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Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In USA




We at DC Forecasts, as one of the leading crypto news sites in the field, are always motivated to give you the best information served on your plate. On top of the best news, here are some of the best Bitcoin exchanges you can find in the United States.

  1. itBit

itBit is an exchange licensed with the New York State Department of Financial Services. With this exchange, customers can buy large amounts of Bitcoin all across the US except Texas. itBit has really low fees; 0 percent for market makers and 0.2 percent for market takers. However, it requires ID verification and the interface can be a little confusing.

2. CanCoin

CanCoin is available all across the USA and Canada and buyers literally pay 0% fees. This is a great decentralized exchange and has a really simple and easy to use interface. The negative side of this exchange is the relatively low liquidity and average speed ability.

3. Mycelium Local Trader

Mycelium helps you to find all the local bitcoin sellers in your area. There are no fees involved but the one major downside is that users in low populated areas will have a hard time finding sellers since you meet up in person to conduct the trade. It’s easy to use and cheap to buy bitcoin with cash.

4. Changelly

Using Changelly, users can buy Bitcoin with other altcoins. The exchange platform is available in almost every state across the US and it is extremely fast. The only downside is that you need other altcoins to purchase Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin-OTC

Bitcoin-OTC is a peer-to-peer exchange platform for Bitcoin. Users create ads in order to find sellers of bitcoin. It’s relatively hard to use but it is a good way to find bitcoin sellers. When using this platform, double check for scam ads and try to build trust with other users before trading large amounts.


Possibly one of the largest exchanges in the USA. GDAX offers low fees, good prices and you can make purchases via bank transfer. It has a relatively difficult interface so it can be quite confusing.

7. allows you to buy bitcoin via bank transfer, credit card or SEPA transfer. Once you purchase it, you can access your bitcoin in the very moment. It’s fairly popular in the United States but also in Europe and parts in South America. They offer a low trading fee of 0.2%. They do however ask for a lot of personal information and the process can be exhausting for newcomers.

8. Coinbase

You already know that this is the most popular and transparent exchange. It’s probably the easiest way to buy them and also very fast. You can use your credit or debit card to buy bitcoins and you will be charged 3.99% fees for your purchase. Though the fee is somewhat high, you will get your coins in a matter of seconds. If you purchase them via bank transfer, the fees a lower but you will wait more than 3 days to complete the transfer. It’s most recommended for newcomers and has a high liquidity.

9. Kraken

Kraken is a somewhat intriguing startup situated in San Francisco that will consider exchanges that originate from nations that are not at first qualified. They have distinctive charges for “creators” and “takers” which additionally rely upon the esteem that is being exchanged.

10. BitQuick

This exchange makes sure to connect you with sellers that want cash for bitcoins. It basically gets the job done for you. Although it’s only available in the US, many banks accept it across the state. It works exactly like the first one. Buying bitcoins this way is the fastest and usually, it takes about an hour to finish the process. However, the fee is higher for cash trading


Xapo is a great exchange for you to purchase bitcoins in the USA. It is based in Switzerland but the exchange works in many countries around the world. The exchange offers low fees and deposits via SWIFT transfer. However, transaction fees can get a little pricey. The great thing about it is that you can get a Bitcoin-funded debit card that works like a usual debit card.

12. ShapeShift

ShapeShift is a great tool for buying Bitcoins in the United States. Here you can also use Litecoin and Dogecoin as well. The only issue is that you must own another cryptocurrency in order to buy Bitcoins. Exchanges usually happen in a matter of seconds and your coins aren’t held on the exchange at all.

13. Bitfinex

Although it is based in Hong Kong, Bitfinex is one of the most popular exchanges in the US. The exchange charges a 0.1% fee for all bank wire deposits. It is best advised, however, not to store your coins on the exchange. It’s very easy to buy large amounts of Bitcoin and also, they offer great support for multiple altcoins.

14. CoinBTC

This is a different type of exchange. It’s actually a local bitcoin ATM that’s available in certain parts of the country. They have more than 30 ATMs around New Jersey only. Keep in mind that usually, bitcoin ATMs have high transaction fees.

15. VirWoX

VirWox is also a great way for Americans to purchase bitcoins. Also, one of the few exchanges that offer you to buy bitcoins using PayPal. However, this isn’t a regular exchange. It’s an exchange for Second Life Lindens. The fees are high and reach up to 10 percent.

  1. Coinbase Pro

This is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the US. They offer great prices and even better (low) fees and users can fund their account via bank wire or bank transfer. The user interface can be a little difficult to use at first.

  1. Local Bitcoins

LocalBitcoin we’re sure you’re familiar with. This is a platform that makes possible for an in-person trading possible. You put up an ad and sell your bitcoins through it. There are minor identity checks and a lot of ways to purchase bitcoin, pesos included.

  1. Wall of Coins

This is a great trading service that allows users to buy bitcoin with cash especially popular in USA and Canada but also quite familiar in Australia, Argentina, and Germany. They offer relatively low fees and it’s quite private.

  1. Gemini

Gemini is a New York-based exchange but it’s also very popular in South Korea, Singapore, and Canada. It’s trustworthy and has some of the lowest fees in the US. It can be a little confusing at first and also it’s not available for every state in the US.

  1. BitStamp

BitStamp will allow you to make deposits via bank transfer, international bank wire, and credit cards. It’s one of the oldest exchanges with low fees, great withdrawal options and a variety of coins to choose from.

  1. Coinmama

Coinmama allows its customers to buy Bitcoin with a debit or credit card. Verification of identification is not necessary for purchases below $150. The exchange charges a 6% fee on each purchase. The platform operates in almost every country and it’s a very trusted and reliable broker. However, the fees are some of the highest for credit and debit card purchases.

  1. Coinbase PRO

Coinbase PRO is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the U.S but also very popular in Australia as well. Users can purchase bitcoin via bank transfer or bank wire. Coinbase PRO has decent prices and low fees but it can be a little difficult to use for beginners. You can buy bitcoins here for exactly 0 percent fees.

  1. LibertyX

LibertyX is a simple way to buy Bitcoin in the US. You will first need to download an app and then locate the nearest place that sells LibertyX codes. Then, you will enter your code into the app and your bitcoin address and at the end, your bitcoins will be on your address. Purchases come with a 1.5% fee. It’s super fast and easy to buy bitcoins and there’s also a daily limit of $1,000.


This is also a great platform to easily buy bitcoins. It’s unlike any other exchange that is listed here. will let you buy bitcoins with a debit or credit card by connecting you with a buyer who wants to buy something from Amazon. Once the seller receives the things that he ordered from Amazon which you basically paid for, you will later receive your BTC equivalent of the value of the Amazon items.

  1. CoinBTM

CoinBTC is actually a local ATM provider that is only available in certain parts of the US. CoinBTM has more than 30 machines around New Jersey only. This makes it a great place to buy bitcoins if you live in New Jersey but like any other ATM, the fees are higher.

  1. eToro

eToro is a great online investment platform and also serves well for crypto trading. It’s ideal for beginners since it provides a large number of resources and unique features. eToro provides opportunities for all kind of investment and has many investment tools. The renowned site is secure and offers a comprehensive learning center.

  1. CryptoGo

CryptoGo is more like a broker that will easily handle any transaction for you. The best part is that this exchange accepts any fiat currencies and hundreds of cryptocurrencies as well. There are no deposit restrictions and you can start trading with the lowest initial investment. It’s very easy to use especially for beginners.

  1. IndaCoin

IndaCoin will allow you to trade and swap services for more than 200 crypto coins by using an unregistered account. They support USD and EUR only and will accept your credit or debit card. Keep in mind that their fees are a little higher than other exchanges

  1. LakeBTC

LakteBTC is a Chinese-based exchange but they operate in more than 50 countries including the USA. The exchange is among the 10 best exchanges by average daily trading volume. Customers can make deposits via bank wire, Western Union, MoneyGram or cash. Keep in mind that the interface can be a little confusing for beginners.

  1. BitPanda

BitPanda also works as a bitcoin broker and provides a very simple and smooth experienced via several deposit methods. It’s easy for beginners but the fees, however, aren’t among the lowest. Also, ID verification is required.

  1. Yobit

Yobit has a great interface and really low fees which is great for an exchange but keep in mind that this exchange has gained quite the bad rep for poor behavior.

  1. Luno

Luno specializes in bitcoin trading but also does a pretty good job at ethereum trading as well. The exchange easily connects traders from many countries and deposits in fiat currencies are accepted. Luno also has a great Android and iOS app with a very cool interface. However, the fees can get a little pricey.

  1. Xcoins

xCoins is a bitcoin lending service. The exchange will allow instant transactions and other trading features as well. It’s best to first read the xCoins FAQ before using the exchange. The platform accepts all credit cards and PayPal. Also, the verification is instant.

  1. Bittrex

Bittrex is a heavyweight in the exchange world and has high trade volumes and also a highly trusted platform among users. The platform is simple and easy to use, users also claim that the customer service is among the best ones and the great thing is they follow all the regulations protocols.

DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies. If you are interested to offer your expertise or contribute to our news website, feel free to contact us at

Stefan is a full-time member and has been a Bitcoin Specialist for over 6 years. Providing daily news and updates for DC Forecasts.

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You Can Pay With BTC In These Companies (Updated)




For people who aren’t into holding their crypto assets, we created a list of companies that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. In these companies, you can use your bitcoin to purchase the goods and the services they offer. We are providing you with this new list since plenty of them online are severely outdated.

Online Companies Offer General Merchandise

This is a company run by the crypto supporter Patrick Byrne who is an owner of Medici Ventures. He is very popular in the crypto space and known to be a huge believer in the blockchain technology.
This is a great website that sells household goods but also has amazing fashionable items such as dresses, heels and other beautiful clothes.


  1. Microsoft
Users that have a Microsoft account and want to use their Bitcoin can do that at the end of their purchase with the Billing and Payment Options. When they get to this point, they will be asked to redeem bitcoin and they can add $100 by using BitPay.
Newegg is an amazing computer parts online store that sells everything related to electronics. You can find the newest PlayStation4, the perfect laptop for work, a TV or a sound system. When you get to the checkout section, you can choose Bitcoin as your method of payment.

Web/VPN/Domain Registrar

This is a great place to get your domain registered and you can pay here with Bitcoin as well. The first thing to do is to fill up your account with the desired amount of Bitcoin and then pay for the services.
  1. Express VPN
ExpressVPN is a popular VPN service that will accept your bitcoins as a payment.
  1. Protonmail
Protonmail is an e-mail service that guarantees you get the best privacy and protection and you can pay them for their services in bitcoin.
  1. PureVPN
This is also one popular VPN service company that accepts bitcoin. Here you can also find a guide on how to obtain your coins which you will need in order to pay which is amazing for beginners.


  1. Bitcoin Travel
Bitcoin Travel is a well-known company and they offer you a connection to renewed travel sites that accept bitcoin. They will also provide you with options for paying your flights using your bitcoins.
This is one of the first companies that started accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment and they offer travel and booking services for hotels, flights, and rental cars.


This is a British website which you can use to order your favorite takeout food using Bitcoin.
Using their website, you can order pizza and pay for it with your bitcoins. However, the great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t own bitcoin. You can pay for your pizza with Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum as well. This is one of the industries where using your bitcoins to pay is popular. There are plenty of options such as gift cards which are one of the most popular ways to spend your coins on food.

What If Your Company Isn’t On This List?

Don't see your company listed here? No problem - just reach out to us and we'll put it on this list. For more information, visit this page.
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Best Bitcoin Casinos For 2019




Bitcoin Gambling Risk Blockchain - Best Bitcoin Casinos For 2019
Are you into gambling with Bitcoin? If yes, you should know what the best bitcoin casinos are and how to play on them. Today, we are reviewing the best Bitcoin casinos online that let you play a variety of games. Most importantly, all of these casino sites accept Bitcoin and can reward you in the same way - depositing BTC in your wallet.
  1. Sportsbet

Sportsbet Casino is the official online casino trademark of the Sportbet network and a Bitcoin casino site that offers all sorts of gambling for every player. As part of the 5Dimes group, Sportsbet offers a lot of real-time gaming and digital gaming in Bitcoin. Available both on web and mobile, Sportsbet Casino is a licensed and registered casino. The deposit methods include CLICK2PAY, Money Order, Neteller, Person to Person, Sportsbook Transfer, Visa, UnionPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Walmart Gift Card, My Cash card, Amazon Gift Card as well as Account to Account transfers. General withdrawal times are up to 24 hours for e-wallets, 3-5 days for debit and credit cards and 3-7 days for bank transfers and cheques. Sportsbet Casino offers a lot of options for getting in touch with the customer support representatives. The support line works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers a toll-free number for 12 countries,s phone lines for US and Canada players as well as a live chat feature. Like most of the online casino sites, Sportsbet is encrypted with SSL and properly secured. The company is registered and licensed. All of the games have been audited by third parties and the audits can be seen on each category page.
  1. mBit

For many Bitcoin casino players, mBit Casino is a safe destination. That is because of many factors, some of which including the various slots and casino games from NetEnt, Betsoft, Play’n Go, Amatic, Booming Games and more. What’s special is the live dealer feature which can be enjoyed by every player on the site. When it comes to the Bitcoin casino game offering, mBit is among the leaders. The online casino has more than 1000 available games and half of them are slots. The leading slot titles come from popular developers. Additionally, mBit Casino has a live dealer room and plenty of virtual table games for people looking for some quick action. There are a lot of Roulette and Blackjack variants as well as other interesting games including Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Triple Edge Poker, Red Dog, Top Card Trumps, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Craps. As for live games, the most popular one is the live dealer casino where players can enjoy a game of Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette in English and Spanish. The tables also have different bet sizes and unlimited seating. There is also a mobile-optimized website which can be accessed from iOS and Android devices for an unforgettable gaming experience.
  1. FortuneJack

Fortunejack is a Bitcoin casino that offers its users a unique mix of virtual and live casino games. There is also the possibility of binary options trading and custom cryptocurrency price betting in a scheme that is known as AnyBet. All of the players on Fortunejack can find game titles that are powered by Microgaming. The customer service at Fortunejack is amazing. They have a Contact Us form with an email listed ( so that you can reach out. Even though there isn’t a timeframe in which you should expect a reply, the customer support agents work 24/7 and are actively replying to issues, complaints or questions. There are no live chat, social media or phone contact options. Overall, Fortunejack offers great privacy and is a Bitcoin casino that is well protected. The entire company is registered in Curacao which means that it is a legit business. Fortunejack is focused on cryptocurrencies and is offering a one-of-a-kind experience for players who want to double or triple their crypto savings.
  1. Coinstar

As another casino created to serve ‘the new generation of online casino players’, Coinstar is a reputable online casino that is designed to be mobile-friendly. However, the first benefit is that it is a Bitcoin casino that is user-friendly, allowing users to enjoy games anytime and anywhere they want. Overall, there are over 140 games separated into different categories. From Roulette to Video Poker to Poker Games, Slots, Casual Games and Card Games, there are tons to choose from. You can also use the FUN currency and make Coinstar your free Bitcoin casino. What’s also great about Coinstar is the fact that it has a mobile-friendly version too, allowing you to play Bitcoin casino games via your mobile phone.
  1. BitStarz

Bitstarz is one of the most popular online casinos that accept Bitcoin. Designed and powered by the unique SoftSwiss platform, it offers instant play casino games on any computer or device. From slots to table games, roulette and blackjack, everything is powered by a simple bitcoin banking system. There is a big list of deposit methods for Bitstarz which include: EcoPayz, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Visa, Sofortuberwaisung, QIWI, UnionPay, Trustly, Online Bank Transfer,Skrill, Bitcoin, PugglePay, Yandex Money, Promsvyazbank, Alfa Click, Litecoin, Cubits, LAVA pay, Perfect Money, Comepay and Evroset. As for withdrawal, you can use all the major credit and debit cards, wire transfers as well as services such as Sofortuberwaisung, POLi, EcoPayz, QIWI, Skrill, Bitcoin, Trustly, Yandex Money, LAVA pay, Cubits, Comepay. The deposits are instant, while the general withdrawal times take up to 24 hours for credit cards, 1-3 days for wire transfers and 0-1 hours for e-wallets.
  1. BetChain

BetChain is one of the most popular casinos and a pioneer in Bitcoin gambling. Since BetChain really grew in popularity, they offer you to use your traditional currencies too! They give great bonus offers and you can use it from almost everywhere in the world. This casino has 24h customer support and live chat.
  1. ZigZag777

ZigZag 777 is another amazing gambling platform. It offers a variety of games to play and you can even download an app for your phone and play on the go. Players get rewards constantly with different sorts of bonuses. There is also the option to try free demo play. There are more than 500 games to choose from. There is a 10 percent fee from deposit amount.
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Top Bitcoin Brokers For 2019




Bitcoin Brokers
Crypto brokers are the essential intermediaries that will do all the investment business for you. The execute orders via complex trading algorithms which makes them extremely important for all crypto investors out there. That’s why in this article we will show you some of the most popular crypto brokers worldwide. However, keep in mind that buying any cryptocurrency via a website is probably the easiest option to get them today. But for people living in certain countries, this can be an issue. Many websites in don’t usually accept registrations within these countries so it can be tricky for people living there, but we will try to show you a list of brokers that will make it easier for you to purchase the wanted cryptocurrency without troubles.
  1. BitMEX is a broker based in Hong Kong China. Users from the US were able to easily create an account without any ID. This is great for anonymous trading. This website only accepts Bitcoin payments with a max deposit of 0.0001 XBT. When you are about to make a withdrawal, the website charges you a 0.0064 XBT per transaction. The entire transacting process can take up to 20-24 hours. For new traders, the site offers guides that help you get the maximum advantage when trading. But here is something really important; if you are from the US you will need to use a VPN in order to change your IP in order to use this website.
  1. 1Fox is a branch from the company 1Pool Ltd. This website is open from 2017 in December and started paper trading the following month. Right after their launch, they started offering BTC services with leverage. Fiat currencies are not supported. The website is really simple and easy to use and the site only charges 0.04$ for taker fees. This was a great solution for all the US traders because they don’t have the issues with buying bitcoin anymore.  You need to create an account and log in to make a deposit. You will be given a BTC address. Fiat currencies are not supported. The website is really simple and easy to use and the site only charges 0.04$ for taker fees.
  1. eToro

eToro will provide you with all the possible risk management tools in order to protect your assets. They will make sure that you make instant trade executions and prevent you from worrying about your deposits or withdrawals. The network now has more than 5 million users in over 170 countries and the clients have access to trade in currencies, indices, CFDs and commodities. The online platform attracts thousands of new accounts every day. As such, it is one of the world’s premier social investment networks. As of recently, eToro replaced its two popular WebTrader and OpenBook trading platforms into an all-in-one platform that gives access to traders to all of the services across a range of devices.
  1. AvaTrade

Founded back in 2006, AvaTrade originally started as AvaFX before rebranding to its current name and making a massive expansion on the market. The company has offices in 11 countries around the world and also provides multiple platforms for web, mobile devices, and desktop. What is cool about AvaTrade is the possibility to have third-party trading platforms for mobile such as the AvaTradeAct mobile app and also the popular MetaTrader 4 which is also a great mobile app to use.
  1. FxOpen

FXOpen is founded in 2013 as a financial trading education center in Egypt – expanding its operations from a full-service brokerage firm. The firm also became the first broker to offer its clients the benefits of ECN trading through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. FXOpen set the pace in the online forex trading industry for its continuous market innovation. Today, it is one of the leading online brokers in the world with a large following. It makes access to the Forex market easier by lowering the trading requirements. As it continues to grow, its guiding principles ensure that the traders well being is the company’s primary concern.
  1. Yorkbit

The prestigious UK-based trading platform named YorkBit has been the go-to destination for many crypto traders over the past year. If you are looking for a broker that offers a wide range of tradable assets and a seamless trading experience, you can definitely turn to YorkBit with traders registered worldwide, state-of-art technology and user-friendly platform. Yorkbit is one of the most popular brokers for crypto users and gets a lot of positive feedback for its customer service.
  1. City Index

City Index is one of the oldest and most established forex and CFD brokers in the world. It has grown to be one of the world leaders in spread betting and CFD trading as well. Established in the UK in 2983, City Index has been around for more than 30 years which is a timeframe that is one of the oldest in the industry. City Index has been acquired by GAIN Capital Holdings Inc. which is a global leader in online trading, creating a retail business with more than 235,000 funded accounts, $1.2 billion in customer assets and $3.1 trillion in annual trading volume. Currently, the company has offices in London, Dubai, Sydney, New Jersey, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore with a staff of over 800 employees.
  1. Crypto EU

CryptoEU is one of the leading offshore cryptocurrency brokers that launched in September 2017. As such, this broker is relatively new and owned by Columbia Capital Group LTD. Even though it’s new, CryptoEU is considered to be among the best brokers that provide a long list of tradable cryptocurrencies assets which are rare and available to every trader on the platform. With CryptoEU, you can enjoy the safety and security of a regulated environment – and the team with 25+ years of brokerage experience will help you make most of the daily cryptocurrency trading. Only on CryptoEU, you can take advantage of nearly 85% of the existing cryptocurrencies in a world which means unlimited opportunities and endless potential earnings.
  1. Trade24

Trade24 is a big enterprise with a presence in London and satellite offices in Paris and Zurich. As such, it is one of the most popular crypto brokers with offices in Larnaca, Cyprus and over 300,000 customers (according to their website). Basically, Trade is a Forex and CFD broker that provides trading solutions to a global clientele – operated by LeadCapital Markets which is an investment company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  1. XTB

Also known as X-Trade Brokers, XTB is an online broker that was founded in 2002 and is an online forex and CFD broker based in Europe. The company has offices in 13 European countries such as the UK, Poland, Germany, France, Turkey, Romania, and the Czech Republic. XTB is a highly ranked broker among the competition which makes it one of the best for Eastern Europe – regulated by some of the world’s leading supervisory authorities and most popular among users.

Any trader can benefit from the flexibility of the packed resource hub. This broker offers exclusive market analysis and news, live webinars and everything a trader needs to succeed and earn profits online. The company was founded in 2006 and assumed its present form and title in 2009, getting the regulatory approval for forex operations in 2008. is operated under the Safecap Investments Limited (SAFECAP) which is a regulated investment services firm authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license no. 092/08 and the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa.
  1. Trade360

Trade360 is an online broker that was founded in 2013 and is under the registered name of MPF Global Markets Ltd. The company is authorized and regulated as a broker by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) with a license number 202/13. Thanks to its CySEC authorization, Trade360 adheres to many standards and is regulated by the European Union which enforces safe practice regulations and standards. However, Trade360 does not accept clients from the United States. The beginner's support and trading support is what makes Trade360 one of the best brokers online. They are open 24/7 and offers support through email, live chat, and telephone lines.
  1. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets UK Ltd. is a leading broker which was founded in 2001 and is part of the Admiral Markets Group AS which is a group that comprises several other subsidiaries. Admiral Markets is based in the UK and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As an international forex and CFD broker, this firm provides online trading services to Forex currency pair traders from all over the world. On top of the wide selection of Forex currency pairs, there is CFD trading on commodities, market indices, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.
  1. BDSwiss

BDSwiss is another widely recognized broker that is popular in the European market but also many other locations. The platform has a lot of modern crypto trading features and tools that can help you earn big on the rise of cryptocurrencies. From binary options to trading and cryptocurrencies, BDSwiss is among the leading brokers that attracted a lot of people from around the globe. The company was established in 2003 and is registered in Limassol, Cyprus under the BDSwiss Holding PLC. As such, it is protected by the CySEC regulation under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  1. DF Markets

DFMarkets is a forex broker that offers the MetaTrader 4 platform, MT Mobile and WebTrader global trading top platforms. It offers over 70 of the most traded currency pairs, CFDs, gold, silver, shares, indices, futures, and ETFs for personal investment and trading options. There is an only single type of account that can be used for spread betting as well as CFD trading. The global account, therefore, provides access to multiple financial assets that include Forex, gold, silver, futures, indices, shares and other ETFs. One can open an account with a minimum deposit of just $1 which makes DF Markets one of the best-suited brokers for micro amount traders. The broker only offers a maximum leverage of 1:200 which makes it difficult to open a trade using a small capital of $1.
  1. Pepperstone

Pepperstone is a relatively new crypto trading platform that offers to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin. However, the broker is not new to trading – in fact, it is the leading Australian Retail FX and CFDs broker that has been the go-to platform for many people interested in different types of trading. The entire new crypto trading experience on Pepperstone is available with leverage up to 20:1 across all of the company’s trading platforms. When it comes to the actual trading, there are 11 platforms which offer smooth functionalities, a variety of features as well as quick access to any market of your choice, including the cryptocurrency market. The minimum deposit is AU$200 and a lot of active special offers that can give you up to 100% in bonuses. You can deposit with credit or debit cards, PayPal, PoLi, UnionPay, bank wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi and broker to broker with no internal fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  1. easyMarkets

If you are looking for a broker that offers a wide range of tradable assets and a seamless trading experience, you can definitely turn to easyMarkets as one of the most professional brokers out there with traders registered in 160+ countries. There are three basic account types supported on easyMarkets, including the Standard account, the Premium one, and the VIP account. While the Standard one doesn’t require a minimum first deposit, the minimum deal size is 5k with a margin to risk that is $25. The Premium account is with a minimum deposit of $2,000 with a deal size of 50k and a margin to the risk of $250. Lastly, the VIP account requires a deposit of $2,500 and a minimum deal size of 100k, with a margin to a risk of $500. The trading platform is split in many different ways. It includes a web trading interface, an iPhone platform, and the easyMarkets MT4. The web trading platform runs off any computer and is available in many languages. One can make deposits via wire transfer or credit card. There are 12 currencies accepted, while the supported cryptocurrencies that you can trade on include Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.
  1. Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the most popular and industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange brokers that is based in Seattle, USA. It easily is part of the world’s top 3 exchanges based on its trading volume and has been in operation since 2014 with current 24-hour trading volumes of nearly $300 million. Because of this and many other reasons, Bittrex sees itself as a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform and aims to deliver the fastest and most secure trading service available online. All accounts must be verified in order to make withdrawals on Bittrex. The exchange recently stated their commitment to following all laws and regulations required by the US governmental bodies and upholds this requirement as part of the anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) program. The basic account verification lets customers withdraw up to 3 BTC per day. The trading fees at Bittrex stand at 0.25% on all trades which makes it easy to calculate the fees on any trade.
  1. Bitfinex

Bitfinex ranks as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of daily trading volumes. It is also one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms nowadays catering to traders of all kinds, from beginners to intermediate and advanced traders, institutions etc. What makes Bitfinex different from other cryptocurrency exchanges is the wide selection of coins, trading pairs as well as trading options. This gives Bitfinex the right to call itself the “the world’s most advanced platform for seasoned cryptocurrency traders from all around the world.”
  1. Kraken

The San Francisco-based Kraken is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange brokers nowadays. It is also considered the largest Bitcoin exchange based on the EUR volume, liquidity as well as the trading of Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds, and Japanese yen. For trading, the fee structure at Kraken is quite complex. Basically, the majority of trades which fall under 50,000 in volume incur a maker fee of 0.15% and a taker fee of 0.26%. These fees apply for every Bitcoin trade via fiat currencies. For trading volumes that are greater than 50,000, the fees drop to 0.14% and 0.24% accordingly. The drop continues in relation to the volume – if the volume is greater than 10,000,000 the fees will be as low as 0% (makers) and 0.10% (takers).

IG is a broker that was established in the UK in 1974 which makes it one of the biggest CFD providers in the world. Currently, it is popular in the online world and regulated by 7 different financial authorities. The parent company of, IG Group, is also listed on the London Stock Exchange but doesn’t have a banking background. The trading fees are high on IG, especially if you are interested in trading with lower amounts. Also, the limited product portfolio offers only CFD trading and does not provide negative balance protection which is an important security feature when trading with leveraged products.
  1. UFX

UFX is one of the leading international online forex and CFD brokers established back in 2007. The broker operates with an STP (Straight-Through-Processing) business model and is MiFiD compliant and regulated by several bodies. On top of this, UFX offers traders a wide selection of assets to trade with and always aims to provide its traders with the highest level of quality services. There are numerous awards of excellence behind the brand which makes clients confident that they found the right broker for their trading objectives. As we already mentioned, this broker is regulated by many bodies, one of which is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) where the company is based. Over time, UFX has ensured that its clients can trade the financial markets with reliable and stable trading platforms. The customer support is also outstanding – covering up to 23 different countries making it unparalleled in the list of CFD and crypto brokers.
  1. CMSTrader

CMStrader is a leading investment advisor and online CFD broker which is owned and managed by a Dominican registered holding company called Safe Side Trading Ltd. The broker was established in 2013 and is currently registered with the New Zealand Financial Service Provider (FSP). CMStrader now operates from 4 different countries including Bahrain, New Zealand, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. What sets it apart from the competition are the customized wealth management features and the decades of experience in the market. The only disadvantages of CMSTrader  are the fact that this broker is only regulated in New Zealand and that there is a lack of information available on the trading conditions. The minimum deposits are also higher and there is no support for Asian languages. All in all, CMSTrader is a great broker because of the 24/7 multilingual customer support, a variety of trading account types as well as the comfort of having your own CMSTrader Prepaid MasterCard. There is social trading supported and a wide range of assets. Thanks to this, CMSTrader has managed to stay ahead of most brokers.

Markets is an internationally recognized provider of cryptocurrency trading with a lot of trading platforms. The platform is known to the market because of its amazing interface and the variety of trading options that include Forex trading and other alternatives. One of the things that make special is the competitive trading with no commissions. The high-speed execution of trades, tight spreads as well as investments start at $100. There are also two types of accounts (real and demo) with a minimum deposit of $100 for the real one. When it comes to the actual platforms, you can choose from the MetaTrader, the Markets Mobile Trader and the Markets WebTrader all based on your personal preferences. The deposit options for each include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill as well as wire transfers and credit card options. As many other crypto brokers, puts a great deal of attention towards its safety. The general privacy and security are assured by measures that include encrypted communications, SAS 70 certified data centers, SSL backed information, segregated customer accounts, strict safety protocols, and an investor compensation fund of up to 20,000 Euros per client.
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Top Crypto Projects For 2019




three altcoins could
The past two years were pretty interesting times for the crypto world. Hundreds of ICOs exploded and also with it the number of altcoins as well. There are now more than 2000 cryptocurrencies that are available to users. However, plenty of new altcoins are weak in creativity and vision. All of the new ICOs are now mostly focused on recycled technology and focused on ideas that were not really workable. This means that the altcoins have a really low success rate which suggests that most of the altcoins don’t have a future. But this is not really accurate. There are plenty of altcoins that thrive and here we will show a few of the crypto projects you should look at closely in 2019.
  1. Zilliqa

Ziliqa is a new type of protocol blockchain that has the main goal: solving blockchain technology’s scaling problems. Ziliqa is trying to solve this problem without sacrificing the decentralization that crypto lovers love so much. Ziliqa will try to do so by sharding that will divide the total nodes on a network into smaller subgroups. Theoretically, zilliqa could scale indefinitely. So far, it managed to process 2.488 transactions per second giving the blockchain a proof of the concept.  The downside is, however, that all nodes are assigned shards simultaneously that will eventually cause idle phases in which the system can’t process any transactions.
  1. EOS

EOS is a very interesting, much-discussed blockchain project and it definitely has a reason why. EOS is trying to solve scalability problems with the new operating system and a brand new infrastructure for decentralized apps. EOS wants to deliver a scalability solution by a parallel processing technology. This will make possible for dApps to operate simultaneously without overloading the network through so-called vertical scaling. Next, EOS has its own version of a delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm with fewer nodes that will decrease the time to reach a consensus allowing faster transactions.
  1. Elastos

The goal of this project is to create a smart web, based and powered by the blockchain technology. This way the project will enable a reliable internet in which devices won’t have to be directly connected to the internet but will be connected to the Elastos smart web. This way, hackers won’t be able to enter the devices and if they try to attack the Elastos network it will be nearly impossible because of the heavy encryption layers. Teams are working on this project for more than 15 years and they found out that the missing piece for the project is actually the blockchain technology. Elastos released a code for their framework for mobile applications and the project will work as open-source which is a great plus for the decentralization enthusiasts.
  1. Bytecoin

Bytecoin is actually a cryptocurrency that focuses mostly on privacy and security. Privacy is enabled with the implementation of ring signatures by demanding more than two private keys, making the transactions untraceable. The most important thing about it is the option to set dynamic transaction fees.
  1. Ripple

Ripple is among the top five largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. It is a venture-backed startup that did not really held an ICO and this is one of the main reasons why the SEC is not going to declare Ripple as security. Anyway, Ripple offers a global financial settlement service for financial institutions that allows them to transact instantly across the world. Therefore, Ripple is oriented towards large institutions mostly banks, rather than individuals. The goal is to provide all of these institutions an easy and reliable solution for cross-border payments. The company has already partnered with many large banks worldwide and even more financial institutions are willing to adopt it in 2019.
  1. Stellar

Stellar is focused on operating in the developing world. They’ve partnered with IBM and opened a major opportunity to potential XLM users because; more businesses from the developing world try to find a way for their projects to be funded. After all, behind Stellar is the same blockchain technology as is behind Bitcoin. The only difference is that Stellar can process transactions in 2 to 5 seconds and also allows all users to make a quick exchange of government currencies such as Euros or dollars. Also, because of Stellar’s partnership with IBM, there is a huge chance of using Lumens to process more than 60 percent of all the cross-border payments. Experts believe that because of its decentralized nature and nonprofit organization, Stellar can be the next great thing.
  1. IOST

IOST is a project that is also trying to solve blockchain’s scalability problem by enabling dapps to handle transactions through current online giants. The capability is granted by using the efficient distributed sharding technology. IOST has its own version of sharding with brand new 3 key innovations: TranshEpoch, Atomix Protocol, and Micro State Blocks. These elements will ensure high efficiency and zero downtime thus lowering the workload.
  1. GreenX

GreenX is working on providing a platform that both developers and investors can benefit from. Companies have a hard time gathering investments because of the barriers in the market. This project can fix this problem. Institutional investors will be given the opportunity to dive into a much bigger pool of developers worldwide. For small investors, GreenX will allow small investments and this will improve their liquidity and will further protect their privacy using the blockchain technology.
  1. Akropolis

Akropolis wants to disrupt pensions with decentralization. The team behind it explained that a pension system crash is basically inevitable so they propose an option to the world not to despair.  Akropolis wants to start outsourcing pension management into blockchain-based software which will lead to fewer fees and better retirement options for all people.
  1. Genesis

Genesis is a real estate fund. It’s blockchain based and all of the investments are used for buying real estate. Genesis combines traditional methods with modern ones to simplify the process of investing. Their platform is very technologically advanced, built on a blockchain and has a very easy interface to use. This means easily getting information on payments, transactions, and investments.
  1. Zcash

ZCash has many people interested in it that really want their purchases to remain private. This digital asset is mostly used on the darknet but the privacy it offers adds value to the coin if you look at it from an investment perspective. Its value will grow as long as the need for this coin grows on the darknet. The Zcash team managed to improve their technical issues and they claim that this will reduce memory consumption and increase transaction privacy by 97 percent. Major crypto giant Coinbase noted that they see a huge potential in Zcash.
  1. ZRX

This year was a good one for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of the exchanges are built on the 0x protocol which is basically an open protocol that allows ERC 20 tokens to be directly traded on the ethereum blockchain. This makes the ZRX crypto asset a promising investment. Also, 0x has made huge milestones in its roadmap and it is highly appreciated in the developer community. Just as the one above, it was mentioned on the Coinbase Blog and it is considered a good investment for 2019.
  1. BAT

BAT was founded by people with tons of experience in the tech world and people who claimed rewards around the world. The BAT token is an accounting unit between publishers, users, and advertisers. The Brave browser is a key element in this situation since it integrates the BAT token. This browser can locate malware and protect the users’ privacy while they surf the web. BAT’s whitepaper relies on the fact that users always appreciate a browser that will help block the attackers and malicious software and will protect their personal info as well.
  1. TRON

Tron is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a new way to create entertaining content. The goal is to try and communicate with the potential users and audience without the need of websites and popular intermediaries such as Facebook or Twitter. Tron uses smart contracts and peer-to-peer technology to do so. If you are trying to change the entire entertainment industry, you will need huge partnerships with famous companies and influencers. This is why Tron made some exciting partnerships with famous companies. The biggest partner is probably that will pave the way for Tron in the gaming sector. Despite, Obike and Gifto are some of the popular partners. These companies already use Tron's protocol and this is only the beginning of the great development.
  1. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a hard fork of the original currency-Ethereum and it is basically a copy of it in almost every single aspect. Ethereum Classic has the exact same blockchain, so it most likely is able to do everything that Ethereum can. The future of this cryptocurrency seems as bright as day because of its strong development team. The biggest plus that this currency has is the Emerald Project that first wants to start off as a wallet that will verify transactions in a trustless manner. Despite many investors sticking with Ethereum for ideological reasons, Classic also gained a lot of followers because of the many development projects such as the Emerald Software Developer Kit. This kit can be used for building decentralized apps. They also implemented smart contracts.
  1. SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health uses blockchain technology so it can manage patient data by using smart contracts. This means convenient, decentralized health care with easy data access. Their goal is to ease the process of communication and coordination. This ICO is expected to create more than 100 million tokens and most of them will be used for further development of the blockchain.
  1. Trippki

This project is also Ethereum-based. It’s supposed to be a booking service with low costs and easier communication. With Trippki you don’t have to go through all the hassle with a travel agent which means lower costs for customers. The hard cap for this ICO is 36.000 ETH.
  1. Requitix

A great way to improve e-commerce. With Requitix, payments and transactions can be done within seconds and without fees, of course. Users can download a mobile app.

A great ICO project that is trying to create a global energy network for distribution and generation of sustainable energy. The entire project is blockchain-based and its aim is to efficiently integrate renewable energy into our everyday lives.
  1. MenaPay

MenaPay is actually a collaboration between the Middle East and North Africa where countries from both places started integrating crypto in their cultures and lives. The only problem that these people have is whether this solution is Islam-compliant. However, MenaPay is 100% Islam-compliant solution that will distribute 75% of revenue among token holders via fees. MenaPay will introduce a token called MenaCash and will focus on integrating this solution in a few ways. Apps will be in Arabic in order to reach a wider audience. The MENA region showed itself to be a lucrative market that has a lot of potential for a great crypto platform that can navigate alongside Sharia Law.
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