names, tags, mentions to our SEO database to help rank organically your article on google.com

1. Provide us an exclusive discount code to promote within the article
2. Provide us images/videos
3. Share the article once it gets published on the website
4. Get your staff/customers comment / share the article

At DC Forecasts, we are focused on publishing global news on a daily basis. However, the news and updates published by you are giving our website extra value and are meant to interest our daily guests and visitors.

As you probably know, our values are different than many crypto news websites – which is exactly why we are enticing more and more partners to collaborate with us. For more information on our Press Release packages, see the details and prices below.

DC Forecasts works with global partners and offers multiple options. That said, we can provide you with a discount code on any multiple orders that are pre-paid by you upfront – with a time limit of 12 months to use your purchases (press releases) and further promote your news, events, stories, products, ICOs or anything else.

For more details on getting a discount code, contact us today at [email protected]

The “Basic” press release option means “do it yourself” or in other words refers to directly uploading your article securely to our website with multiple options and features. The “Custom” press release option allows you to provide us with a rough draft of your press release which will be professionally edited and proofread by our editor prior to its publishing.

Make Payment Methods

Yes you can, please click the tab “crypto payment options” for our official wallet, once payment has been made just drop us an email [email protected] and we will follow up with a coupon code for you to enter within the online checkout.

Once payment has been confirmed by our accounts department we issue the paid invoice with the details which you have provided on our online checkout.