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Stellar News is one of the open-source, distributed payment infrastructure that is built on the premise that the international community needs a worldwide financial network that is “open to anyone.” The native token of the Stellar network is Lumens (XLM).

Here, you can see the latest Stellar News Today on the Stellar XLM price, and read the news from all over the world about the cryptocurrency that allows for more efficient cross-border payments. The mission of the Stellar team is to make monetary transactions cheaper, quicker and more reliable. As such, the Stellar news and developments are always exciting.


Latest Stellar XLM News, XLM Price And New Developments

Just like almost all coins, Stellar news is one of the top altcoins in the top 20, bearing a blockchain technology that is oriented on one thing – decentralization.

As such, the Stellar network runs on a web of decentralized servers which are supported by an international consortium of individuals and entities. The Stellar protocol functions as a more inclusive and more flexible payment network.

All of this is in correlation with the XLM price. The latest news and XLM news are very much linked to the ongoing developments by the Stellar team. The distributed exchange is another benefit from Stellar – allowing individuals to place exchange orders onto the public ledger or sell and buy other currencies.


XLM Updates & Trading History

If you want to learn more about the XLM price updates, see the latest XLM analysis and read more about the Stellar XLM price in the future, you can browse through all the latest articles and see the ups and downs by the coin.

XLM has an interesting trading history. It managed to increase by 500% at the end of 2014, to later fall in 2015 and 2016 – as well as the beginning of 2017. In May 2017, the altcoin managed to rise and skyrocketed (from $0.00547 to just over $0.047) in only four days, becoming one of the most popular altcoins and a hot cryptocurrency to watch out for.

Even though it is still not clear what caused the monumental jump, the Stellar XLM news are always exciting, just like the project itself.

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