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Ethereum Classic News Today

Our Ethereum Classic news today will regularly provide you with insights about the ETC cryptocurrency and the entire platform behind Ethereum Classic (ETC). As you may know, the Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency which was forked from the original parent cryptocurrency of Ethereum (ETH).

The result of the hard fork split the Ethereum blockchain and left behind the original core code while separating the community. The fork also reversed the ETC transactions and returned the stolen funds to the original accounts. Ever since then, the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency emerged in a popular coin and its evolution in the ecosystem has been great.

Ethereum Classic ETC News, Ethereum Classic Price & Updates

For those of you who don’t know, Ethereum Classic works just like Ethereum (even though the prices of ETC and ETH are different). It is a cryptocurrency built on proof-of-work mining smart contracts without sharing the compatibility or updates with the Ethereum (ETH) codebase.

The Ethereum Classic news are always exciting, mostly because of the coin’s similarity to Ethereum. More importantly, ETC is committed that there is nothing to stop Ethereum (ETH) from implementing another hard fork if a hack or corruption happens in the future.

What’s important is that the ETC news here show the latest ETC price movements, daily and weekly charts, new updates and total supply. We take the best Ethereum Classic Reddit updates, news from the official website, forum as well as ETC Twitter accounts.

Ethereum Classic Twitter, Reddit, Forum News & Real-Time Developments

Ethereum Classic is ranked in the top 10 most popular coins. It can be mined with both GPU setups and ASIC miners. In our ETC news, we are also dedicated to the updates about Ethereum Classic mining as well as investing in ETC which is always a thing to consider.

Just like most of the cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) is correlated to the rest of the cryptocurrency market. This means that whenever the value of Ethereum or some of the larger assets goes up or down, ETC reflects it. If you want the latest update on the Ethereum Classic coin, you can find them here.

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