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In times when every cryptocurrency wants to innovate and be featured in the spotlight, it is important to know what sets each coin (and its technology) apart from the competition. In this page of NEO news, we will talk about the NEO cryptocurrency, its history, latest price updates and more. In our NEO coin news today, the cryptocurrency is often considered as “the Chinese Ethereum” because of the unique technology and main goal of creating a smarter economy by bridging the gap between digital and traditional assets. The NEO crypto news also bring you insights on the latest price of the altcoin.

If you are following our cryptocurrency news, you probably know that NEO was most recently given a powerful return to investors and reached an all-time high of $52 per token. Even though the price of this altcoin is lower now, the NEO news show that it is one of the most impressive tokens based on an open network for smart economy.

NEO Price, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Launched in China, NEO is the first decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. Aside from the cryptocurrency itself, the NEO news show that the technology has one more crypto-token called GAS (known as ANG-Antcoins before that).

Anyways, the altcoin is what is important in this case – describing itself as a “distributed network for the smart economy.” NEO’s goal speaks volumes and the cryptocurrency is unique because of its smart economy concept.

The team behind this cryptocurrency include the founder, Da Hongfei, as well as the co-founder and core developer named Zhang Zhengwen. There are other community developers, operators and contributors actively working on the cryptocurrency and being constantly featured in our NEO news.

NEO Coin News today, Digital Assets, Smart Contract Updates And More

With a hard cap total of 100 million tokens used in block creation, network management, network changes and other consensus requirements, NEO is unlike any other cryptocurrency in the fact that it is not divisible (the smallest unit will always be 1). The native token of this cryptocurrency acts as the investment token on the blockchain.

If you want to know more about NEO, how to buy the cryptocurrency, what is the latest price and more, our NEO news section is the best place to begin your journey to this unique cryptocurrency.

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