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Amid the huge maze of websites that offer news about Ethereum, there are few that operate without distraction while offering readers reliable information. Many platforms have become victims of the internet marketing craze by introducing distracting and sometimes irrelevant pop-ups. That is not the case with DC Forecasts, which gets straight to the point to provide the best ETH news and Ethereum news today that readers can use to make decisions.

ETH News 24/7

DC Forecasts provides a comprehensive source of the latest news about Ethereum. It does not distract readers with internet marketing junk, instead choosing to concentrate on what’s most important to its audience. The website is updated daily and readers can expect Ethereum news on issues such as security, how altcoins such as Ethereum are affected by government oversight and market prices.

Security Developments Involving Ethereum

Ethereum is currently one of the most stable and best-performing altcoins, making it a target for fraud and cybercrime. A recent hack that led to the leak of more than 24,000 ETH – worth about $12 million USD – demonstrates this problem. Readers who are watching this cryptocurrency or active investors are interested in knowing the technological measures that have been taken to avoid another hack.

DC Forecasts provides the latest ETH news in a timely manner alongside other issues dealing with the security of altcoin and blockchain. Daily updates ensure that readers do not miss a single development, thus keeping traders and investors appraised on their cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Price Movements

The recent boost in Ethereum’s market performance has attracted many investors and traders to this lucrative altcoin. Many of these traders are either unable to engage expensive options such as bitcoin or are trying to avoid bitcoin’s sharp spikes in market prices. DC Forecasts provides traders and investors with daily updates on all matters related to the price movements of Ethereum. There are articles that touch on related issues such as huge investments and security issues that could affect market performance. The website’s easy-to-use format ensures these important issues do not go unnoticed by concerned readers. Read More..

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