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ChainLink News Today

As you probably saw in the Chainlink news today, LINK is the native cryptocurrency which has massive potential – to connect smart contracts with the outside world. Doing this, the coin may allow parties to smart contracts to be able to receive inputs that prove performance and create unique payment outputs which end users want to receive – for example, in the form of bank payments.Our Chainlink coin news often focus on these features and expand on the benefits of the Chainlink Coin – LINK.

Knowing that growth and adoption of new technologies is never smooth, the blockchain ecosystem gave birth to a solution which has the potential to fix the three core problems in the God protocol. This project is Chainlink ( Link )

Chainlink News, LINK Coin News And Development Updates

In simple words, Chainlink is a cryptocurrency which acts as a decentralized oracle network. The Chainlink news often state this and show that the core functional objective of the coin is to connect two environments – the on-chain and off-chain one – through the use of APIs.

Chainlink (LINK) takes on-chain resources such as blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Hyperledger – and connects them via APIs to off-chain resources such as market data, bank payments, retail payments, events data, backend systems and any web API which exists.

Therefore, the Chainlink news often showcases the connectivity between the two – and how LINK performs two functions. One of them is connecting the smart contracts to off-chain inputs (data) and the other is producing off-chain inputs such as payments, transfer of ownership/data etc.

Chainlink (LINK) Developments, Modularity, Connectivity And Blockchain News

Chainlink offers trustless connectivity. Its oracle services allow the cryptocurrency to be used on any blockchain or backend system with an API. If you have been reading our Chainlink news today and LINK news (price updates) before, you know that this is the main feature of the cryptocurrency – and something that made it popular.

Today, Chainlink is a proud member of the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. The team consists of a two-man core including Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, with eight new additions to the team since the Chainlink ICO was launched.

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