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Bitcoin Press Release | Submit a Bitcoin Press Release

You can submit a Bitcoin press release and expand your reach, promoting your story to thousands of interested crypto readers. All you need to do is submit your press release on this page, following all of the steps needed.

Once you are done with your submission and payment:

  • Your Bitcoin press release will be reviewed and shortly after that, posted based upon your settings of publication.
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By submitting your press release text as a Press Release on our website www.dcforecasts.com, you will reach a lot of potential customers. Your story will be featured on our homepage for maximum exposure as well as our newsletter, social media and other channels.

If you feel you require any additional support feel free to email us for a quick reply within 15 minutes. [email protected]

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Once Payment has been confirmed you will receive a paid invoice via email & a link confirmation of your published articles. We will allow up to 24 hours for modifications & corrections.

How can i get a discount code ?

DC Forecasts works with global partners and offers multiple options. That said, we can provide you with a discount code on any multiple orders that are pre-paid by you upfront – with a time limit of 12 months to use your purchases (press releases) and further promote your news, events, stories, products, ICOs or anything else.

For more details on getting a discount code, contact us today at [email protected]



What’s the difference between the submission options ?

The “Basic” press release option means “do it yourself” or in other words refers to directly uploading your article securely to our website with multiple options and features. The “Custom” press release option allows you to provide us with a rough draft of your press release which will be professionally edited and proofread by our editor prior to its publishing.


What makes ” custom” option good for you ?

The “Custom” option allows you to provide us a rough draft of the press release that you want published. The good thing here is that your rough draft will be edited, reformatted and improved by our editor. Obviously, having a professional edit it before publishing will guarantee you better impressions, proper formatting and accurate details.



What makes the ” Basic ” option good for you ?

With the “Basic” option, you can directly upload your article securely to our website and save time. No waiting times and no need for further communication, it lets you directly upload your news on our website in a matter of minutes for a very affordable price.



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