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comments Policy

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Comments Policy

 DC Forecasts Comments Policy

AT DC Forecasts, we are committed to bringing you the very best of the crypto news, advice about buying or selling cryptocurrencies and the most relevant content tailored to your needs. With this, we are fully aware that we will often generate large levels of discussion which may lead to conflict opinions and potential uncertainty in regards to different topics.

Therefore, we welcome everyone to a creative and constructive debate on each topic covered by our authors, fully accepting the fact that there may be different opinions. We only ask that those involved in the discussions on our website understand their rights and are here to set a couple of ground rules:

  • It is okay to criticise but not okay to abuse users or be malicious in any way. If you don’t agree with our authors – let them know by contacting us
  • We won’t tolerate swearing and any prohibited language in your comments – they will be instantly deleted
  • If you notice an inaccuracy on our website, please avoid stating ‘this is wrong’ and provide a reference that backs up your statement of inaccuracy
  • We are always welcoming lively debates – but not abusive ones. So, if you disagree with anything that we publish, let us know, along with the reasons that back up your statements
  • Any comments that are hateful, inflammatory, harassing, name-calling, or responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content will be deleted

So, every interaction and discussion that brings value is welcome on our website – written in a tidy and professional way.

If you have more questions regarding our comment policy, don’t hesitate to ask them by contacting us here!

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