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Dogecoin News, DOGE News, Developments & Updates

Created in December 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, the Dogecoin News cryptocurrency was originally intended for two main reasons. 

The first one was for the coin to act as a satirical commentary of the sudden explosion and ridiculous valuations of new crypto coins coming at that time. The second goal was to create a cryptocurrency that was fun and readily accessible, compared to the dominant Bitcoin. This is how the DOGE news went viral and how Dogecoin managed to ramp up its supply, going to hundreds of billions of dollars.

The creators of Dogecoin used the popular DOGE meme which is the name and symbol for the new cryptocurrency. Again, the DOGE news featured the meme in an innovative guerilla marketing campaign which involved the meme along with broken English sentences that took the structure with words such as “wow,” “much something,” “very something,” “such something” and other terms.

Dogecoin Reddit News, Dogecoin DOGE Meme News, Crypto Updates & More

Here, you will be able to read all the latest Dogecoin news including updates on the DOGE crypto adoption, DOGE charts, DOGE price analysis and more. Since Dogecoin was created as a fork of Luckycoin (which itself was a fork of Litecoin), it contains a number of characteristics which make the DOGE cryptocurrency similar to LTC but not identical.

Dogecoin was designed to have a large supply which will keep the currency accessible. Currently, it is estimated that an additional 5.2 billion units will be made each year.

DC Forecasts Announcements

DC Forecasts is one of the leading cryptocurrency news sites out there. Founded in 2016, our award-winning website has had a lot of success covering the crypto news and being recognized as one of the most trustworthy and informative crypto news portals out there.

Because of this, our team is always proud to share the latest news, cryptocurrency updates, interviews with popular personas in the crypto world and more. Here, you are able to read everything about our website and browse all the latest DC Forecasts news on a daily and weekly basis.

300X250 - DogeCoin Proves Store Of Value Properties Beating Other Altcoins
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