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Are you an experienced writer/editor with a passion to become a journalist within the Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency industry? Each news release on our site is seen over 1 Million views.  We at DC Forecasts hang pick only the very best to become members of our great team.


  • High Level of English.
  • Ability to provide accurate and fresh information to our readers.
  • Upload to our secure platform to upload.
  • The picture to upload on our site.
  • 24/7 Support & Assistance.


Why become a member?

  • BlockChain Event Entrance fee – FREE
  • Part-time / Full-Time payment
  • Work from any location from around the world even your home.
  • Become a manager of your own team.

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Management Team

  •   Adam Baruch
    Adam is our office manager for customer service support and overall review
  •   Philip
      Cheif Editor
    Phillip is our Cheif Editor reviwing and managment of our Authors and Journalist team
  •   Michael
      Marketing Manager
  •   Natalie Cohen
      Marketing Consultant
    Natlie is our marketing consultant ensuring the latest news

Authors / Journalist Team

  •   Stefanie Lewis
    Stefanie is Bitcoin Specialist, Providing daily news and updates for DC Forecasts
  •   Nilesh Maurya '
    Jonathan is Crytocurrencie Specialist, Providing daily news and updates for DC Forecasts
  •   Daniel
    Daniel is a currency trader, Editor and contributor to a number of the leading forex market publication
  •   Heather Evans
    Heather is our Content Writer providing you the latest insider
  •   Emma Pankov
    Emma is our Journalist flying across the globe to all the latest evenets while and updating you via our website on inside information

Website Developers / Designers / Social Media

  •   Alexander Yuri
      Social Media Manager
    Alexander love Facebook, and who dosn't ? Sharing our latest daily updates to Facebok and Soical Media and communicates with our followers
  •   Willian
      Website Development
    Willian is our inhouse developer, ensuring always to better our site to make it as user-friendly as possible
  •   Scott
    Scott is our website developer
  •   Max
      Website Designer
    Max is our website designe