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Taklimakan Network Is Disrupting Social Media Using Blockchain And AI Solutions On A Fully Operational Platform




If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, trader, or analyst, you might want to pay attention to Taklimakan Network new beta Platform. It’s definitely set to change the game.

Following innovative business models like AirBnB, Uber, and Amazon, Taklimakan will take the community by storm. This innovative crypto platform will transform the way you do business in the cryptocurrency market. Created by trading and IT development leading professionals, it’s a one-stop solution for all levels of cryptocurrency users, ranging from beginners all the way up to experts.

Simplicity, usability, modern design and user-friendly functionality make the platform an indispensable tool for exploring the cryptocurrency industry, investing and building your own business of any category.

One of the most exciting aspects for users is the ability to meet other blockchain enthusiasts. The platform uses a social networking function to facilitate this. There are already 8,000 users on the platform without any marketing efforts! This undeniably shows the popularity of the platform. Taklimakan Network is currently using over 10 different marketing streams to get the product noticed and will keep expanding. With such efforts being deployed, the one million users milestone is not far behind.

The platform’s audience is very diverse. Everyone will be able to find interest and any information they need, no matter what language they speak or what country they live in.

Gone are the days of shuffling around the web using numerous sources to get the information you need. Taklimakan has prioritized ease and efficiency to serve you best.

State-of-the-Art Platform Functionality:  

  • Investment: Users will be able to ask and attract investment from other users
  • E-commerce Marketplace: Users will be able to make purchases and sales using cryptocurrency on a variety of shops
  • Crypto Map
  • Gamification: Users will be able to compete with each other within the platform
  • Chat: Users will be able to communicate with each other in real-time
  • News: News aggregator with automatic publication of cryptocurrency news from top sources in a variety of languages
  • Market: Cryptocurrency market statistics, capitalization, indices, cryptocurrencies charts and exchange rates, where you can run different comparative analysis
  • Trading: Trading signals, strategies, technical and fundamental analysis from top experts of the field are included
  • Analytics: There will be analytical reviews and tools
  • Education: The platform includes a library with articles, courses, video lectures from top crypto experts
  • Blogs: Users are able to create and monetize blog posts

Taklimakan Network is on a mission to enhance crypto education around the world. Beginners can increase their investment skills in trading and investment, get professional analysis of blockchain startups and increase their capital, all by interacting with this new product.


About Taklimakan Network:

Taklimakan Network is your compass in the cryptocurrency world.

This is a global project aimed for blockchain industry promotion and development, as well as introducing cryptocurrency to the masses! Platform users can increase their level of crypto literacy and learn practical trading skills.

Taklimakan is a multinational company with a marketing plan tailored for each region of the world. With their huge community of supporters, including famous traders and bloggers, they will no doubt reach new heights with their business.


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World Markets’ AI Managed Account Outperforms Traditional Asset Management Programs




dc foreecasts imagess - World Markets’ AI Managed Account Outperforms Traditional Asset Management Programs
World Markets, a name long associated with delivering innovative solutions for digital and physical assets trading, has opened up their high performance AI Managed Account membership to the general public. In the 37 months which the AI Managed Account trading option has been open, it has only witnessed 4 months with negative returns, accruing a compounded return of close to 100% in the last quarter alone. This novel, automated trading solution operates across several traditional asset and cryptocurrency markets at any given time. It has managed to deliver an average return of 21.77% per month since its inception which can be confirmed by historical trading data maintained on its website. This figure puts it well above and beyond the performance of many asset managers, thanks to breakthroughs made by the company in terms of AI trading development.   Why the AI Managed Account Outperforms its Competitors Starting out as a precious metals dealer in 2003, World Markets is a full-service global financial firm which utilizes a team of professional traders to manage the accounts of its clients. Following trends set by Wall Street in 2017, the AI Managed Account issued by World Markets runs completely independent from human intervention, eliminating bias and emotion from trading activity. This allows it to make trades quickly and objectively, based on time-tested mathematical principles programmed into its algorithms. As a result, the AI Managed Account is able to outperform the Bitcoin market on a monthly basis as it can accrue gains regardless of whether the market is moving up, down, or sideways. What is AI Trading? AI is the abbreviation of “artificial intelligence,” a term used to infer that a machine has the capacity to learn, adapt, and improve upon its performance. This is made possible through the advent of neural network software which mimics the behavior of the brain’s learning process. Thanks to AI, incoming data can be compared to past results in order to make automated changes that allow for more accurate predictions about future incoming data. As applied to trading software, AI trading means that most or all aspects of a trading program are governed by the neural network learning process. While most trading software uses simple algorithms that do not automatically adjust in order to adapt to changes in market conditions, AI-governed trading software is capable of making such adjustments. This allows it to remain flexible and harness a greater degree of profits than software with static, unchanging algorithms. How to Get Started To participate in the World Markets AI Managed Account program, simply open an account for free on their website. There is no charge for getting started, a 1% annual management fee and a 20% performance fee, which means 20% of total profits are taken on a monthly basis (there are never fees for losses). A minimum deposit of €5,000 is required which can be made in the form of a wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin or Ethereum payment. There are no fees or penalties for making withdrawals, which can be made at any time. Balances and trading activity can also be monitored at any time, 24/7. Trading in the AI Managed Account program requires zero intervention on the part of the user. About World Markets Founded in 2003, World Markets is a dealer of digital and physical gold and silver as well as a digital financial trading operation. They are the winner of several industry awards over the course of more than a decade and are currently partnered with some of the leading blockchain-based business associations, working to bring their expertise in the metals industry to that of digital assets trading. For more information about World Markets and their AI Managed Account program, visit their website. They can also be contacted via email, the messaging option provided on the website, or by calling one of the phone numbers of their many field branches located around the globe (also listed on the website).
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Bitcoin Trends That Are Coming In The Future



The emergence of Bitcoin in the past few years has brought significant developments to the financial industry. Because of its distinct characteristics, Bitcoin can be used for a variety of purposes. Despite the increasing number of merchants who accept this cryptocurrency in the market, there are still many things to be done for it to become part of the mainstream financial system. However, nobody can really forecast the future of Bitcoin in the financial community. With cryptocurrency’s volatility, the price can probably go up or down very quickly. This can make price predictions more challenging than you expect. Fortunately, with a little research, you can see some price predictions from some of the famous industry experts around the world. Continue reading this article to learn some of the best Bitcoin trends that are coming in the future.   Bitcoin Price To Reach $250,000 Per Token In The Coming Years – Tim Draper The American Venture Capitalist Tim Draper foresees that the price value of Bitcoin will go up to $250,000 per BTC token in the years to come. The figures you see in the price means that the cryptocurrency will have an approximately 5% market share of the entire currency market. In other words, Bitcoin will be more accessible and available for real-world usage such as trading using Software, sending money abroad, buying stuff, and many more.   Bitcoin’s Market Capitalization To Reach $15 Trillion By 2020 – John McAfee The founder and creator of the anti-virus McAfee software, John McAfee, predicts that the price of Bitcoin will increase by up to $1 million by 2020. If this price prediction holds true in 2020, the market capitalization of Bitcoin will become $15 trillion. For instance, the market capitalization can be determined by multiplying the total number of coins in circulation with its current market price. So, if 20 million Bitcoins are circulating in the crypto space and its current price is $20, then $100 million is the market capitalization of Bitcoin, which is also its total value. When this happens, Bitcoin will undeniably become a valuable asset that you should have.   Bitcoin Price To Value At $91,000 By 2020 – Tom Lee The analyst from the cryptocurrency research organization Fundstrat, Tom Lee, predicts that the price value of Bitcoin in 2020 will rise to $91,000. This prediction is based on a chart analysis where Lee has considered the price movements of the coin. Since the cryptocurrency’s price is heading an upward trend, the historical data provided by the chart can tell that Bitcoin will continue to bloom in the next few years.   Bitcoin Price To Increase at $200,000 By 2020 – Fran Strajnar CEO of Brave New Coin, Fran Strajnar, predicts that the Bitcoin price will increase to $200,000 in the year 2020. That’s because of the increasing adoption rates that the cryptocurrency enjoys from the public. With more people who purchase and use Bitcoin, its price will also appreciate, making it a more accepted digital currency in the market.   Bitcoin Developments In The Coming Years In addition to its price value, Bitcoin continues to enjoy some developments in the real world. Because of blockchain technology, it has gained so much popularity in areas such as trade and commerce, financial services, and investments. Below are the areas in which Bitcoin is expected to move to a better direction:
  • Bitcoin will become an excellent solution for people who are unable to use fiat currencies or those who don’t have trust in central banks, and those who are living in countries with an unstable currency or deteriorating economy.
  • Bitcoin will have the same features, similar to banking services. More Bitcoin ATMs will be available to accommodate easy and quick withdrawal process. Also, a Bitcoin card will be issued as an alternative to the regular debit cards.
  • Because of Bitcoin’s growing acceptance in the financial community, Central banks, as well as the government, will start to yield to its revolution and adoption, which is moving toward a digital currency system.
  • Bitcoin’s blockchain will continue to undergo innovations to make the cryptocurrency a widely-used asset in the world such as the strengthening of the data privacy methods to protect digital information.
  Final Thoughts No doubt, Bitcoin has come a long way to bring a revolutionary development in the financial world. It has emerged as a popular digital currency used as an alternative to fiat currencies. But, despite its popularity today, there are still so many things to be done to achieve its full and widespread adoption. Lastly, if you want to know whether Bitcoin can be an excellent financial investment, take a look at these Bitcoin trends to guide you in your decisions.
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Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Approves State-of-the-Art Tokenized Real Estate Investment Product



Liechtenstein Financial Market
CROWDLITOKEN AG pioneers and starts distribution of a digital bond – European retail investors benefit as well For the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved the offering prospectus for a tokenised real estate investment product. CROWDLITOKEN AG is thus a pioneer for new financial innovations. The Security Token Offering (STO) is now running in European countries. By using blockchain technology, qualified and retail investors are enabled to invest in first-class real estate in Europe. Also the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has confirmed that no special regulatory approval is needed to market this new class of digital assets in Switzerland. The company CROWDLITOKEN AG, based in Triesen/Liechtenstein, is launching a security token that combines the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments. CEO Domenic Kurt comments: “This represents an evolution in the world of financial products. New technologies are enabling us to launch a first-class product that not only offers new investment opportunities, but also remedies inefficiencies, cuts costs and safeguards transparency.” In concrete terms, the product is a digital representation of a subordinated bond, whereby both the bond as well as the underlying real estate is digitised via blockchain. The token – named the “CRT” – replicates the income streams and the value changes of the real estate properties. Holders of the tokens can select their properties to invest in and thereby tailor their own portfolio. They will benefit from an attractive yield of 5–7% p.a. The ability to invest small amounts in selected European real estate, the easy tradability on digital stock exchanges (in preparation) and the investment flexibility are key innovative features of this unique real estate investment product. The STO is divided into several phases. The private sale for the first 10 million tokens, which is open to all types of investors, is currently underway with a discount of 25% (equivalent to CHF 0.75 per token, 1 CRT = CHF 1.00). This is followed by the pre-public sale (20%) and public sale (10%). The minimum investment in all these phases is 100 CHF each. CROWDLITOKEN AG targets to raise 100 million tokens through the STO, the funds will be used to build up the real estate portfolio. CROWDLITOKEN’s clear goal is to bring real estate investments into the digital era by using blockchain technology and thus democratise access to the market. For more information, please visit About CROWDLITOKEN AG CROWDLITOKEN AG is a Liechtenstein-based start-up that provides investors with access to European core real estate via blockchain technology. This is based on real estate-linked security tokens – termed “CRTs” – i.e. a digital representation of a bond that returns a yield equating to 5–7% p.a. CRTs are fully compliant and combine the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments.
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Globitex Exchange Leads Charge in Trading by Lowering and Removing Fees



Globitex Exchange

As part of its new strategy to become the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange, Globitex is lowering and removing fees for certain account features. Globitex aims to make it’s products more accessible for retail and corporate customers. The EURO Wallet continues to excel as the best solution for sending and receiving EUR payments from inside of an exchange. The EURO Wallet is powered by Nexpay UAB, an EU licensed financial institution and gives users full control of their assets.

“We implement changes quickly around feedback we gather from both retail and corporate customers. We never compromise on security, we abide by every regulation to ensure customers get the most of what is possible with cryptocurrencies today.” - Uldis Teraudkalns CEO of Globitex Exchange.

Private Individuals will enjoy the removal of the monthly account maintenance fee, this allows Globitex clients to open and maintain a EURO Wallet account without cost or liability until it is actually used for transactions.

Corporate customers will enjoy the reduced net cost on larger transactions, making the service more attractive for the largest corporate clients and traders. The combination of the service offering and pricing makes Globitex the No.1 cross crypto-fiat trading and financial operations platform. Globitex aims to add the functionality of using GBX tokens to pay for EURO Wallet fees with discounts, which will substantially increase the utility of the GBX token in the upcoming weeks.

Globitex encourages all traders, investors, and corporates potentially seeking to make payments from within and outside of the crypto space to use the exchange, confident it will be their permanent solution of choice. Users seeking to bridge the traditional finance sector with their cryptocurrency assets are urged to visit Globitex to Utilize their own IBAN account within a cryptocurrency exchange.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Globitex Support (

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